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9 Apr
CUSTOMER SERVICE IN 2021 USED TO MEAN “Hey sorry there’s a delay, but we’re in a pandemic as you know, so I know you’re not going any where any way. So chill. U get when u get.”


2. IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM - defect in coating

3. DESCRIBE OUTCOME of PROBLEM - stopped shipping, stopped coating, stopped delivering*

4. DESCRIBE MECHANISM OF PROBLEM - bubbles r caused by emissions from the machine operation lmao TALK ABOUT TEMPORAL EMERGENCE O SHIT LOL
5. (MY FAVORITE ONE) Tinker til problem is solved o look ‘tis better than ever. IF ONLY THERE WAS A NAME FOR BENEFITING FROM VARIATION INSTEAD OF BEING FUCKED BY IT - Not only was their process and art, COACH also tells his competition “if u wanna compete here” @jaffer_ali1
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8 Apr
All the memorials on our highways are regularly maintained and this makes my heart ache
There was 1 with a red number 1 balloon. Many places where a sibling pushed a younger back from a corner and was smashed. People just share the stories and it turns you into a ghost almost lmao
Get to stater bros and fill the cart silently til my son asked “what is it?”

Lmao. It’s nothing, really. Grab some chips.


Yeah, It’s just 1 bag, it won’t kill you
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8 Apr
“Experience is no stream, even though the stream of feelings and ideas that flows upon its surface is the part which philosophers love to traverse.” - Juan Hacia Rocío
cc @lilchiva plz notice my puns maestra 😭
"Experience includes the enduring banks of natural constitution and acquired habit as well as the stream." - Sir Juan Ines del Pragmatismo Americano
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8 Apr
Just found out how to use headers to construct a TOC in Google Docs on accident AF. wh0a. Question: @Space_NoSleep @kausch @NathanielLugh @attractfunding @ryankon

Where is the imperative presentation language that I can just type up Power Points n shit using javascript sqgglz
I can be like

titleSlide{ title.swoop
title: "How 2 swag tf out"}

sectionTitle{ title
title: "Section 1"}

title: "2 aspects 2 swag"
col1: "many aspects"
col2: "other aspects"

mainPoint{ ... }

et cetera et cetera ad multiplicum
and then there can be themes written 2 each object & its children. where is this @_erod like wordpress except 4 presentations
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6 Apr
What is it about California that people _dont_ associate weed with crime? Is it cuz rich people do it?

Growing up we never thought of weed as criminal either. If someone said it was a drug we would correct them. Things like wax & hash & edibles we’d be like “_Thats_ a drug.”
On the flip side when people would argue AGAINST gateway drug Id be like... well I get what your saying—one does not smoke weed then crave PCP. But if 1 did crave PCP, or almost anything really, their dealer was the first point of contact. So yeah, mechanistically it did not
restructure your neurons to chase every hit of every substance you could ever want.

But if you wanted to buy a tiger, you could ask your dealer, and they could ask someone.

This is definitely a “problem,” as most people define one. Lmao.
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22 Oct 20
What’s that? You realized Brittney Spear’s Blackout álbum SMACKED and would like a song by song review?

Sure. Just keep in mind Danjahandz is the TRUTH and he made a bunch of these tracks and he’s my hero.
First off
It’s Britney Bitch
Danjahandz is amazing.


Second, I Love her harmonies and her “oo-ooh”’s in the background. Vocal layers are absolute fire. And over the beat by DANJAHANDS OMGness
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21 Oct 20
Trad Twitter doesn’t even had kids ... ur breaking the first rule of propagating ur father’s name and his father b4 him ... wtheck
This is so sticky because I actually think people shouldn’t have kids and shouldn’t get married. Like my mom advised me, and her mother advised her.

And nothing horrifies me more than imagining a trad twitter raising their kids on the ideological polarity to woke true isms
Trad twitter goes on vacation but doesn’t have kids lmfao
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7 Feb 20
The concept of circumscription has been so important for me these last 6-8 months—I don’t recall when this journey began. My mind SNAPPED at the thought of defining more and more relations to get a clearer picture of something via successive approximations
I didn’t know that’s what calculus was ACTUALLY trying to do either. My intro to math twitter was those riddles people would share, and I thought it was SO CRAZY that given these conditions (premise) here are things we can extrapolate. It’s like inference but ... responsible.
The power of geometry is innebriating. I can see how relations w/ shape can give the impression that we can understand the world THROUGH shape, provided we can properly define all the dimensions.
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