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#EndGOP 🌊#VoteDemocrat🌊 #FlipTheSenate Flip the senate and keep the house, protect the democrat incumbents from tea party wolves in blue clothing #Biden2020
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26 Apr 20
@Sanity4243 @OldGinger @Staceymoon52 Quit spreading conspiracy theories about Biden

If you really want climate change legislation or progressive policy Biden is the guy, not Trump

whackos like briebrie joy are lying with you, that doesn't make it ok

@Sanity4243 @OldGinger @Staceymoon52 And then the lying, idiotic tale of Tara Reade. Which just keeps changing drastically

So drastically she tried to delete some published articles but here they are archived

@Sanity4243 @OldGinger @Staceymoon52 And Sanders who voted on the crime bill now blames Biden for voting on it

He also said on TV that he thought we needed alot more prisons
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20 Apr 20
This account @ no1hollyfreedom not a resistor,

She went through our FBR lists and just followed everyone

I am really pissed that her account is even still active it was suspended and shadow banned last night

And rightly so.

Here is how she operates, thread:
Here is my initial response to her trying to do it to me.

This is a thread in itself

She points out super obvious troll accounts like 8 times out of 10

And then she adds a couple of resistors because people will unquestioningly trust her after the initial troll account posts

If you question her, She falls back on A 3 or 4 person dm group, to try and dox you
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16 Apr 20
@HouseDemocrats , Why did @marcorubio specify 2012 starting date in this question about section 702 during this JCI hearing from 2017? Why did he look so pale?

(url saved at his question)

The URL above didn't open where I wanted it to the question is 1 hour and 10 minutes in

let's look at what GOP was doing in 2012 though that might have been picked up inadvertently by our counter-intel Watchmen..

these FOI docs are from 2012, Palin office and Goin office 👇
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9 Mar 20
If Bernie Sanders was a good person he wouldn't let his campaign staff run amok with lies and edited videos

If he was a good person he would have voted for the public option for healthcare that Hillary tried to pass instead of costing us millions of lives and 20 years
If Bernie sanders was a good person he would have voted for the Magnitsky Act sanctions on Russian individuals for attacking our country on his and Trump's behalf

If he was a good person he would not have voted against relief funds for #FlintWaterCrisis in 2016
If Bernie sanders was a good person he would not be attacking and alienating the party he wants the nomination from and lying to his supporters about Obama support for him in the next breath

He would not have tried to primary Obama
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26 Feb 20
Live tweet thread of the debate starts here:

The democratic debate is beginning and the 5 candidates walk on stage

Sanders and Bloomberg join them
Use #DemDebate to ask the candidate questions

Bernie Sanders was just asked about how good the economy is

He said it's great for Bloomberg and bad for us And breaks into a Sprint of his talking points from his 2016 campaign about the percentages and rates of disaffected ppl
Bloomberg gets a chance to answer and Springs out of the Box by pointing out that Russia is pushing Sanders campaign Completely forgoing and economic answer
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30 Jan 20
Q&A trial session:

hear ye...

Everyone shut the fukup or go to jail

a livetweet thread:
McConnell just said something about going to eat later and now the chief justice is being passed the question

The first question is by the house to the Chief Justice asking that the defense be reassured that reality does indeed exist
Zoe Lofgren makes fun of the childish defense of his anti-intellect by a Perverted Harvard professor and Pat Robertson's realdoll

she reminds them that hitting themselves in the face with a gigantic pipe wrench is not the best way to remove one bad tooth
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19 Nov 19
Plug in your headphones or watch with closed caption to follow along

Live tweet hearing notes thread:

Vineland and Williams edition


Stupid autocorrect

Schiff is reiterating the previous testimonies and establishing the many things Trump sought from Ukraine while withholding meetings, aid fighting Russia, and other support

He wanted to damage the IC and SCO findings about Russian election attack
He wanted an investigation of his political opponents son also

(Trump also wanted Zelensky to allow Russias illegally and brutally annexed territory in Ukraine to establish their own pro-putin election for control of that territory, we'll get there soon)
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21 May 19
@AL0HASTYLE Do you want to talk about some of what you are referring to as misinformation?

I brought a few examples of what I was sharing with me.

p.s. anti war?
@AL0HASTYLE Since her election to Congress in 2012, Gabbard has repeatedly made a series of the following false assertions to her
fellow lawmakers:

Attempts to remove Assad from power has lead to killing of 400,000 Syrians

Assad fights ISIS. Syria would be controlled by ISIS if
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26 Apr 19
Does anyone else notice

Rod Rosenstein was a lot more magnanimous when Republicans had control of house blocking any action because of the probe?

He blame Obama?

After the last two years of Republicans trying to kill the investigation; voting against cyber security?
Boy I'll tell you,

Republican sure don't hire their own for no reason..

If Rosenstein is showing his true face, can we trust that Mueller did his job properly?

Did he Farm the cases out to people like Acosta?

@HouseDemocrats just subpoena Mueller, enough nicety
I guess the real big question is how did bar already score a waiver to interfere in one of the State cases in New York related to the Mueller probe?

@HouseDemocrats ..

did Mueller line them up in court with people like labor secretary Acosta? Someone will give access to Barr?
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12 Apr 19
It would be a shame if people were to start combing Hannity's tweets corresponding with Donald Trump statements about WikiLeaks

The ones that Hannity deleted

Whatever you do, don't search for Sean Hannity's Twitter profile

twitter.com/seanhannity on

and here are all the times dates and context of Trump mentioning Wikileaks, So that nobody accidentally compares those exact dates with Hannity Tweets on the website linked above.
Like, he probably doesn't want us to tweet stuff like this from October 12 2016.
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15 Mar 19
some of our resistance musicians need to write a song, and call it "uncomfortable on the vineyard this year"

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3 Mar 19
To anyone out there desperately trying to provide truth in the face or so much misinformation.. history in the face of revisionism.

Here is the American Archive of Public Broadcasting

Fun and informative

and free.

News Paper archive.

American Historical Docs.

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23 Feb 19
Hey Michael Cohen; Elliott broidy were not the only two who got Finance chair positions at the same time.

You'd have to be nuts if you think we believe they would let someone in a finance share that wasn't cool with the money laundering and finance violations

Louis DeJoy was 3
Ronna hired book-cookers.

There were three appointments to National Finance Chair of RNC at same time, Cohen; his pro-abortion silence client, Broidy; DeJoy

Cohen and Broidy have resigned because campaign finance violations

So let's take a good look at DeJoy.
not sure what will come of it, but what the hell..

The other two choices are so interesting.

so here's his Bloomberg background page... because the common workin person has that.

we can start from here.

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14 Feb 19
Fun fact Trump tried to buy that exact neighborhood and he tried to make the people there move for a brand-new wealthy neighborhood by sending Cohen with a list of Demands

The railway will save the people that live in that neighborhood
"The documents I got suggest Trump in 2007 was very fond of eminent domain."
I want something better for Fresno and the central San Joaquin Valley. Something that only will be achieved by being networked to the rest of California via trains traveling at 220 mph.

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13 Feb 19
Mike Pence belongs to and gives speeches at the Family Research council... A registered hate group by the SPLC which is way more credible than failed Indiana rep Pence.

He is part of a verifiable, bona fide, conversion therapy torture cult hate group.
This website is vile as westboro Baptist... just linking for source. It was started by conversion therapy pioneer George Rekers, who's first test subject killed himself when the Miami times reported Rekkers admitting to receiving gay erotic massage.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and former Representative Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) were among the featured speakers at the annual Values Voter Summit hosted by the Family Research Council and its FRC Action legislative arm. c-span.org/video/?451797-…
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12 Feb 19
Can we just review something about Matt Gaetz please?

and this doesn't have to do with his comments about mass shootings, or his lone no vote on human trafficking... Matt Gaetz was a candidate once...:
Trump tweeted this ringing endorsement of him on the 12th of July from london, on the 12th
july 13 the indictment goes public...

It mentions that a congressional candidate was asking russian hackers for docs on campaign opponents...
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22 Jan 19
1.1 JACOB A. WOHL, right wing social media troll who gained notice because of Trump retweeting his videos
claimed to be a hedge manager by 17.

complaint filed
Wohl was accused of 14 counts of fraudulent activity

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18 Jan 19
So I put this comment up days ago... Believe you/me I've been digging and Lindsey Graham is a real problem child.

The problem: There is so much info out there that would usually disqualify him from running in politics successfuly, but most of it is public for years.

a few fun Lindsey facts:

His family didn't desegregate their bar (where he claims to have grown up) until the 70s

He is a member of IRI. The first organization Kilminik and Manafort infiltrated.

He took 1.2 million from a Russian Oligarch

In 2010 a man claimed to have a photo of a man whom lindsey had spent the night with

Lindsey is a member of Christians for Israel and in the early 2010s the Libertarians tried to use it against him with his base.

One thing caught my eye however.
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14 Jan 19
Giuliani says he wants to rewrite the Mueller report

Mueller has said zero words in public

Trump has tweeted every single day for over 2 years with what they want us to believe their official side of the story is as well as interviews and rally speeches

Giuliani has had numerous television interviews and I believe the opportunity to appear on satellite radio as well as write opinion pieces

It seems like we hear something from him every other day

If he has been honest then there shouldn't need to be Corrections
Rudy could simply get ahead of the topic that he thinks it's troubling and make his case on National Television.

Giuliani bought the original AMI building in Boca Raton Florida after his company bio one cleaned it for anthrax, he refused to give pictures and files back to them
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9 Jan 19
As long as the border and shut down distraction keeps getting reported on @cnn without equal coverage about the money that McConnell accepted from Russian oligarchs and all of the GOP interactions with Kremlin officials since 2009, I'll be watching C-SPAN and tuning into Maddow.
I've had enough of them trying to get the Democrats to give a wannabe dictator billions of dollars for a giant racist monument that nobody wants, earlier the banner read that the Dems and Trump refused to cooperate on the shutdown.

Our country is in dire trouble
This isn't about a political dispute, it's about a complicit GOP party giving concessions to our enemies for a compromised illegitimate president.

It's about the right embracing deep fried fascism in Nazi rhetoric sauce.
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