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24 Jun
🏳️‍🌈#LGBTVoices Celebrates Pride🏳️‍🌈

Felice Picano’s memoirs: Ambidextrous and Men Who Loved Me.

Groundbreaking memoirs chronicle growing up gay pre-stonewall, through gay liberation and into the AIDS plague crisis. A genesis of gay literature.

Born in 1944, Felice (pronounced “feliz”) Picano grew up around NYC. He was an extremely gifted student, graduating Cum Laude from Queens College in 1964, at the age of 20, with English Dept Honors.

He had some notion of becoming an author, but wouldn’t begin writing for 10 yrs.
Felice became a published author in the mid 70s. His first novel “Smart as the Devil,” met with acclaim and was a PEN/Ernest Hemmingway Award nomination.

By 1980, Picano’s career was transitioning from main stream popular literature to pioneering the genre of gay literature.
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11 Jun 19
🏳️‍🌈#LGBTVoices Celebrates🏳️‍🌈

Today: How to Survive a Plague

By the end of the 20th century, 33 million people were living with HIV, and 14 million had died world wide.

Today, 1 in 7 infected are unaware of their status.
HIV is still a killer.
HIV appears to have originated with the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV), and jumped to human infection through the consumption of wild chimpanzees. It mutated to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus by the early 20th century.

By the early 70’s, infections were global.
The earliest well documented case of HIV originates from the Congo in 1959, the earliest retrospective case of AIDS was in Norway in 1966.

The vast majority of none sub-saharan infections can be traced to one carrier who brought it to the US in 1969.
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1 Jun 19
🏳️‍🌈#LGBTVoices Celebrates🏳️‍🌈

Today: Coming Out

Whether gay, lesbian, bi, trans, asexual, or any shade of the rainbow, more people are coming out than ever.

Coming out means standing up for your rights & increasing the visibility of LGBT+ people.
At a time when LGBT+ rights, some very recently gained, are under threat, visibility in our community is crucial.

The more people that come out, the better chance people have of knowing LGBT+ people. Knowing people makes it harder to hate them.
In the US and UK, studies just a few years ago showed that homophobia and bullying was on sharp decline in High Schools.

Increased visibility of gay people in media meant more kids feeling comfortable with coming out, and more kids having gay friends.
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16 May 19
Some say that elections aren’t as important as other issues.

This attitude led many not to vote for Hillary out of ideological purity. 2 GOP additions to SCOTUS later, and Roe v. wade is in jeopardy.

Remember that when someone says impeachment is more important than elections.
While 70% of Dems favor impeachment, 2/3rds of Americans are against. Most importantly, independents, whose votes we need, are narrowly against, more so in swing states like PA, MI, and WI.…
Will impeachment increase public knowledge of Trump’s crimes? #TrumpRussia is already the most reported story of the past 20 yrs.

As Trump continues to make damaging, unpopular decisions, opinion may come around. Until then, impeachment may be too hazardous a step to take.
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23 Apr 19
We worked hard to build a Dem majority in the House, including many hard fought red districts, put in peril if Dems start impeachment now.

When facing real electoral consequences, why insist on impeachment now if we have no chance of removing Trump without the Senate?
3 mos of House control, televised hearings continue to expose Trump’s lawlessness. Dems prepare for hard court fights over subpoenas, particularly the full Mueller report.

The narrative that Dems are idle, not using every practical tool available to them, is false.
There may come a time when impeachment is the only way. The courts may deny the Mueller report subpoena, and impeachment may be the only way to get access to grand jury testimony.

Why put our hard fought red district seats in jeopardy by putting the cart before the horse?
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9 Apr 19
I’m worried about some tweets I’m seeing. #Resisters attacking blue candidates or insisting on only support candidates of a certain identity.

I’m not saying discussion about privilege is invalid. But for god’s sake, where do you think this rhetoric comes from? Who benefits?
In 2016, Russia stoked divisions between the left and center flanks of our party. We all took the bait, myself included. In the end, enough people in 3 states voted 3rd party, or stayed home to sink a close race.

In 2018, we united and won. That is our way to victory in 2020.
Don’t begrudge a candidate’s turn in the sun.

Be aware that most of your favorite candidates are going to lose. That’s democracy. We need to unite around the winner with as little baggage as possible.

The GOP will pile plenty of dirt on the winner, we shouldn’t add to it.
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6 Apr 19
Asylum seekers are legal immigrants, and our country IS NOT too full to recieve them.

Immigrants contribute to our nation culturally and economically, new consumers that expand our econ.

Fear of demographic change fuels anti-immigration sentiment.
They’re just not white enough.
The Trump admin has been busy limiting LEGAL IMMIGRATION:
💢Refugee admissions lowest since 1980, even as America caused the violence most flee from.
💢Slowing lawful immigration to a crawl. Green Card backlog increased by 35% since 2016.
💢Unconstitutional Muslim ban.
💢Increase in referrals for denaturalization, a process with few legal grounds.
💢Greatly increasing deportation proceedings, limiting discretion of judges and over taxing resources for defense. Discourages applications for visas for victims of trafficking and Dom violence.
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5 Mar 19
Trump’s incoherence on free speech: gagging Doctors’ counsel on patients’ right to abortions, while promoting payed hate speech at colleges.

Anyone can speak freely on campuses, but hate mongers don’t have the right to be payed for it.

Free speech =/= state sponsored hate.
Trump brought Hayden Williams to the CPAC stage.

Williams, not a student, was attacked by a student at UC Berkeley while distributing right wing pamphlets.

The student was arrested & charged, Berkeley released a statement of commitment to free speech.…
Berkeley spent $4 mil last year alone to bring conservative speakers sponsored by conservative student clubs, like Candace Owens.

Owens claimed Hitler would have been fine if he confined his actions, such as the holocaust, to German borders.…
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28 Feb 19
Cohen’s House testimony yesterday was damning to Trump, & Republicans are shook.

They spun conspiracy theories, pretending Cohen couldn’t be taken seriously as a convicted liar, conveniently forgetting his lies, & their obstruction, were to protect Trump from his own crimes.
The bombshells:
💥Cohen heard Roger stone give Trump advanced notice on wikileaks posting of the stolen DNC emails, something Trump reportedly denied in sworn written testimony, and Mueller has the phone records!

💥Cohen’s perjurious testimony was edited by Trump’s lawyers.
💥Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow coached Cohen to lie to Congress about Moscow Trump Tower deal.

💥Cohen presented checks signed by Trump and Jr to reimburse for illegal hush payments to mistresses.

💥Trump committed bank fraud by giving Deutsche Bank false info to secure a loan.
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27 Feb 19
Cardinal George Pell, former adviser to Pope Francis, is the highest ranked cleric convicted of sexually abusing children. On the heels of a Vatican meeting on sexual abuse where, absurdly, no zero-tolerance policy toward child rape was issued. 1)…
2 prominent Cardinals reject the notion that the power of the clergy empowers abusers, and blame child rape on gays.

Surprised that the Catholic church scapegoats the LGBT community for their own abuse?

Embracing hate is just another form of abuse. 2)…
The abuse doesn’t just come from the Catholic church, however. Yesterday, the United Methodists tightened the ban on same sex marriage and gay clergy.

As the battery of LGBT people rises around the globe, their response is to join in on the battery. 3)…
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20 Feb 19
NYT reports that Trump asked Matthew Whitaker to put his ally Geoffrey Berman, who had already recused himself, in charge of the Cohen investigation.

OBSTRUCTION: Trump was implicated as a co conspirator.

PERJURY: Whitaker claimed he’d had no talks with WH on investigations.
NYT has several officials with direct knowledge of a call between Trump and Whitaker about putting Geoffrey Berman of SDNY, a recused ally, in charge of the Cohen investigation.

That makes SEVERAL instances of Trump committing obstruction, some publicly.…
Whitaker: “at no time has the White House asked for nor have I provided any promises or commitments concerning the special counsel investigation or any other investigation.”

House Dems weighing whether this constitutes perjury. I don’t see how it isn’t.…
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13 Feb 19
In 1962, JFK set a goal to land men on the moon by decade’s end. Meeting it developed tech that powers our age.

Climate change is our generation’s moon shot. Not a challenge harder or too costly to meet, but a chance to develop the energy that will power this century.
Big goals we’ve met:
Adjusted for inflation, the Apollo program cost $200 bil in 2019 dollars.
New Deal = $653 bil.
The US won WW2 for $4 tril over 4 years.

The estimated cost for converting to 100% renewables is $2 tril in 10 yrs, same as GOP tax cuts for the rich in one bill.
Apollo program cost:…

New Deal Cost:…

WW2 Cost:…

100% renewable cost:…
(Contested by conservative critics. Nevertheless, cost of failure to act outweighs the cost of positive action)
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9 Feb 19
Rumor has it that AMI may have blackmailed Bezos to stave WaPo’s coverage of MBS’s ordered murder of Jamal Khashoggi, rather than to protect Trump.

I’d argue that Trump’s, MBS’s & Putin’s interests are intertwined. To further one is to further all, against American interests.
Feds are determining whether AMI violated an immunity deal by blackmailing Bezos. Ronan Farrow has also come forward with a claim of attempted blackmail.

AMI avoided prosecution by cooperating with an investigation into the bribery of Trump’s mistresses.…
Is it a surprise that a publication with such a pro-Trump conservative lean is also selling favorable coverage to murdering dictators like MBS?

Just like the GOP.
Selling out America to the highest bidder.

How much foreign money can any press take and still remain free?
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9 Feb 19
Matthew Whitaker’s testimony before Congress was inconsistent, evasive, and belligerent.

He stated that he hadn’t meddled in the Mueller investigation, & has not briefed Trump or anyone in the WH on it.

If he lied, as multiple leaks indicate, it’s perjury before Congress.
Chairman Nadler informed Whitaker that he will be compelled to provide sworn testimony in the coming days during which he must answer the questions he evaded, declare exec privilege (which the Trump admin hasn’t declared yet) or face subpoena.…
In 2017, Whitaker interviewed with Don McGahn to become Trump’s top Russia probe lawyer. He claims the subject of the probe never came up. 🤔 That strains credibility.

No answer for why he ignored advice of DOJ ethics lawyers that he should recuse.…
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8 Feb 19
In the first 15 mins, Whitaker evades, tries to shut the chairman down for going over his 5 mins, and makes an ass of himself.

Nadler makes it clear that a subpoena is forthcoming, gives Whitaker a few days to get his shit together.

We’re off to the races!
Whitaker will be called to appear in the coming days at which point he will be compelled to clearly designate whether he is claiming executive privilege.
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28 Jan 19
The richest 1% of Americans now makes over 25 times more than the other 99%.

With ballooning cost of health care, education, and cost/living, this is an unsustainable trend.

Philanthropy failed us. The solution, as it was during the largest econ growth in history, is taxes. 1)
Watch Michael Dell of Dell Computers made a fool of by MIT economist Erik Brynjolfsson.

Notice that even Heather Long, econ correspondent of WaPo thinks the high tax rate was for “a brief moment in the 1980’s.”

The US sustained a higher tax bracket of between 70% & 90% between the mid 1930’s and 1980. It did so while building the largest economic expansion in world history.

Econ inequality narrowed through those years. Families lived, saved, sent kids to college on 1 livable income. 3)
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25 Jan 19
The denizens of the Reptile House are puzzled as Fed workers face evictions and line up at food banks.

Larry Kudlow, net worth $25 mil praises them for working for free.🤷‍♂️

Wilbur Ross, net worth $700 mil, thinks they should just get high interest loans.🤷‍♂️

Cold callous creeps.
Ross thinks workers living paycheck to paycheck could just take out a high interest loan.

He also thinks the loss of income for 800,000 workers isn’t a major drag on the economy.

It’s projected to cost $6 bil by Fri, but he’s only the commerce sec. 🤷‍♂️

Kudlow thinks Fed workers are going to work to “honor us” and out of “loyalty to the President.”

Larry, those workers are showing up for fear of losing their jobs, you pompous, sniffling windbag.

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25 Jan 19
Roger Stone is under arrest!!!

Indictment by Robert Mueller 👇
Full text of the Stone indictment 👇…
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21 Jan 19
The Covington Diocese has been in the news before.

In May, openly gay valedictorian Christian Bales was barred from speaking at Holy Cross HS, for a speech deemed “too political” for praising the activism of young gun reform advocates.
Teachers from the Diocese of Covington stood by and condoned students harassing and intimidating native elders while shouting “build the wall,” but common sense gun reform is too political?

Say, do you think it had something to do with Christian being gay? 🤔
The Catholic Church has a history of fighting for social justice, in Latin America, and during the Civil Rights movement in the US.

Common sense gun reform is consistent with Catholic teaching. Racism, Donald Trump and his wall are not.

Cruelty isn’t Christian. 3)
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11 Jan 19
Steve Mnuchin was unable to explain to Congress why Trump plans to lift sanctions on Oleg Deripaska, who attacked US elections in 2016.

Pelosi said it was one of the worst briefings they’ve received from the admin.

Steve says we should trust the Pres.

Oversight’s a bitch, huh?
Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed a classified briefing given Thursday by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin as "stiff competition" for "one of the worst classified briefings we have received from the Trump administration."…
2 things you should call your reps on today and next week:

1)Tell them you oppose lifting sanctions on Deripaska’s companies.

2)Demand that your GOP reps immediately vote to re-open government. Thank Dem reps for standing strong against the wall.
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22 Dec 18
GOP Accomplishments of 2018:
💢3 Gov shut downs over bullshit.
💢A combined tax heist and trade war that has wrecked the US economy.
💢Allowing the violence against women’s act to expire.
💢A Stock Market unraveling we haven’t seen since the last GOP Pres crashed it.
💢Worst Dow Jones Dec since 1931.
💢a steep rise in hate crimes.
💢10,000 legal, asylum seeking children separated from families and imprisoned.
💢Loss of health insurance for 3 million Americans by gutting ind mandate.
💢Abdication of duty of Congressional oversight.
💢Selling out America to the oil industry as we careen toward economic & human climate disaster.
💢Suppressing new energy economy employing hundreds of thousands to prop up the 19th century coal industry employing 40K.
💢Historic undermining of democracy and rule of law.
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