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Musician, composer, filmmaker BA, BMus Bham Conservatoire, PGCE. Disabled. MECFS fibromyalgia depression. Equity. Democratic Socialist🌹 🏳️‍🌈
23 Feb
People have asked me how the can help. Well firstly, my biggest worry is the bills and food. I don’t know how long this is going to be for. It might be three weeks. It might be three months. It could be even longer. Back in 2006 I went over 6 months without anything coming in —>
—> while I appealed an incapacity benefit decision (that got overturned in my favour at the appeal tribunal). (That was a catalogue of atrocious errors by almost every contact point by job centres, sociss ask security offices and the DWP. I won and got back pay, but —>
—> I had racked up unbelievable debts and had to have a debt relief order. I complained about the saga in detail to my Mp as my friend helping me had kept a diary of everything. He took it further and eventually I was given a compensation payment from DWP as an apology —>
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22 Feb
Watching tv drama paranoid. Didn’t realise Düsseldorf had a an exact copy of Manchester uni Toaster building. 😜 lol. (This is sarcasm. Do not post, well actually’s at me)
*toast rack. Which ever. IDC 🤷🏽‍♂️
I move spotting stiff like that in tv and film. Doesn’t take me out of the story, it’s just a fun side trivia.

#itvParanoid #netflixParanoid
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21 Feb
I put up a strong front on here. But on thurs my disability support was cut completely because of some irrational DWP policy even while i am in the system waiting for the to get round to assessing me. Leaving me with less than 1/3rd of my already low income to live on.
I’ve been on all the help lines. I’ve spoken with all the support charities. And there is nothing anyone can do. There’s no way to appeal. There’s no way to get it looked at. I’m expected to live in a limbo that has no time or date to count down towards; no way to hurry it up...
I feel like I’m drowning. My body feels crushed. I feel broken. I have no energy. No fight left in me. The constant treadmill of dealing with the system has worn me down to nub. Benefits aren’t an easy life. The system has been designed to dehumanise, to create ordeal, ...
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18 Feb
I smashed a plate. It was either that or self harm. Or worse. I’ve discovered today that my income has been reduced over night by 2/3rds to £90 a week. Until I get my new PIP assessment. They ended my award. And that ends so many other top ups to this extent. I can’t cope.
the dwp say that its standard policy, standard letters, etc. But its deliberate: the system is set up to punish and deny u the support its supposedly there for. Been on phone all day trying to understand what’s going on.
and they said they will try and flag my claim for quicker reassesment, but theres no guarantee or any idea how long it maybe still. Basically because it’s because I won my tribunal. It’s punishment.
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