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15 Mar
If I could tolerate people in other states not line jumping getting vaccinated


you can not be shitty to those who're getting vaccinated before you.

It's okay to FEEL however you feel. Your ACTIONS you are accountable for.
Which also includes your words.

Now me personally? I feel happy whenever I see ANYONE getting vaccinated. That was COMPLETELY SEPERATE for me from my frustration, anger and fear on trying to get my Dad vaccinated.

Which he is now. Thanks science.
Haha I had to go to my profile to keep replying to my tweet because I'm using the web app ...and I literally saw a follower unfollow (tho not who, and I don't care)

I am just amused.

But I am also not you. If you feel upset or conflate the two things into one emotion...that's
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15 Mar
SO here's the dealio.

The state, the govt, doesn't see 'sex trafficking victims' as victims. THAT IS WHY THEY HAVE CRIMINAL RECORDS

They even arrest minors.

But various anti-groups much like rebranding racism with terms like 'urban' ...have shifted

their drive to kill, stigmatize and destroy us out of existing (lol) to more politically pleasing terms. It's also to silence our voices. Before the internet silencing us was easy...we'd just be arrested. Or called liars (not REALLY a sex worker) then arrested if proof offered.
But now we can and do more freely speak (we always did but it was MUCH harder in the before times).

So how do you counter actual sex workers telling you about ourselves, our lives, ands what we want?

Well they're victims you see! Don't know WHAT they're saying, poor things.
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15 Mar
This type of shit is what we're on about when we say 'no cops at Pride'

This, and violence against Black people and other people of color or non-white people.

Just so we're all clear.

Because people who do not suffer violence on a regular basis at the hands of the police have the memory span of ...well I can't say a goldfish they actually have good memories.

OF a zombie. Stop being zombies.

I may think they're shitbags but they're entitled as queer people to celebrate.

Just no fucking cops. It's not hard to understand. It's REALLY not.
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14 Mar
IDGAF about whatever is going on with Bill Burr

But claiming someone isn't racist/can't be racist because they have a Black spouse?

Come now. Let's not be this stupid.
To all the dudes searching Bill Burr's name and riding hard to defend your king?

Try reading. Or don't. You'll just have your replies hidden and be blocked like all the others but the one I made example of.
You'd think the very first sentence of the first tweet here would indicate that I am not interested in your thoughts on Bill Burr....

and yet the reply guys keep riding for their King

one even demanding I judge whether or not Bill Burr is a racist.

What a world.
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14 Mar
Talking about weed in another thread.

TO be clear, I really like marijuana. However, I am NOT a marijuana evangelical.

It's not great for everyone. And it's absolutely not a panacea. CBD isn't going to cure cancer.

That said? If you have a medical prob that COULD be helped?
You want to research it and check w/ a doctor who'll be honest and is educated on this shit. I've been lucky in that I have specialists who've educated themselves to help their patients.

So for example, glaucoma used to be a 'medical use' issue. But?
A specialist I see who treats patients w/ glaucoma (which I do not have) and I spoke at length on that specific issue. He's never seen a case where marijuana was the better drug.

There's just better medications TODAY for that issue.
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13 Mar
So I slipped on some shit on my floor this morning headed to bed, started falling backwards into shelving that terribly needs organizing and has many sharp ouchie things that would be bad (tm) to fall into...so I grab my big office chair which tilts AND is on rollers so you know
it probably looks as comedic as it was terrifying. I grab hold of the chair with my left arm across my body because of the angle I'm falling at or w/e it's all I can do and it just slows my fall enough to stop it...by wrenching my shoulder

which caused it to burst into flames
the fire was invisible but I assure you, flames, inside the joint, traveling down my arm, to my fingertips.

Holy fucking shitballs.

half an hour later the pain has subsided but I'm sore like I was in a car wreck.

Christ I feel old right now
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13 Mar
I'm smoking popcorn OG, which I'd take a pic of but Amy's obsessive ass already put it in a weed jar. They're small indica nuggets that pack a punch. The strain's nuggets are all rather small, hence the name.

Mild couch lock, slightly kush-y taste of pine with citrus notes.
Nice head. Not a creeper. Hits decently hard, and wears off in about the normal speed of time. My collective is selling it as private reserve top shelf.

I wouldn't call it top shelf. Like, just below that tho. Price I paid was in that range so that's fine.

I think it's not often sold as top shelf because of the wee nugget size. Consumers who still like flower (which, has taken a hit compared to wax, edibles, etc) ...want big frosty nugs. This looks like bottom of the bag shit.

But that's just the plant FWIW.
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13 Mar

Yes: Then you leave.
No: I want a lawyer. [repeat as needed]

Don't bother asking 'AM I UNDER ARREST' because they'll simply tell you 'No' or 'Not at this time' so they can keep you yapping. Meaning when you go to LEAVE is when they'll arrest you.

So just ask if you're free to go. If you are, try to leave. If they arrest you, lawyer up.

Oh good. Then you tell it to your lawyer. People just wanting to truly help get their lives jacked up all the time. Help via a lawyer.
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2 Mar
This is really common btw and the studios do it because the military then provides shit like fighter jets for free for their film.

And yes, they have military advisors who approve scripts, make changes, etc.

The studio can OFC refuse. But then they're not getting to use those fighter jets, etc. or they'd have to pay to do so which would run into millions they'd rather not.
Oh and some of those agreements go the other way, where the military is then allowed to use the film for recruitment in some fashion.

How many people signed up after TOP GUN I wonder.
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2 Mar
Also rich people who can afford 1-2 helpers per child (seriously) are the last people I'd take parenting advice from and I'm not even a parent.

And yet, seems like a lot of rich celebs talk a lot of parenting shit when their experience of such is so far from the norm as Royalty.
Not actually specific to Hilaria who I was just shitting on. Also thinking people like Gwyneth Paltrow and etc.
Nor from Quiver folk who make their older kids raise the younger ones and that weird ass shit.

I'd want advice from the parent/s who are working 40 hour weeks and juggling kids who haven't gone insane and raise decent humans. That seems to be most people's experience.
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2 Mar
Alec Baldwin is a riot.

Like look, you can have privacy that's not an issue. But when you're an avid attention seeker, or your spouse is, going batshit on people for information she's disseminating is weird.

You're a bad weird. Knock it off.
What I'm referring to is basically his wife "Hilaria" who was last seen stealing a cultural identity not hers...posted cryptic shit about a 7th baby. She's made a huge deal out of her other births I guess.

I don't care.

But this time she's being coy while posting everywhere
And I guess people who are fans or do care, or are nosey or whatever are like

'you just had a kid 5 months ago, did you guys adopt?'

Alec Baldwin then shows up and goes batshit telling people to mind their own fucking biz.

Uh. Okie dokie artichokie.
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2 Mar
I'm making My slave suffer right now by obviously hanging out on twitter while he's squirming and hoping I'll notice him.

Anyway here's something in the bible I often think about...
There's actually quite a few things in the bible I often think about...but the one I'm thinking about right now is the conflict between Judas and Jesus, over Jesus' feet being anointed with expensive oil.
Imagine them both as Antifa radicals (because...they were). Simon the Zealot is the most radical of them all.

Judas tho is old school antifa. Jesus isn't the first he's followed. And Judas is an older guy and runs the money for the group.

Betcha didn't know that.
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2 Mar
Oh just head's up, though I should probably add this to my pinned or something. I have vision problems that would be lengthy to get into but one eye is centrally blind and the other eye, my vision can fluctuate.

So sometimes I can't see things sent to me. Usually not a prob
and something I can't see right now, I might be able to see/read in an hour (there's floaty shit in my good eye that's causing problems, driving me nuts, and after I'm vaccinated I'll be seeing specialists over).

It's no big whoop other than it's a big boo. <3
Fortunately my levels of blindness are such that I can navigate the world pretty well.

But I use electronics to work around reading (which is why I mostly kindle today), and some magnifiers when it's not digital. And Amy for the rest ;)
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2 Mar
Say what you will about Joe Walsh, and we can say a whole lot about him...he's not a good guy...

he is at least, not a Nazi.

This seems like a backhanded compliment, because it is.

And yet? While that's also a pretty low bar or should be? It's also a pretty important bar today.

So I will indeed give him this, and not just that he's not down with it, at least he tries to push back.
Also you have to understand he's not 'on our side'

He's not a Nazi. He doesn't like Nazis. He pushes back on the Nazis in his group. This is good.

But that WE also don't like or tolerate Nazis...doesn't make us friends, or allies in any sense.

We merely have a common enemy.
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28 Feb
Now some people are just fucking sick and frankly evil.

But a lot of people who do this shit?

Deep down they don't believe in the condition they've never seen.

My freshman orientation at University, our RA (I was in the dorms) had us in the rec room for an orientation.

My RA was a military vet, so he was about 28. And again, a vet. There was another woman who was an adult in her 30s (and a parent, living in dorm) and rest of us 18
We had ALL been partying our asses off, because freshman week. We moved in the dorms a week before classes.

Anyway a guy there looked sick, he didn't feel well. Again, we were ALL fucking hung over so I didn't pay attention to it.
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28 Feb
Here's another way to look at this with common sense.

If this were a coincidence and a design that just you know, tends to come up ...we'd be flooded with such examples.

It's not. This was very intentional.

And they do not care.

Was everyone 'in on it'? No of course not. But someone made this very conscious choice to do this.

And now that they're ALL aware of it, they don't care.
They're not even claiming innocent mistake.

They're gaslighting the fuck out of everyone saying well you're the real nazi because ______________
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28 Feb
#WandaVision spoiler-ish

Was named after Agatha Harkness, to give you an idea of who she is.

Think, Children of Earth.
They are both people who are long lived, who have seen all they love die while they go on. And on.

They are both fundamentally good people, capable of doing terrible things for a greater good.

What Jack does in Children of Earth is as unforgivable as it was...necessary.
He sacrifices a child, to save the world. And at the point he does it, there are no other options.

He doesn't do this out of fear of death. Jack can't die. He doesn't fear death, he is denied it.

A lesser man would make the choice from fear. Or fear of personal loss.
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28 Feb


Are my theories right?! Will you be entertained?! Will anyone hit my tip jar for weed in the bio?

STAY TUNED...it's starting...now

*gets high*
The villain of WandaVision has been right in front of us all along.

It was

Hayward is also a slimy bag of shit, and we're going to get to him. Don't you worry.
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28 Feb
I'm going to talk about this and set this to no replies to avoid trolls. Because my answer today is yes.

My answer was not always yes. I want to explain why.

I'm bisexual and my attraction tends to be that I enjoy fucking women, and having women as dear close friends, but I do not want a romantic relationship with a woman.

Same with men, but I do enjoy romantic relationships with males.

That's MY spectrum.
So someone who was trans (or gender fluid) for me initially was something that made me feel like I was ping ponging. Do I scope them as 'male' or 'female'. Does that change how I view them (sexually).

We're only talking sexually here, since the whole thing is date (or fuck)
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27 Feb
I can't.

But I was at this all girls party in HS...

And we got pizzas and they were GINORMOUS like they covered a whole fucking table.

And the girl who's party it was, Kathy, claimed she could eat a whole one by herself.

We all called bullshit.

Because she looked like an 8 year old. She was that tiny.
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27 Feb
How J&J's coronavirus vaccine is different from the others - CNN apple.news/AXgK9eW7qRYCt1…
Long story short, the percentages aren't as 'good' as the other 2 dose vaccines.

But what matters? People who get vaccinated aren't DYING of COVID.

I'll take a mid 60% protection with a likelyhood of not dying thanks.
I mean sure, we'd all like the BEST vaccine, whichever that ends up being.

But I also will take whatever vaccine I can fucking get, and gladly.

I also really wish they'd release the data and let everyone make it/improve it. Stuff like this should belong to everyone.
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