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4 Jul 20
#covid1984: It's Just?

✨😷✨It's just a mask?!?
😳It's just 2 weeks.
😭It's just non-essential businesses.
🙁It's just to keep from overwhelming the 🏥🏥.
🤔It's just until cases go 👇
🙄It's just to keep others from being scared.

🤪It's just for a few more weeks.
🤫It's just communion or singing.
😩It's just until we get a 💉#vaccine.
😫It's just a few side effects.
😯It's just a bracelet.
🤒It's just to let people know you're safe to be around.

😶It's just an app.
🤥It's just to let others know who you've been in contact with.
🤔It's just a few more months.
😠It's just for protecting others from hate speech.

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4 Jul 20
"Earlier Signs of Coronavirus" in Sewage Samples in Brazil

Researchers in Brazil say they have detected the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 in sewage sampled in November, three months before the first case was detected in the country.
The conclusion comes days after scientists in Spain found traces of #SARSCoV2 in waste water samples collected in March 2019, and adds to suggestions that the virus spread quietly before the alarm was first raised in China in late December.…
[The virus] was being shed within the community for several months prior to the 1st cases being reported by regional, national or Pan-American authorities,” Gislaine Fongaro, from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, said on the preprint server
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3 Jul 20
Please retweet

Dear @ATT

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I reached out to your press department. I've been with you for 15 years ( I know).

You promised me all kinds of things when you "accidentally" charged me $1,000 for a phone I never bought.
Now I'm in a foreign country and I've been waiting 3 months for you to rectify the errors you continue to make. One of the conditions on record was that you unlock my phone because I travel. @ATT where is your integrity?
When I filed those complaints against @ATT , I magically got a call a few hours later by a man called Kevin. Kevin said he would call me back...21 days ago. Hopefully he doesn't have the #coronavirus and he is safe. Is anyone going to give me a buzz?
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2 Jul 20
Highlights of #DerekChauvin's First Appearance|
#GeorgeFloyd Multi-Layered Psyop.

*Unconditional bail set at $1.25 million.
*Derek appeared remotely. He is described as a "peace officer.".
*#GeorgeFlyd lifeless & limp but wasn't dead?

State v. Chauvin

* If #DerekChauvin does come up with bail $, he cannot work in law enforcement or security.
*#omnibus hearing was set to make some procedural decisions before the trial on June 29th (transcript TK).
*No contact to be made with #georgefloyd fam (as if?)

Still Waiting for Transcript From #DerekChauvin appearance from June 29th re #Georgefloyd. More soon.
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1 Jul 20
#covid19 What A Great Day For This P*andemic.

*#California orders LA restaurants to close for 3 weeks

*Apple closes another 30 stores

*Atlanta Airport closes

*CA reports another record jump

*Houston ICUS @ 102% capacity

*Nevada reports 3rd highest daily total yet
*Arizona reports another record daily case count

*NYC delays return of indoor dining

FL reports daily cases for last 24 hours

*40% of US has rolled back economic reopening or put them on hold

Oxford scientist warns vaccine by end of year far from guaranteed. (Oh darn)
#covid19 let's play with numbers

*US reported 48k+ new cases yesterday

*Australia locks down 300k in Victoria

*Brazil imposes travel ban as deaths near 60k

*Tokyo reports most cases since state of emergency lifted.
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30 Jun 20

🤔 Wonder why this clip regarding #cia #fortdetrick #biologicalweapons #experimentsonhumans has VANISHED


Nothing to see here🙈🙉🙊 #censorship

Well MOFOS I grabbed this clip. Now what?

Info on #FortDetrick #Cia #anthrax #Biologiacalweapons.
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29 Jun 20
#DEATH RITUALS| "Secure the shadow, ere the substance fades.”

@TRUreporting this 👇 is reminiscent of ##victoriantimes, featured in 2001 flick #TheOthers

A prominent part of the process of memorializing the dead was taking a postmortem photo.
#Death Immortalized

Postmortem photography evolved out of posthumous portraiture. photography studios spread throughout the country in the 1850s & postmortem photography reached its height a few decades later.
The Victorians saw photographing the dead as one way of preserving the memory of a family member. Photos of the dead were kept as keepsakes, displayed in homes, sent to friends and relatives, worn inside lockets, or even carried as pocket mirrors.
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29 Jun 20

#DEREKCHAUVIN #GeorgeFloyd notes via @jbarrchicago @WSJ)

Will this trial be bigger than O.J.?

Defense lawyers argued for opening up TELEVISED hearings, saying public officials including Gov. #TimWalz & @MayorFrey have made public statements that could sway a jury.
@HennepinCounty Judge #PeterCahill set a a hearing this 9/11 (how romantic), & a trial in March 2021 for the 4 former police officers charged in the "killing of George Floyd."

On 9/11 he will hear pleadings for certain matters e.g potential change of venue for the trial of "videotaped killing that has sparked protests and calls for racial justice across the country." #blacklivesmatter #BLMriots #GeorgeFloydProtests

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28 Jun 20
From @TamaseseEdwin who dared to save lives in #samoa and was charged after making a comment on social media:

" I have been looking at the mask wearing thing from both sides, trying to ensure I could give it a balanced assessment."

"From all the papers that I have read and the interviews I have watched it makes no sense at all and in fact will increase your risk of getting sick due to rebreathing carbon dioxide and the accumulation and breeding of pathogens on the mask itself. @TamaseseEdwin

" I guess it's like many things, Science & human behavior don't always align. I also feel that when you have made people so fearful, they will cling to anything that makes them feel they have some power over what is happening to them & defend the position despite the science."
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28 Jun 20
🤔What The Hell?

#Digg | #DarnellaFrazier GoFundMe

The woman who caught some of the #GeorgeFloyd footage has raised more than $500,000?

Or has she?


#darnellafrazier | “How do we know this campaign is legit?”

"For the love of Black Jesus, please see previous update. The campaign has been verified by #GoFundMe via #Twitter.

OKidoki then!

GoFundMe has ties to #BigPharma. They've confiscated $ & banned many, including moi.
But wait! Apparently, #darnellafrazier has no connection to this account & says many are using her name to make 💰

So who is this "fundraising team"?

Monica is "just" a mom from Chicago. On March 21, '19, she posted a pic of black cake pic w/ words "The Revolution."
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27 Jun 20
#DIGG| Does #Google Want You To Vote Online?

#Google has a patent to let people cast votes. They did it for #Xfactor.

What if they implemented this for the upcoming election?

Would this be better than #MailInVoting?

Who still trusts #Google?

🤔 Why does the #Google voting patent now seem to be hidden?

Can anyone help find it?…


#Google Want You To Be Able to Vote Online…
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25 Jun 20
💥#JulianAssange #BlackLivesMatter Connection?

Does #JulianAssange Know About This?

I'm confused. Why is @Action4Assange raising $ for #BLM & #georgefloyd?


TY for alert @rsqk9s of @TransparentMed1
#GeorgeFloyd #BLMMOVEMENT Posters Via #JulianAssasnge?

So from my understanding #JulianAssange, who i spoke to btw eons before the #MSM knew who he was, is stuck rotting in the U.K.

What do others think of this?
#JulianAssange #BlackLivesMatter Connection?????

Does this #Icantbreathe #GeorgeFloyd #BLM POSTER also double as an👁️Exam? Is it sick programming? Is it a symbolic SICK joke? Is it to see how stupid sheep are and then laugh at us?

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21 Jun 20
Look at this 🐂💩👇

@TheSun reports that #GeorgeFloyd was

But then says an ambulance was called and that he was transported to @Hennepin Medical Center where he later died.…
When I called the hospital to find out what exactly happened, they directed me (a real journalist) to read an article. Is that how it works now? Parroting?

#GeorgeFloyd & #MedicalInterventions: What Exactly Happened In The Hour Before His Death?

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20 Jun 20

I'm PISSED. Are you? Take your #covid19 & shove it up your f*cken globalist asses.

In #CostaRica, we were led to believe that the beaches were going to open.

NOPE. Instead, they've gone backward & prohibited humans from driving on weekends.

#CostaRica registered the highest number of new cases (119) June 19th. This situation "FORCED the govt. to cancel the REOPENING of commerce that was planned for this weekend.

READ the B.S. They even call it PHASE 2! OMFG.
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19 Jun 20
Who is #CalethiaHodges? #fastsplice
She is the CEO of "INFINITE Clinical Trials."

Most of her influencers on LinkedIn happen to be WHITE.

These are some of her garbage thoughts on #VaccinesWork…
Now, #infiniteclinicaltrials basically runs studies on Black people but hides it very well. Can you see it?

The picture makes it seem like their guinea pigs are diverse but they're 71% black. It's in Morrow GA! Why is it listed as third? Why are most in the pics not black?

Well, maybe it was just a cheap web developer. Seemingly her clients are not too healthy to begin with. And she also specializes in #vaccinetrials. So of course she's going to recruit her community. Mega logistics too. Are you getting a contract?

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19 Jun 20
5 Reasons Why I'd ❤️To Conversate W/ @PHARAOH_ATEN_

1. I'm Egyptian. (lots of symbolism/history to discuss here
2. I've been on a spiritual path since 13 & THIS is all #spiritualwarfare
3. Been listening to him alongside @Perpetualmaniac as you speak the truth.
4. Censored Too
5. I have TONS of ORIGINAL reporting on #georgefloyd and have been asking TONS of questions

Interview with #GeorgeFLloyd's employer Jovanni Thunstrom/#CongoLatinBistro

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19 Jun 20

Dear Calethia of "Infinite Clinical Trials":

Who actually believes that "A #vaccine might not work in #AfricanAmericans if they don't participate in the clinical trials to create the drug."

Guess it's time to trace, track, test Rioters!

"#TuskegeeStudy of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male"

"That 'dark' past remains a hurdle to clear," writes the #MSM.

"Dr. Larry Graham, a retired pulmonologist, understands the lack of trust but insists that African Americans have to get over it."



You guys wasted no time, did you? #blacklivesmatter to who exactly?

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17 Jun 20
#BREAKING: DOJ Issues Recommendations for #Section230 Reform

"Responding to bipartisan concerns about the scope of 230 immunity, the department identified a set of concrete reform proposals to provide stronger incentives for online platforms."…
Justice Department Issues Recommendations for Section 230 Reform…
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17 Jun 20
#GeorgeFloyd & #MedicalInterventions: What Exactly Happened In The Hour Before His Death?

Was he treated in the ambulance? He was still alive when he arrived or they would have stated he was a DOA. And he wasn't.

Call with the hospital. 👇

#GeorgeFloyd: "Race Against The Clock" (Ironic. No?)

The decision to “load and go,” rather than triage at the scene, was likely based on their race against the clock. Unloading equipment can often take longer than treating a patient from the ambulance.…
"When pressed about a potential duty to intervene if a patient is endangered on a call, Scheerer surmised that, in this case, responders were unaware of how severe the situation had become."

Ultimately, if the police have somebody in custody, they must approve paramedic care.
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