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10 Oct
Limiting beliefs about money that are keeping you poor.

Being broke is temporary and being poor is eternal.

Because being broke just reflects the state of your bank account.

And being poor is more permanent as it reflects the state of your defeated and limited mindset.
One interesting fact is, beliefs are like a thermostat.

When the temperature of a room's thermostat is set to 68 degrees & you open the window, the temperature drops down to 60.

But then, the thermostat will heat the room enough to bring the temperature back to 68 degrees.
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6 Oct
A framework to rewire Your brain to transmute negative emotional reactions into positive reactions.

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It is not the adversity, but the way you react to it determines how far you will go in life.

Like many people, my first reaction to tough situations would always be driven by fear.

This hampered my performance a lot.
Then I realized that in order to become a high-value person, I will have to become a high-performance individual.

Like me, one thing that is eroding your performance and stopping you from reaching your highest potential is negativity.
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22 Sep
5 mistakes you should avoid making as a young person.

1. Choosing the wrong group of friends.

"Show me your friends and I will show you your future."

This is a quote that I had often come across during my teenage years.

I used to think of it as a general platitude until I realized the importance and impact my friends can have.
Don't try to become friends with people who don't seem to be serious about their career or life.

Such people are often the ones who party a lot and do things just to 'look cool'.

Trust me, in most cases, these people don't end up becoming successful in life.
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17 Sep
Two dangerous lies we all have been told about money.

1) Money is the root of all evil.


Money is NOT the root of all evil,
Neither is the lack of money the root of all evil.

Think of money as a simple tool that allows you to do things at a greater scale.
Now, what if an evil person is given 100 million dollars?

That person will find ways to do more evil things with that amount of money.

And, what if a humanitarian is given 100 million dollars?

He will find more and better ways to do charity with that amount of money.
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16 Sep
Your irreplaceable gifts.

A human being requires three major things to survive and prosper in today's world.

Those are money, time & energy

The whole world erroneously thinks that time is more important than money and energy

So, what are the most important gifts you have in life?

Here they are, ranked on the basis of their importance.

1) Energy.
2) Time.
3) Money.

Why time > money?
-> Spend 100$, you can earn it back.
Waste 10 mins and they're gone forever.
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15 Sep
5 Lessons people learn late in life.

1. Your diet isn't just what you eat.

Your physical diet consists of what you eat.
Your mental diet consists of what you put in your brain.

Your mental diet consists of what you watch & read, who you follow & spend time with.

Remove junk from your mental diet for healthy mind
2. Never let rejection lead to self-rejection.

Many people feel disheartened because they didn't get selected for a job, college, etc.

They even start to doubt their abilities and lose confidence in themselves. This affects other areas of thier life.
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12 Sep
What is Success?

This is a question that receives different answers from different people.

While success may mean different things, here is a holistic definition that covers all the aspects of a good life.

Success is basically being strong in 5 major areas of your life, namely:

1) Financially Strong.
2) Physically Strong.
3) Emotionally Strong.
4) Intellectually Strong.
5) Spiritually Strong.

Being weak in any one area can bring a lot of suffering in your life.
1) Financially Strong.

"Any person who says that money is not important is either a stupid person or a Billionaire. "

You must manage your money properly and have an abundance of money in order to become financially strong.

Because, Money = Units of Freedom.
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11 Sep
5 hard truths of life that I have learned so far.

1. Most friendships do not last forever.

Best friends become friends, friends become acquaintances, and acquaintances become strangers.
2. The grass is always greener on the other side.

You need to learn to stay satisfied and happy, even if there is a desire to achieve more.
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9 Sep
A thread explaining why deliberate practice is important to succeed.

There are 3 levels of knowledge:
1) You just read about a topic or heard about it.
2) You contemplate it.
3) It becomes a part of your instincts.
Let me explain the three types.
Let's consider an example of a slam dunk in basketball.

The first level of knowledge is you just have read about or watched a video on how to score a slam dunk.
You know in theory how fast you need to run, at what point you should jump, etc.
The second level of knowledge is when you begin to actually practice scoring a slam dunk.

This is when you think and analyze a lot while taking the run-up & jumping causing you to make multiple mistakes in the process.

This level's better than level 1, but nowhere near level 3.
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5 Aug
5 uncomfortable truths that we all need to accept.

1. Happiness is where you are now, or nowhere at all.

Happiness is not in a new job, or in a new car, or in a new relationship.

Until you need to give up on the idea that happiness is somewhere else it'll never be where you are.
2. Quitting is for winners too.

Contrary to popular opinion, quitting is also for winners.

Knowing when to quit, change direction or give up on something that isn't working and move on, is a very important skill.

But don't quit because it's hard.

Quit because it sucks.
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25 Jul
To all the lazy people without any purpose out there, this thread is for you.

You are lazy. Whenever you are working at anything, you get distracted a lot.

Every 5-10 mins you check your phone and open social media apps for notifications.
You then decide all of a sudden that you're going to be focused and won't get distracted every now and then.

So you start making a time table.

Your day goes as per the schedule for the first 2-3 hours and then you start losing momentum.

The rest of the day is wasted.
This goes on for a week.

The next week, you are better at following your timetable.
You now follow the first 4-5 hours of your schedule perfectly before losing momentum.
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7 Jul
To all the people in their twenties reading this post,

You are surrounded by average minded thinkers who say that you should try drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes/weed and binge-watch movies and television series because your 20s is the last time to enjoy your life.
The only wise and the best decision you make in your 20s is to ignore such kinds of advice coming your way.

The habits you develop in your twenties will be with you for a long long time.
If you had cultivated a habit of smoking and drinking, the damage it will cause to your body will remain till you die.

The habits that destroy your mental and physical health will continue to dictate your life even after your 20s are over.
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30 Jun

"Why is it important to read books?"

This is a question many people have asked me.

Let me explain you from the biological perspective why reading books is important.

World famous Ethologist Dr. Richard Dawkins quoted the following sentence in his book 'The selfish gene'

"Survival machines that can simulate the future are one step ahead of survival machines who can only learn on the basis of overt trial & error. The trouble with overt trial is it takes time and energy. The trouble with overt error is it is often fatal.

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