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11 Sep

So I've decided to give the next 25 people 32% OFF the ultimate diet guide, SHRED METHOD.

This info helped me make my transformation.

It WILL help you make yours too.

Click here and use the code HAPPYBDAY to get the deal:
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10 Sep

Growing season is upon us!

Those who finish the all-in-one program, Mass Factor, WILL:

-Gain muscle
-Get stronger
-Build confidence
-Look & feel better
-Earn more respect
-Fit better in clothes

30% OFF for the next 3 hours with code:

2 more hours left
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19 Jul
When you constantly complain about all of the bullshit going on in the world, you're giving the enemy EXACTLY what they want:

For you to lose focus on your life.
You want to improve the world?


Even though it seems small, it still lessens the amount of trouble in the world.
I mean, do you think you're making a positive difference by talking about it with others?

You're not.

All you're doing is wasting your precious time, focus, energy, and emotion.
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4 Jun
I recently helped a friend out with his marriage.

Men, I can't tell you how critical it is for you to learn about masculine and feminine dynamics.

These mistakes are so common.

And most men have no idea that they're making them...
Not only will learning attraction dynamics help you to better understand your woman, it will also help you to better understand yourself.

That will improve both your relationship with yourself and with her.

It will also help you to become a better leader.
Feminine energy wants to give and receive love.

Your masculine presence and attention are sources of comfort, love, safety, and even validation.

She wants to FEEL the fullness of it when you're with her.

There are a few ways to do this...
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2 Jun
Plenty have warned about soy and "vegetable" oils.

A little probably won't do much harm.

But the average American consumes large amounts of vegetable oils.

Study on soybean oil linked below.

Highlights in short thread... Image
Here's the study for those who want to look over it.

For those who don't, I've included some highlights below.…
This is the general overview of how they performed the study and what they looked for. Image
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26 Apr
A thread on...

10 Things You Need To Do To Go From

This: To this:
1) Lift heavy

When dieting down, muscle retention is a main priority.

Your body adapts to what you do frequently.

So if you're lifting heavy, your body is going to respond by holding onto muscle, because it is needed often to lift.
2) Be in a caloric deficit

Evidence shows that calories matter.

There's no way around it.

Calories are units of energy.

You need to be using more energy than you're taking in.

Track your food and make adjustments if you aren't setting results.
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9 Aug 20
A good friend of mine got baptized today.

More than a year ago, I invited him to church and to join my small group as well.

During his amazing testimony, he thanked me and chills ran through my body.

I had no idea what he was going through at the time...
To me, I knew I was doing the right thing, but thought it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Little did I know, God had something extraordinary planned.
With that being said, we often underestimate the impact we have on the lives of others.

It's amazing to me how a seemingly small act could help someone turn their life around.
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30 Jul 20
My first year in college, I drove a 93 Chevy Blazer with 278,000 miles on it.

No a/c or heater. Barely running.

One day I was in the middle of the Wallace tunnel during rush hour.

Bumper to bumper, stop and go traffic.

I came to a stop and the engine cut off...
My heart sunk.

Not only was I in a tunnel, but that tunnel lead to a 7.5 mile long bridge.

I would've been stuck for a while, in the humid south Alabama summer heat, holding up half the city's population from getting home.

On top of that, the day had already been a struggle.
After a minute, which seemed like an hour, the engine finally turned over and I was able to make it home.

I bring this up because I often reference days like that to my "bad" days now.

They put things into perspective, an important perspective at that.
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12 Apr 20
"Christians aren't supposed to judge!"

An easy assumption to make, but it's wrong.

"Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly."
-John 7:24

Christians are supposed to judge RIGHTEOUSLY.

This is where many go wrong...
Christians are also supposed to receive the same judgement they give.

Meaning, they must hold themselves to the SAME standard that they hold others to.
Matthew 7:1-29 says...

"Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you."
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5 Apr 20
Excuses are lies.

The most detrimental aspect of giving an excuse is not in lying to the other person, but in lying to yourself.

You're admitting to yourself that you're a liar and you're okay with it.

Think about what that does to your confidence...
Confidence is rooted in self-belief.

But you're never sure if you'll even follow through on your word.

So every time you embark on a new mission, you don't give it your all, because you know that if things don't go as expected, you will back out.
Losers give excuses.

And you know that too.

So when you give an excuse, you're admitting to being a loser.

It's the most common type of self sabotage.
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22 Dec 19
There's a space in every aspect of your life.

You decide what fills those spaces.

They can be filled by one of two things:

1) what you want
2) what you don't want

If you don't say "NO" to the things you don't want...
They will occupy that space and make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to say "YES" to what you do want.

So, if you:

-allow people to play games with you
-chase people
-waste time
-give attention to those who don't value it
-beat around the bush
-spend time on the meaningless

You are...
effectively settling for LESS than what you truly feel you deserve.
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16 Apr 19
I'm the guy in both of these pictures.

But at the same time, these are pictures of two different people.

The problem with transformation photos is that you're only limited to the external changes.

It's just as much, or even more so, an internal battle...
I used to be a stern supporter of the saying:

"Where the body goes, the mind follows."

It definitely has some substance, but my body didn't just get up and start working out.

I had to make a conscious decision.
Here's what I've learned:

-Your external and internal states are reflections of each other.

-External changes require internal changes.

-But external changes also enable and influence internal changes.
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2 Dec 18
9 traits every guy should have when talking to women:

1. Honesty
2. Boldness
3. Outcome independence
4. Nonpreferential treatment
5. Standards
6. Style
7. Attractive body language
8. Authenticity
9. Sincere interest

Here's a thread to break down each of them...
1. Honesty

Too many guys think they have to beat around the bush with women.

They know why you're talking to them.

You know why you're talking to them.

Admit it.

Anything else will come off as weak and manipulative.
2. Boldness

Boldness is a combination of courage, confidence, and strength.

It shows assurance in oneself, which is attractive.

But when you make a bold move, you better OWN IT.

You can bet your ass you're going to get tested to see if you're for real. Stand your ground.
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30 Nov 18
Passive-aggressive people are:


If you don't know how to deal with them properly, you'll fall right into their traps.

Here's a thread on how to handle it.
First, you have to understand the opposition's main weapon...


the ability to deny knowledge of or responsibility for any damnable actions committed because of a lack of evidence that can confirm their participation
If you confront them about their actions, they'll just deny it, because they can.

This will more than likely make you look like an ass, which is exactly what they want.

After all, you have no proof.
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26 Oct 18

1. Creating ZERO anticipation

Women WANT mystery. Stop telling her everything you're going to do. They want to wonder about you. It will raise her attraction level for you.
2. Talking too damn much

Add on to the anticipation by not revealing so much about yourself. Have something more to reveal to her every time you see her. Let her do most of the talking. Questions put you in the driver's seat of the conversation.
3. Not Giving 100% of your presence

The worst thing you can do is show her that you're not interested in what she has to say. Give her your focus. Ask her questions that show you're actually paying attention. At some point, she *will* test you to see if you were listening.
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22 Oct 18
People often confuse the terms "ignorance" and "innocence".

It comes as no surprise that many of them are proponents of the victim mentality.

Many times, proclaimed innocence is illegitimate.

Don't be fooled...
Innocence is absolved of responsibility, due to the incapability of knowing; a lack of experience.

Ignorance is capable of knowing, due to having experience, but refusing to acknowledge and explore further.
When you experience something, you become aware of it.

If your involvement continues, the results that you obtain thereafter are your full responsibility, regardless of your intentions.
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21 Oct 18
When a man doesn't have a purpose in life, a large void will take its place.

Voids must be filled.

So it is filled by feelings of being:


This can lead to drugs, alcohol, porn, and even suicide.
A man's purpose must be fulfilled by his mission or he will feel incomplete.

His purpose is above him. He sees it as something greater than he is.

So, he puts it first and it is able to provide that validation and certainty he needs in life.
If a man has a mission that doesn't completely fulfill his purpose in life, he will still have a void, albeit smaller.

Because his mission still allows a void, these men will often allow their relationships to fill this void.
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10 Oct 18
Men are often told to ignore or to hold back their emotions.

Somehow, this has most erroneously been perceived as being "masculine" or showing strength.

🔘 In regards to emotional, mental, & physical wellbeing, this is the most ASININE misconception.

Let's clear this up...
Masculine men *have control* over their emotions.

-This doesn't mean they hold them back.

-This only means they don't allow their emotions to have precedence over reasoning.
Before you can exercise control over your emotions, you have to have a clear understanding of them and where they come from.

How can you gain this understanding if you ignore them?
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23 Sep 18
Guys, when you're walking into a room of people, you need to be focusing on:

-meeting new people
-shaking hands and subtle touching
-good posture
-giving off positive vibes
-having a good time
-establishing rapport with others
-being friendly

Here is the reason why:
One major strength quality of masculinity is the ability to make people feel comfortable and safe in your presence.

I constantly see guys waking around, trying to look tough, maybe because they think it's "alpha".
The truth is, it's not.

It's not attractive and it does the exact opposite of what you want.

You will come off as try-hard and looking like you have something to prove, which is beta.
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6 May 18
The wisdom in the Bible is undeniable.

We preach much of the same here, but in a different context.

Here's a thread of some very valuable verses I heard this AM:

Proverbs 10:8

The wise are glad to be instructed, but babbling fools fall flat on their faces.
Proverbs 18:2

"Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions."
Proverbs 12:15

"Fools think their own way is right, by the wise listen to others."
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