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28 Jul
Just sitting here waiting for the deluge...
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25 Jul
Sinclair was going to beam the Plandemic conspiracy theorist into millions of homes so she could accuse Fauci of creating COVID, but @mmfa reporting triggered other reporting, social media outrage, and probably internal dismay, so they pulled it.…
It's so weird that Eric Bolling was promoting conspiracy theorist, that's really not like him at all.…
Can't stress enough that no one else is monitoring Sinclair like we are, it's a huge amount of content and if we don't catch this stuff no one will.

If you think this work is worth supporting, donate page is right here:
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20 Jul
The anti-feminist attorney Roy Den Hollander is reportedly suspected of shooting the husband and son of a federal judge in New Jersey. Here’s his 2008 Fox News appearance attacking “feminazi, feminist women’s studies programs” at Columbia University.…
Some screengrabs:
Here's Roy Den Hollander in a 2010 Fox & Friends appearance ranting about how “Ladies Night is violating a fundamental right” of men by "charging guys more money," and saying it is “my freedom of speech” to refer to women as “girls.”
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18 Jul
Just a few weeks apart. Trump’s new dystopian campaign strategy is ripped directly from the deranged commentary of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and his other media allies.
1. Trump is malleable and takes advice from the TV.
2. For weeks, Fox has been bombarding him with footage (often old) of urban violence and crime and demanding action.
3. Now federal agents are deployed against the wishes of local governments, unlawfully rounding people up.
The president is an authoritarian by nature; the people on TV he trusts most are begging him to do authoritarian things; and federal agencies have become compliant to his will.
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17 Jul
Here is a Fox News employee -- not @mmfa, but someone who works inside the building -- saying that the network has "created a white supremacist cell inside the top cable network in America, the one that directly influences the president"…
@mmfa This article could have been headlined, "Fox News insiders say Media Matters is right about the network"
@mmfa Fox News employees say that the network has a culture of impunity in which the network's biggest stars are free to target their viewers, including the president, with white supremacist dog whistles.
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17 Jul
Fox & Friends take on Portland is unsurprisingly not about the unbadged unidentified federal law enforcement officials in full battle rattle taking people into custody without probable cause or reading them their rights.
I think a lot about the time President Trump told border patrol agents to violate the law to keep migrants from entering, with their commanders subsequently telling them not to do it.…
As time passes, fewer and fewer administration officials seem to be interested in stopping the president's lawlessness. This is the gaping flaw in the argument that Trump's authoritarianism is relatively harmless because people often haven't carried out his worst orders.
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13 Jul
Mission accomplished.
JFC this is so so bad.…
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5 Jul
This is pretty funny. Trump lashes out at Fox after someone says "new polls showing Joe Biden widening his lead on Donald Trump"...

Left, Fox's America's News HQ, 4:40 p.m.

Left, Trump, 4:47 p.m.
... then he tells people to stop watching Fox and watch OAN or Newsmax instead when after the guest dismisses the idea that the polls are wrong like in 2016...

Left, Fox's America's News HQ, 4:45 p.m.
Right, Trump, 5:05 p.m.

Left, The Fox Report, 5:05 p.m.

"This weekend 67 people have been shot in Chicago, 13 have been killed."

Right, Trump, 5:20 p.m.
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30 Jun
Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley casually admitting that Fox News is a propaganda outlet whose purpose is re-electing Donald Trump and criticizing Sean Hannity (!) for not doing that job well enough.…
When Trump said something similar I pointed out that he risks dispelling the illusion upon which Fox’s business model depends.…
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26 Jun
You have to actually stop the virus.

European nations have been able to reopen schools without much trouble.

That's because they crushed the curve into the dust.
If you treat reopening the economy as the primary goal and stopping the virus as a secondary one, you don't stop the virus, and your effort to reopen the economy will fail.
If you want cases low enough to open schools, which seems crucial for both the education of the kids and the broader economy, you probably want to stop prioritizing the reopening of e.g. bars and restaurants. Send them more money instead.
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23 Jun
A week in presidential authoritarianism:
1) Says predecessor committed “treason”
2) Says former national security adviser should “go to jail” over book...
3) ... which reported president corruptly uses foreign policy to benefit campaign…
4) … and that president said journalists should be jailed or executed
5) DOJ tried to pulp book, and leaked that it might prosecute the author.
6) New head of VOA purged chiefs of four US-funded news outlets, replaced bipartisan oversight board with Trump political appointees.
7) WH may intervene to stop promotion of Army officer who testified at impeachment hearing.
8) Trump threatened protestors who might show up at rally...
9) ...and asks why opposition party "allowed to make" "fake and fraudulent ads."
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22 Jun
It's probably this.

Left, The Daily Briefing, 2:17 p.m.
Right, Trump, 2:41 p.m.
Left, Fox's Special Report, 6:24 p.m.

McElway: Wall funding “is something that Democrats are unlikely to budge on in this election year”

Right, Trump, 6:35 p.m.
Second tweet was when Baier reported on the first tweet.

Left, Fox's Special Report, 6:43 p.m.
Right, Trump, 6:50 p.m.
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20 Jun
This stuff is so endlessly weird. So Trump was watching Fox Business yesterday, saw a segment about Fauci warning the NFL season might not happen, and tweets Fauci has "nothing to do with NFL football."

Left, Fox Business' Varney & Co., 11:43 a.m.
Right, Trump, 11:48 a.m.
Then Tucker does a typically deranged segment asking if "our unelected monarch Tony Fauci is making the right decision by destroying America's most popular sport," & Trump is like, "didn't you see my tweet??"

Left, Fox's Tucker Carlson Tonight, 8:15 p.m.
Right, Trump, 10:42 p.m.
This screenshot from earlier in the episode explains the president's plaintive comments in that tweetstorm about Minneapolis and Seattle.
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18 Jun
Last 18 hours:
1) DOJ is trying to get a book pulped because its revelations are embarrassing to the president.
2) DOJ leaking they may criminally charge its author.
3) WH may intervene to stop promotion of Army officer who testified at impeachment hearing.
4) Book reports president saying journalists should be jailed or executed, a detail quickly confirmed.
5) Newly appointed head of VOA purges chiefs of four US-funded news outlets, replaces bipartisan oversight board with Trump political appointees.
Since this tweet-thread started:
6)Trump threatened protesters who might show up at his rally.
7) And questioned why opposition party is "allowed to make" what he termed "fake and fraudulent ads."

That's a lot of attacks on core aspects of free speech and assembly in a few days.
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11 Jun
The president almost definitely got fixated on Seattle and started describing the people there as "domestic terrorists" (!) after watching Fox, but it is difficult to ascertain precisely which show did it.
Dobbs rerun at 10:02 p.m.
The Ingraham Angle between 10:08 and 10:21 pm
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9 Jun
Here's the first half of the batshit OANN segment Trump just tweeted. It alleges the 75 year old man assaulted by Buffalo police officers was an antifa operative, based on a report from Conservative Treehouse.
Here's the rest of it, which says that media are "fan[ning] the flames of national unrest" by promoting this "far-left provocation" to hurt Trump and help China.
The report is by Kristian Rouz, a Russian national also on the payroll of the Kremlin’s official propaganda outlet, Sputnik:…
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8 Jun
Republicans hoping for a shot at the next Republican presidential nomination don't want to discuss the scourge of racism in this country because they might be criticized by a Fox News host beloved by white nationalists.
Fox News' overwhelming influence on GOP politics isn't going away any time soon.
It's also interesting how little attention that monologue, which also targeted Pence and the head of Heritage, got from other conservatives. There was a critical piece from National Review... and that was about it.
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8 Jun
"Reelect Trump or next time around Republicans will pick a dictator whose death squads will throw dissidents thrown from helicopters" is a hell of a message.
(This seems to follow nicely from the "Republicans picked Trump because Democrats were too unfair to Romney" argument.)
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7 Jun
Tom Cotton just became the most accomplished potential GOP presidential candidate by a fair margin, given how its voters value owning the libs and hating the media far more than any policy achievement or governing credential (see: 2016 primaries).
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4 Jun
The "Project Veritas Investigator" in the "expose antifa" video claims that "Rose City Antifa holds required lectures for prospective members in secret at In Other Words bookstore before they open," which is interesting because In Other Words closed in June 2018.
I know this will shock you, but the video really goes out of its way to conceal its timeline, with no clear indication of when or for how long the "investigator" was undercover.
And that seems like pretty crucial information given that the "Investigator" is speculating about an international nexus, outside funding, and professional training -- all of which seems tailor-made to bolster Trump's push for a terrorism designation.
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31 May
Trump's message the last 24 hours has been that the protesters are illegitimate "organized" leftists who should be met with more force and the press are the enemy of the people, and the people involved in the protests most likely to care what he says are law enforcement.
So... maybe a Trump national address on this isn't a great idea.
Getting worse...
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