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9 Mar
Some of the longest running and most active threads on Stormfront - the leading neo-Nazi / white supremacist far right forum on the internet, is about Harry and Meghan. Post after post calling Harry a "race traitor" and full of the most disgusting filth about the Sussexes. /1
There are numerous posts about Archie calling for him to be put in a monkey sanctuary or left out in the desert for vultures. Defense of the royal family for not wanting to have 'mud' in their gene pool, etc. /2
There are posts about how the Sussexes are using "Jewish cultural Marxism" to blackmail the royal family. How the allegations of racism are being 'weaponised' by Meghan (sound familiar?) to destroy the country/usurp the throne/for money/for Mossad/for lols. /3
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21 Feb
This thread is so bad. There is nothing ‘subtle’ about Miller’s antisemitism. He literally published a Neo-Nazi who testified at David Irving’s trial.

You also do not need to listen to Jews of a certain political persuasion when assessing antisemitism from that persuasion. /1
In fact, the reason why we keep having so many problems is that Jews from the same political persuasion are often really bad at calling it out on their own side. See all the Right Wing apologists for Soros conspiracism or the very loud Corbynista Jews kosherising the Jezziah. /2
This is actually why the IHRA is such an important document, because it gives us a useful tool to work with. If we had to rely on a nebulous “left wing Jewish” voice on this, we’d get nowhere. Some so-called “left wing Jews” are defending Miller even now. /3
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1 Nov 20
There is a deliberate distortionary ignorance being perpetrated particularly by 'socialist Jews' about Rivkah's shockingly glib use of 'The Jewish Question' in her Momentum rally speech the other night. 1/
First, they are pretending that Rivkah was merely quoting from Israel Panner's (aka I. Rennap) writing. She did initially, having clearly only selectively quoted one snippet without understanding either the context or the rest of his work. 2/
But, she continued this historical framing in a modern context: "I mean, this is entirely relevant to our moment right. We've just had a day when, and, you know, years, when antisemitism and 'The Jewish Question' as we might call it... have been used to distract us." 3/
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14 Oct 20
Do White supremacists think you're the number one threat to their existence? Do your communal institutions and places of worship need 24hr security? Do you get told to go back to Israel or the ovens by Nazis? Even when you're dead, do your tombstones and memorials get defaced?1/6
Are you disproportionately the target of hate crimes? Are you able to freely express your identity online without being attacked, threatened or doxxed by White supremacists? Do your conf calls get Zoom-bombed? The comments on your timeline filled with Adolf memes and groypers?2/6
Were your people among the first groups of racialised 'other' defined during post-reconquista Spain and their 'purity of blood' cult? Are major works of Western classical literature replete with references to the otherness of your people in contrast with the noble White man? 3/6
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8 Oct 20
Brave Labour Party whistleblower, Sam Matthews, went on national television and spoke of his suicidal feelings after his treatment by the Corbyn leadership. Jewdas, the most toxic voice of Corbynista anti-Zionist asajewry, are actively mocking and belittling suicidal ideation.1/7
Together with posh boy & Corbynista asajew James Schneider (love their upper class solidarity), who was Dir of Corbyn's Strategic Comms (imagine having that on your CV!), they are calling a suicidal person a "scab" and libelling him a racist and supporter of Holocaust denial. 2/7
Jewdas are not just deeply toxic trolls. They actively incite and embolden antisemites who often like and retweet their attacks against the Jewish Chronicle, the Board of Deputies, the IHRA, the Chief Rabbi, and Jewish MPs like Luciana Berger. 3/7

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24 Aug 20
Imagine saying 'time to end arms sales to Israel' and justifying that by showing an image of the Israeli city of Ashkelon being attacked by Iranian and Qatari-funded Hamas rockets. Image
Those squiggly lines is the part-US-funded Iron Dome anti-missile defence protecting civilian lives. OJ wants to end this?
There are no military targets in Ashkelon. Those Hamas rockets are a war crime.
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9 Jul 20
Remember that thread I did about Owen Jones' Spanish book cover? You may recall there was some nitpicking about a translated caption as it was not a primary source. I now have a hard copy of one of the artist's racist cartoons. You be the judge. Image
Galantara was very much in his prime the year that was published, but posed no objection to the caption: "Jewish capitalism wages a terrible relentless war every hour of every day". He had 2 cartoons in this edition. "Sometimes it takes a little blood to water the gold plant." Image
Alongside several other charming depictions of mere 'fatcats', as Owen called them, by other cartoonists. This one on an adjacent page is just called "Jewish freedom". Image
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2 Jul 20
There's a viral video going around about Starkey's disgusting comments. The original tweeter whose tweet is getting the most traction claims to be against racism and violence yet has, as their Twitter banner, an image of PFLP terrorist Ghassan Kanafani. 1/5
Ghassan Kanafani is a popular figure in the revolutionary left for his writing. His fans. however, are extremely relaxed about his role in the PFLP – who he was main spokesperson for – during the Lod Airport massacre when 26 innocent civilians were shot dead and 80 wounded. 2/5
The PFLP were responsible for some of the most deadly terrorist attacks – including the Avivim school bus massacre (12 dead including 9 children), the bombing of Swiss Air flight 330 (48 dead) and the Qiryat Shmona massacre (18 dead, 8 children) and many more. 3/5
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28 Jun 20
On this day in 1976, two Palestinian members of the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary PFLP and two Germans from Far Left terror group Revolutionary Cells hijacked an Air France plane on a stop from Tel-Aviv to Paris via Athens. 1/
They diverted the plane to Entebbe, Uganda – then ruled by brutal despot Idi Amin who personally welcomed them. After landing, they separated the passengers based on whether they were Jewish/Israeli or not. Non-Jews were permitted to leave. 2/
Some of the hostages had numbered tattoos on their arms. Several accounts recall how terrified the Holocaust survivors were as soon as they saw the Jewish passengers being separated. They screamed in sheer terror seeing this horror repeating itself before their eyes. 3/
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29 May 20
Yesterday, @EtanSmallman highlighted a disturbing book cover of a Spanish edition of Owen Jones' book 'The Establishment' which bares a shocking resemblance to a Nazi-era poster. 1/14
Rather than express dismay at the choice of his Spanish publisher, apologise for the error in judgement and work to get it changed, Owen characteristically doubled-down and gaslit Jews and allies outraged by it. 2/14
Accusing us of faux outrage. Gaslighting us... 3/14
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19 May 20
A selection of comments by Corbynista diehards who are doling out money to barrister Jane Heybroek aka @0Calamity for her crowdfunded defense against libel action taken by two Jewish heroes @RachelRileyRR and @TracyAnnO. 1/
Rachel and Tracy are 'fascists' and 'oppressors' promoting 'tyranny', of course. 2/13
Some kinder, gentler sexism is par for the Corbynista course. 3/13
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12 Apr 20
Corbynistas had near total control of the party for years. They had the Leader, Shadow Cabinet, the NEC, NCC, General Secretary, Whips, comms, and majority of CLPs. They leave an EHRC investigation and the most disastrous election result since before Kit Kats existed. 1/5
Now this obviously partisan leaked 'report' is not simply a naked attempt to exonerate their messiah & shift blame towards their political enemies, it's a scorched earth offensive. If they can't have the party, then they will destroy as much of it as they can for anyone else.2/5
The supposed 'party of the workers' has just recklessly (possibly criminally) exposed private details of whistleblowers in a cackhanded attempt to protect their former boss and somehow save what remains of 'the project'. Already outriders are spinning facesaving narratives. 3/5
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13 Dec 19
.@Freedland is furious, and rightly so. "On social media, a group of outriders policed the conversation, unleashing a pile-on of mockery and denunciation on anyone guilty of pointing out that the emperor seemed to be unnervingly lacking in clothes."

Not only have the Far Left – with their infantile student union politics; their Norovirus Media factories churning out agit-prop and memes for the echo chambers; and their cancel-cultureing, performative wokenessing, social media pile-oning cultism – enabled a Tory landslide...
...They have destroyed the Party so utterly, that we now have no effective opposition to hold it in check. Meanwhile the Party faces an EHRC investigation, whistleblower lawsuits, infighting, crank Z-list MPs installed way beyond their ability, the stain of antisemitism...
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11 Dec 19
Whatever happens tomorrow, my family have decided to leave this country. If it was just me, I'd 'stay and fight', but I have my children to think of. Seeing the casual dismissals of alarming anti-Jewish racism, hatred on campus, they should not have to grow up with this.
We loved this country, but it doesn't love us back. We're done.
What the past few years has taught me is that in our hour of need, most people will look the other way. We heard these stories before from our parents and our grandparents. We thought our generation would be different. But they aren't.
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8 Nov 19
Actually what terrifies me is that when bombs exploded in London at the Israeli embassy in Kensington and a Jewish charity in Finchley, Corbyn spent five years of his life trying to free the bombers, despite them admitting to having five pounds of explosives and three handguns.
What terrifies me is that Corbyn (and Abbott) tried to stop the full proscription of Hezbollah who have killed hundreds of Jews not just in Israel, but in Argentina, Panama, and London, and who recently were found to have a storage cache of tonnes of explosives in North London.
What terrifies me is that John McDonnell signed a letter demanding to scrap MI5 and armed police units, the agencies that uncovered Hezbollah's weapons cache and arrested the Jew-hating terrorists.
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3 Nov 19
The Labour Party’s years of provocations towards the British Jewish community are deliberate & calculated. In 2017, they tested it in election and found that for most people it’s not an electoral deal breaker. We’re a tiny minority and societal ambivalence towards us is real. 1/5
A no-confidence vote of 172-40 was summarily ignored by the leadership, because they knew that the ‘moderate’ wing & the Jewish Labour Movement were weak and would fall into line - even after Luciana Berger left, most moderates just exposed their impotence with woeful tweets. 2/5
Labour antisemitism is now more of an asset to the party. It neutralises their internal political enemies and radicalises their membership. It is intrinsic to their war against ‘elites’, ‘billionaires’, ‘the few’. 3/5
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22 Sep 19
In order to really understand antisemitism and spot it in all its subtle and mutating manifestations you have to know a lot. In order to promote antisemitism you needn't know anything at all. This is why ours is an uphill struggle. 1/6
Being Jewish helps, but it doesn't necessarily make you qualified to understand antisemitism. It just means you may have experienced some of it in your life, but maybe you've lived a very sheltered existence. I've met Jews who don't get why Soros/Rothschild conspiracism is AS.2/6
This is why we rely on experts like @deborahlipstadt, @daverich1, @DavidHirsh, groups like @adl, @CST_UK, @BoardofDeputies, @HolocaustUK and most importantly why we depend on the definition of antisemitism by the @TheIHRA. Attacks on them undermine our ability to fight AS. 3/6
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18 Aug 19
Some sections of mainstream media and politicians play their part for sure. But actual radicalisation of extremists happens on the fringes and in the alt-media spaces. Thomas Mair, the murderer of Jo Cox MP, hated the mainstream media and repeatedly railed against it. 1/7
Sites like InfoWars, 8chan, certain subreddits and Breitbart, fringe figures like Tommy Robinson and Facebook groups, like the one Britain First ran (the words uttered by Thomas Mair when he killed Jo Cox) play a huge role. 2/7
The Far Left are not immune. The Dayton killer was a registered Democrat and Warren supporter who followed Antifa news sources. Read any of @GillianLazarus daily posts about Corbynite Facebook groups and the threatening violent language that is often used. 3/7
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29 Jul 19
This weekend both Jessica Alba and Steve-O twitter accounts were hacked. The hacker posted white supremacist racist garbage to their millions of followers. Attacks on black people, Asians, LGTBQ, disabled people, Muslims and Jews. 1/10
At the same time this was happening, Jews were being lectured by finger-wagging hard left ideologues about how we're 'white' and 'privileged' (we cry "hysterical self-absorbed cries of white people" apparently) and don't experience racism. 2/10
Several of my friends have received death threats just this weekend. An elderly Jewish man was shot six times outside a Miami synagogue. A prominent progressive Jewish Voice in the US received menacing threats on her Twitter. 3/10

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7 Jun 19
I'm a political animal but I've never been so concerned about the outcome of a by-election in a constituency I don't live in. It's a sign of the level of anxiety that I and my Jewish friends and allies have that this matters so much. 1/9
If Labour win, it would put a spring in the step of the antisemites in the party. It would mean that endorsing antisemitic conspiracy theories and promoting racial hatred is not an obstacle to becoming an MP in an ostensibly antiracist party. 2/9
It has already shown that the 'moderates' who've signed pledges and committed themselves to concrete actions to fight Jew hatred never meant it, and will always put party over principles. 3/9
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24 Jan 19
The crossovers between antizionism, anti-imperialism, conspiracism, BDS, and antisemitism needs to be understood and reckoned with if the Left is ever going to be able to get to grips with the root causes of its antisemitism problem and begin to tackle it. 1/15
The PM of Malaysia is a vile antisemite who has promoted all manner of age-old venal antisemitic tropes of the 'hook-nosed global conspiracy' variety depicted in THAT mural. His obscene Jew-hate is well known. Here's a 2003 BBC news report. news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asi… 2/15
And here's Jeremy, staunch anti-racist that he is, meeting with him in 2009 (Hansard has no record of his condemnation of Mahathir Mohamad's numerous racist remarks about Jews). This meeting was attended by prominent holocaust deniers and extremists. bit.ly/2FKPsST 3/15
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