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3 Feb
Daily average of COVID doses administered in SF is trending down. Not good.

It's hard to determine why because so little data is being shared.

No public data on total vaccine doses received, % administered, # by provider, demographics. Unacceptable.…
I introduced a law being heard tomorrow in committee that will require this data to be shared publicly. It's been weeks since this dashboard went public, yet SFDPH is not including basic information that other Bay Area counties are.
This dashboard doesn't show how many doses we've received, or who has them. We aren't seeing how many have been administered as a % of doses received.
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1 Feb
White House is calling out private providers and localities for holding back doses for second doses that are intended as first doses. They want that to stop.

Give people their first dose now, even if that means not holding back 1:1 the second dose.
If providers followed this locally, it would free up tens of thousands of doses, which are currently being held back.
The transparency and clarity in these regular White House COVID briefings is pretty incredible. This is how it should work.
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13 Jan
My 91 and 92 year old Grandparents are, like so many San Franciscans, struggling to get straightforward information on the vaccine. This is not acceptable, for them or anyone, I'm working to increase & improve transparency, speed, communication. There are no answers right now.
Like so many other people, I haven't seen my grandparents in person in nearly a year. The last time was my Grandpa's 92nd birthday.
In other states, who are operating with the same priority tiers, many people like my Grandparents (and yours) have already been vaccinated or are at least signing up to be. Entirely unclear why this isn't happening in CA, with so few answers. We have to get moving.
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12 Jan
Where are San Francisco or Bay Area's mass vaccination sites?

SF Department of Public Health says they are "not tasked w widespread distribution across the entire City." Ok, then who is?

Tomorrow I am calling for a public hearing and an actual plan to answer these questions.
Incredible and unacceptable how few answers our residents are being given right now. It really does seem that other counties, states, cities have been able to provide a lot more information and clarity, and mass distribution. Our city Health Department should too.
"Talk to your healthcare provider" is an entirely and dangerously inadequate answer at this stage.
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11 Jan
Awful fear mongering against much needed, overdue 100 unit bldg for low income families in the Sunset

These families will come from all over SF, incl Sunset, not just the TL, tho TL families are amazing, wonderful neighbors

We need many more buildings like this all over SF. Image
An organization having "Tenderloin" in its name does not mean that's where residents are from. TNDC develops all over SF.

And any neighborhood would be lucky to have Tenderloin families as neighbors. They will only add to and enrich a community.
And actually the target population for this building is not formerly homeless, as many other TNDC bldgs are (which is also important and needed, incl in the sunset), its essential workers making 27k-102k. The fearmongering is entirely ridiculous. This is a hugely positive thing.
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11 Jan
Thank you to President @shamannwalton for appointing me as Chair of the Budget & Finance Committee. It is an honor

I'm ready to get to work w my colleagues & Mayor @LondonBreed to support & invest in our residents, workers & small businesses to recover, rebuild & reform.
Our budget is a moral document that reflects our values.

Now more than ever we need to support those who have been most impacted by this pandemic and economic crisis.
Tenants, workers, small businesses, Latino, Black, API, LGBT residents, and everyone disproportionately impacted by this crisis, we have to step up for you.

With support from local, state & federal govts, I'm hopeful we can rebuild our city, and chart a better path.
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13 Dec 20
SF's health order has been changed to now allow people to interact outdoors with 1 person from another household to:

- Take a walk
- Hang out at the park
- Play low-contact sports like golf, tennis, pickleball, and bocce ball

This is a change.…
In-person dating is no longer banned in San Francisco.

But you can only date outdoors and no double dates.
And wear a mask. No kissing.
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10 Dec 20
Today I am having another hearing--demanding urgency, a bigger coordinated comprehensive plan from city departments, accountability, for the most deadly epidemic impacting SF residents right now--the drug overdose epidemic

It's at PSNS committee, we expect it to be heard at 11am
Over 550 people have died of drug overdose thru Oct of this year. That's nearly 2 a day. Most of them had fentanyl in their system. That's nearly triple the number of 2 years ago. Tragic, preventable, horrific.
The brutality of it is so clear for everyone to see. There are people who are working tirelessly to save lives. But what we are doing is not enough right now, it is inadequate on all fronts. And it is only going to keep getting worse unless we have bigger and better responses.
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10 Dec 20
Our legislation to keep SIP hotels open passed out of Committee tonight.

With COVID-19 cases spiking, cold coming, shelters mostly closed, lack of housing placements available, FEMA reimbursing most of cost--its common sense to keep hotels open for health, safety, humanity.
Thanks to the many people who called in, organized, including the SIP residents, operators, providers, workers.
The legislation passed 2-1. It'll take more work to get a veto-proof majority to pass it at the Board next week.
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6 Dec 20
I stopped by our Tenderloin outdoor dining on Larkin to thank everyone for their hard work over last few months--there was a lot of resistance, doubt, skepticism initially. But people came together & made it happen.

TY @TLCBD @UrbanAlchemyUA TL Merchants & all the businesses
It may have been just a couple of blocks, but we also were able to demonstrate that the TL wants & deserves transformational street changes, that better utilize city streets for positive safe community and economic activity. I'm hopeful about what we can accomplish in the future
I'm disappointed that people were put in the position of relying on outdoor activities for months, encouraging them to make investments, to tell customers, friends, family that it was perfectly safe, only to turn around & prohibit it. Like everyone, I hope that this is over soon
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5 Dec 20
This remodeled park in the TL opened for just a few weeks, provided safe, healthy, stewarded play & respite. It is soul crushing that it will be required to close.

Meanwhile on blocks surrounding it, literally 100s of people are still congregating on sidewalks, mostly w/o masks.
Up the street on Larkin, we've had outdoor dining which this community fought for and everyone was told was safe. It has security, it's brought community, and safe dining. We struggled to convince people to come out. Now it'll have to close too maybe for good. It is very painful
I hope that everyone understands the need to take some greater protective measures, but the inequities in who carries the burdens, the inconsistencies, lack of economic support, especially with this order is hard.
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5 Dec 20
The CA state regional public health orders allow retail and malls to stay open at reduced capacity, but requires all outdoor playgrounds to close.

I am yet to hear a public health explanation for that, good or otherwise, & am very concerned about impact on families & kids.
I represent a dense district where many families live in small apartments, often far from larger city parks. Where can they go outside safely for the next month? Malls? Here in SF we've invested a lot into staffing at playgrounds, signage, making sure they can be used safely.
If there's a good explanation for this other than "that's what the state said," I believe families deserve it, along with real solutions. Families and kids have been hit especially hard--it has taken a huge toll on their emotional, physical, academic and mental well being.
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4 Dec 20
The 5 Bay Area county health officers just announced a shut down starting this Sunday.

SF, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Santa Clara.

No more outdoor dining or fitness, only takeout, personal care services will close, essential retail must reduce capacity.
People are encouraged to stay home, unless essential, similar to the first shut down.

No meeting in person with people you don't live with, even if outdoors.

The goal is to ensure there are adequate ICU beds, as hospitalizations and cases have skyrocketed.
The restrictions will be in place until 1/4, so a month.
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3 Dec 20
To anyone who was wondering, I live on Hyde St in the Tenderloin. I walk around this neighborhood and D6 everyday. I go to All Star Donuts everyday. If you want to come say hello or go for a walk together, pull up anytime.
PS: I live here with my two kittens.
Open invitation to anyone who wants to meet for coffee, say hello to my kittens, and go on a walk together.
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10 Aug 20

A year ago, I stood w community against filthy streets & assaults on human dignity, fought for 24 hour bathrooms. There were ZERO in SF

Despite DPW opposition, I added $ into budget, we got our first 3 24 hr “pilot” bathrooms.…
It was clear they were an overwhelming success in the first 3 months at the 3 sites. Each were receiving 1000s monthly uses, saving city $ in cleaning costs, & providing for essential human right, human need. We immediately called for citywide expansion.…
When the pandemic hit in March, as cafes, restaurants, libraries etc closed their bathrooms, I immediately introduced legislation requiring public bathrooms to be at 1 per 50 people on the streets, plus all to be 24 hour bathrooms.…
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3 Jun 20
I cannot support an indefinite curfew in San Francisco. Such a curfew would include unprecedented restrictions on freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, and peaceful protest. It will allow residents to be searched or arrested for simply being outside at 8:01pm for any reason.
This is one of the most broad, indefinite, expansive curfews of any City. We are one of the few cities that has issued an indefinite curfew. This curfew bans anyone from being outside between 8p-5am, with few exceptions. There's no free speech exception, or "peaceful" exception.
This is largely unprecedented in San Francisco.
It has been decades since anything like this has been imposed in our city, if ever. I have not seen any evidence demonstrating an indefinite threat that justifies such indefinite restrictions on the rights of residents.
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24 Apr 20
This is DESPICABLE, outrageous behavior from @UberEats.

They are now saying that they can no longer deliver to Treasure Island residents bc of new regulations capping commissions.

So they are RETALIATING against SF by punishing one of our most low income, isolated communities Image
Treasure Island is 10 min from downtown without traffic. There haven’t even been many deliveries overall.

They are a company worth billions. This isn’t about cost.

This is retaliation. And it is blatantly discriminatory.

I’m disgusted by this. @Uber this is shameful.
The caps on commissions are to protect small businesses and ensure they can survive during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC.

Uber responds by cutting off access to essential goods from low income communities of color like Treasure Island.

Honestly, this is despicable and discriminatory.
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27 Mar 20

There is currently an eviction moratorium in place for both residential and commercial tenants.

There is not yet a rent moratorium, though we are pushing for one. But you cannot be evicted.

Rent is due in a couple days, here's what you need to know...
For residential tenants who cannot pay, within 30 days of when rent is due, you have to provide notice to landlord that you can't pay due to financial hardship.

Then within 7 days after that, you must provide some written documentation explaining impact.
The definition of “financial impact” would include reduced income due to factors such as work hours, temporary business closure or slowdown, or layoffs, and/or increased out-of pocket medical expenses related to COVID-19. It's intended to be a broad definition.
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19 Mar 20
I want to share some information about why this is so serious.

Many people are wondering, understandably, why we have to take unprecedented measures, disrupting and devastating the economy and people's lives, to halt the spread of this virus. (1/20)
Today US confirmed #coronavirus cases surpassed 10,000 confirmed cases, an 8000% increase in 15 days. Of course this is a huge undercount because there have been relatively few tests done. What we do right now will determine what happens next. (2/20)
I've been focused on sharing info and advocacy related to the economic impact and the immediate impact of the shelter in place order, which are incredibly disruptive and devastating, especially for people who are already economically vulnerable. (3/20)
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