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18 Sep 20
On Thursday, 10th of September, @MoYusuf83017329 & I were blessed with a brand new addition to our family, Maryam Toluwanile, a beautiful lady who weighed 3.6kg at 36wks!
What an experience its been this last week, but as I have since learnt, nothing prepares you for being a mother than motherhood itself and its been such a privilege for which I am eternally grateful to Almighty God.
My baby and I perhaps might not be here today but for God and the special team at Green Acres Hospital, a little gem of a facility led by Dr Olayinka Olaniyan. His quick thinking and decision put my baby and I out of harms way. To them, a big 'thank you'.
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15 Jun 20
Please, who's listening to the #PTF briefing right now...@hadisirika just said flight which brought in #NairaMarley and co was approved as transport for a judge. Twas supposed to take a judge, Hon Justice Adefope Okoji to Abuja and back to Lagos. @DrJoeAbah
As a result of giving false information, according to @hadisirika, ExecuJet services have been suspended, pilots are to be sanctioned and operators are going to be heavily fined.
"The operation is a clear violation of our approvals which we take seriously, it seems this is becoming a norm, it's the second time. Execujet services are hereby suspended indefinitely, we'll also fine them maximally according to the law. The Captain of the flight will also..."
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