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19 Jan
Tony Blinken on the assassination of Maj. Gen. Soleimani: "Taking him out was the right thing to do."

Then he goes on to say in the weaseliest fashion why it wasn't.
Mitt Romney conjures a scenario in which China takes over the US and imposes its system. Does this mean we will be getting a national poverty eradication program?
Jeanne Shaheen and Tony Blinken now demanding "accountability" for Cuba's supposed sonic attacks on US diplomats, which were actually the result of cricket mating calls.…
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16 Jan
Going through my footage from the Capitol riot and remembering how omnipresent anti-China and anti-communist rhetoric was.

Here a mob badgers cops arriving on the scene:

“Stop defending the CCP!”

“Y’all are working for Chinese agents. You’re working for a foreign power.”
“You wait and see how good you do under communist China. They’ll hold your families hostage.”

This was far from the only time I heard hysteria of a Chinese takeover openly entertained that day.
Among a mob berating a Capitol Hill local for arguing the election wasn’t stolen was this rage-aholic who brought up his own experience “escaping” communism out of the blue
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14 Jan
John Sullivan was at the forefront of pro-Trump violence in the Capitol, egging it on as he filmed.

Now he's Exhibit A in right-wing claims that Antifa instigated the riot.

I investigate his disturbing history of sabotaging BLM while posing as a leader.…
I studied video shot by Sullivan (Jayden X) in the Capitol and compiled some moments of him zealously celebrating the invasion & instigating the mob all the way up to Ashli Babbit's shooting. Watch with audio on.

No committed BLM activist would say or do this – and he isn't one
As DC BLM journalist @blackhousenew explained to me, Sullivan has been banished by activist communities across the country.

He's considered a dangerous provocateur & is the subject of deep suspicion.

This thread details some of his history.
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8 Jan
Cortney Craft, a Metro PD officer, took to Facebook to claim "first hand knowledge" of "off duty police officers from around the country" using their police badges to gain access to the US Capitol as part of the right-wing mob. Craft deleted the post soon after publishing.
I did not see off duty cops flashing badges to gain access to the Capitol, but I saw plenty of guys in police tactical gear (which can be purchased by private citizens) around. And I witnessed Capitol PD shaking hands and fraternizing with MAGA types, as they've done in the past.
Didn’t hit record in time but this MAGA guy had just been engaged in an extended session of friendly banter and hand shakes with this Capitol PD officer
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6 Jan
#StopTheSteaI protesters say a young woman was shot in the neck while inside the US Capitol. This appears to be her. They are amped up right now. (Sorry for sideways camera work)
He has blood on his hand and claims to have witnessed the shooting. All around calls for escalation.
He calls for an end to peaceful protest because of the young woman who was shot. I ask if he can understand why people in DC protest police brutality. No response.
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6 Jan
Biden has nominated Victoria Nuland, Ukrainian coup plotter and wife of arch-neocon Robert Kagan, as Deputy Sec. of State.

Nuland is a fanatical militarist who recently lamented that the US helped weaken ISIS in Syria.

Nuland wanted ISIS to flourish.…
Biden nominee Victoria Nuland’s CFR essay amounted a maniacal plan for regime change in Russia and domestic militarization.

She called for sweeping internet censorship at home and escalating via cyber-warfare and hacking operations against Russia.
Nuland seeks to maintain the Trump era’s record Pentagon budgets and build up nuclear and conventional weapons.

She’s the former CEO of @CNASdc, the militaristic Dem think tank funded by the arms makers & Defense Dept that stand to gain from her neocon fanaticism.
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1 Jan
Interesting how CNN cites Rafael Ramirez as a legit critic of Maduro and doesn't inform readers that Venezuela's govt seeks his extradition for a massive corruption scheme. US prosecutors named him as a bribe recipient but never charged him, presumably bc he's helping their plot.
CNN portrays Rafael Ramirez as a principled Chavista and gives him space to compare Maduro to Pinochet. But for some reason it couldn't find any room to mention this aspect of his background.…
The word "sanctions" does not appear once in CNN's article. The all-out US economic war that necessitated the Anti-Blockade Law is framed as a fantastical accusation by Maduro, not a concrete reality. Little context is provided to understand moves toward financial liberalization. Image
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17 Dec 20
While the spook author of this paranoid call to “severely punish the Russians” offers no evidence, it can be deduced that US intelligence is cranking up its Mighty Wurlitzer to ensure a continuum in Russia hysteria between the Trump & Biden admins.
A day after a wave of stories about a hack described w/o evidence as a Russian “act of war,” NYT published a call for Biden to ramp up hostility with Russia & declared “the era of bifurcation between the West Wing and the American national security establishment is about to end.”
Framed as a “news analysis,” the NY Times was basically providing Biden with the New Cold Warrior’s playbook, courtesy of an array of anti-Russia fanatics treated as seasoned experts in Washington. It’s clear they expect Biden to be completely malleable.…
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7 Dec 20
Venezuela’s extremist opposition boycotted elections to sustain its gravy train of US $. Having handed victory to the governing PSUV, they made turnout the focus. They worked to suppress the vote, emphasizing “abstentions” as a measure of the govt’s illegitimacy. Turnout was 32%.
From my POV, the turnout rate disappointed the govt, which was hoping for 40% - above the Chavista baseline. But opposition pollsters had predicted 15%, and Guaido’s US-backed mafia did all it could to suppress the vote, even exploiting Covid to urge citizens to stay home.
The US-backed opposition consistently claimed Venezuela’s election authority (CNE) would fix the election. Then why didn’t it engineer a higher turnout rate to shatter their narrative? They have no answer, just as they’ve never produced evidence to back up past claims of fraud.
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27 Nov 20
On April 30 2018, well before Mossad assassinated Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Netanyahu singled out the Iranian scientist in his April 2018 “nuclear archive” slide show.

Weeks earlier, Netanyahu presented these documents to Trump to secure his withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. ImageImage
As @GarethPorter reported for @TheGrayzoneNews, the docs Netanyahu presented were likely fabricated by the Mossad as part of a disinformation campaign aimed at sabotaging the JCPOA and influencing Trump to implement a regime change policy against Iran…
Iran experienced a wave of nuclear scientist assassinations in 2011-12, just as the Obama admin opened bilateral talks with Iran. Biden's incoming natsec advisor Jake Sullivan led those talks.

The pattern of Israeli political terror continues today.… ImageImage
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11 Nov 20
The Biden-Harris agency review teams are heavily represented by personnel from corporate board rooms, the professional managerial class & Beltway think tanks. It's a recipe for Obama 2.0

A quick thread on a few foreign policy apparatchiks who stood out.…
Paula Garcia Tufro is listed on the NSC team. As a member of Obama's NSC, Tufro presided over listing Venezuela as a "national security threat."

She's since been seen w/ Guaido's DC team.

When I challenged her on VZLA sanctions, she had no answer.
Dana Stroul of the neocon WINEP, is listed on Biden's State Dept team.

Stroul helped oversee a congressional panel on Syria that urged US military occupation, crushing sanctions, and preventing rebuilding.

She said the US military "owned" 1/3 of Syria
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25 Oct 20
Samantha Power's husband, Cass Sunstein, has argued for the government to conduct "cognitive infiltration" operations against the anti-establishment opinions he broadly defined as "conspiracy theories."
Cass Sunstein has called for US govt to groom seemingly independent agents to conduct "cognitive infiltration" against vaguely defined "conspiracy" networks:

"govt can supply these independent experts with information and perhaps prod them into action from behind the scenes..."
Sunstein: "Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action."
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2 Oct 20
In an act of pure masochism, I watched Showtime’s The Comey Rule.

It was a piece of Resistance kitsch wrapped in trashy Cold War propaganda, adapted from an FBI agent’s script, and full of factual errors, lies and omissions designed to make liberals even dumber than they are. Image
Here’s a scene from The Comey Rule that never took place: Two accused Russian SVR agents become Internet Research Agency operatives and destroy Hillary’s campaign via Twitter and Facebook. It’s completely made-up, but presented as a factual re-enactment.
There was no evidence Internet Research Agency ads had any impact on the 2016 election anyway. According to Facebook, 56% of them appeared after the election and most did not relate to the candidates.
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2 Oct 20
This week, ex-staffers of UC Global testified in the London trial of Julian Assange that they spied on the @wikileaks founder on behalf of US intelligence, their boss proposed poisoning Assange and robbing his lawyer – whose office was invaded soon after.…
The witness statements in London track validate my report from May, which relied on UC Global testimony to a Madrid court and internal company communications to show how US intelligence oversaw a criminal campaign against Assange fronted by Sheldon Adelson…
The Assange trial featured revelations of murder, torture, assassination plots, robberies & spying on the defendant, his lawyers, friends & journalists.

Did Western media ignore all this because the US gov't seeking Assange's extradition was responsible?…
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13 Sep 20
I just read @RichardMNephew's "The Art of Sanctions."

Nephew, ex-Obama State Dept sanctions coordinator, clinically & chillingly details how pain is the essence of the US global sanctions regime.

Unfortunately, he hasn't been honest about the contents of his own book. Thread:
Nephew claimed he never wrote that sanctions are designed to hurt ordinary people.

Yet here he describes sanctions against Iran that he personally designed and which wrecked the country's economy & currency, caused mass unemployment and inflation, as a "tremendous success"
Nephew pats himself & the Obama admin on the back for tripling the price of chicken "during important Iranian holiday periods" and preventing Iranians from repairing their cars.

At the same time, the US expanded imports of communications tech to Iran to foment social unrest.
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11 Sep 20
Some excepts from my book, The Management of Savagery, on the 9/11 attacks.

This one covers the Saudi government’s operational role in the attacks and the CIA’s concealment of knowledge about Saudi operatives al-Hazmi & Midhar’s involvement in the plot.…
As the GW Bush administration ignored a briefing about Al Qaeda’s intention to attack inside the US, a ratings-hungry US corporate media spent the summer of 2001 reporting on a non-existent Sharknado. And Wolfowitz gave a speech in 6/01 on “missed signals” ahead of Pearl Harbor.
This was how America’s top drive time host, Howard Stern, conveyed the 9/11 attacks to the public in real time. It was a genocidal tirade that channeled the Islamophobia & imperialist military rampage to come. cc: @paulkrugman
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9 Sep 20
The 2018-2022 strategic plan of @pierre Omidyar's @luminategroup lists "counter[ing]" Russia and China & "provid[ing] critical support" to groups in "countries in transition" as top priorities.

That's code for supplementing US regime change operations.… ImageImage
As reported below, an attack on @TheGrayzoneNews by the US State Department-funded @CodaStory was republished by its listed partner site: @pierre Omidyar's @rapplerdotcom.

This shows Omidyar's regime change information ecosystem in action.…
.@RealAlexRubi & I reported in detail on Omidyar's growing media empire and the array of connections he has forged with the US national security state. The billionaire's role in supplementing USAID/State Dept regime change ops is scarcely ever scrutinized.…
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7 Sep 20
I investigated the campaign to suppress "Planet of the Humans" and found the network of professional activists behind it is backed by the same "green" billionaires, Wall Street investors, and non-profit industrial complex skewered in the film.…
The most provocative critique in Planet of the Humans was of professional "climate justice" activists as de facto PR agents for the renewables industry & Wall Street investor class focused on a $40-50 trillion profit center. My investigation bore this out:…
"Cleantech" tycoon Tom Dinwoodie signed @joshfoxfilm's letter demanding POTH be retracted. Dinwoodie owns scores of solar patents, reaped $1.2 billion in govt subsidies under Obama & sponsors a think tank partnered w/big banks. He also co-produced Fox's latest performance.
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3 Sep 20
After 90 days of continuous protest and @MayorBowser having a meltdown, begging Trump’s DOJ for more protester prosecutions, MPD reportedly shot a man in the back. Now 7D is surrounded.
Just watched slow motion body cam footage. Deon Kay was fleeing from one cop and threw his gun away moments before being shot. FWIW Kyle Rittenhouse was illegally armed as he walked by cops who were heading to the scene of the killings he committed.
Watch and judge for yourself
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15 Aug 20
HK-based @SCMPNews confirms my reporting on an American man named Brian Kern posing as “freedom struggle” writer @KongTsungGan.

The Cold War hoaxer was quoted widely by Western press & published at @HongKongFP, so which journos knew & covered it up?…
A Washington Post reporter defends using a white American guy posing as a native Hong Kong “freedom struggle” activist as a source. He even suggests he was in on the yellowface hoax. This is what happens when journalists become imperial US infowarriors.
.@InitialVW of intersectional interventionist outfit @lausanhk implies he knew @KongTsungGan was an American man posing as a Hong Kong native to enhance his cred - and he was cool with it.

Apparently anything goes - even an Orientalist hoax - if it helps the “freedom struggle.” Image
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11 Aug 20
Since we exposed fake Xinjiang "expert" @AdrianZenz as a fanatic and fraud, his fellow Cold Warriors have been working overtime to suppress our factual reporting.

Coda Story is a Mockingbird-style op funded by the US gov't via @NEDemocracy – which was spun out of the CIA. Thread
Coda Story's @antelava is lying when she says her outlet is independent. It's backed by NED – the regime change arm of the US gov't, founded out of Bill Casey's CIA. And it partners w/ US-run @RFERL (formerly Radio Liberation from Bolshevism), to pump propaganda into Russia.
Coda Story's Isobel Cockerell is also following the US regime script, smearing skeptics of official Cold War propaganda on Xinjiang w/o disputing their facts.

Cockerell was recognized by the US govt's NED & honored by tech oligarchs (Luminate = Omidyar).
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