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3 Jul
When President Biden chose in April to withdraw all U.S. forces from Afghanistan by September, we were among those who judged that the result would be a disaster for the country’s 38 million people — and in particular, its women.
Now, that tragedy appears to be unfolding more quickly than even many of the pessimists imagined. In recent weeks, Taliban forces have captured dozens of districts in a nationwide offensive, surrounding several provincial capitals and blocking key roads into Kabul.
On Tuesday, the top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Austin S. Miller, met with reporters and warned with remarkable bluntness that “civil war is certainly a path that can be visualized,” adding: "That should be a concern for the world.”
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3 Jul
US troops leave Afghanistan’s Bagram airbase after nearly 20 years theguardian.com/world/2021/jul…
The US departure was marred by disorganisation. There was a gap between the American troops leaving and their Afghan replacements arriving, allowing looters to ransack parts of the base.@SecDef @potus @SecBlinken @vp
“Unfortunately the Americans left without any coordination with Bagram district officials or the governor’s office,” the district administrator, Darwaish Raufi, told the Associated Press.
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2 Jul
It should be clear that the reason Republicans packed the federal courts and spent so much time, money (Koch brothers) and effort on state elections was for the sole purpose of being in a position to disenfranchise voters and in so doing cling to power.
This has been a a multi-year, well coordinated and well-funded attack on American democracy.

Americans should have been marching in the streets when the SCOTUS gutted the voter protection act. We should have been marching in the streets when Mitch
McConnell denied a vote on President Obama's choice for the SCOTUS. We ordinary citizens must demand that our representatives acknowledge this attack for what it is, an attempted coup. We must must also demand that our representatives use every tool at their
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2 Jul
Threat to vulnerable Americans rises as Delta variant spreads theguardian.com/us-news/2021/j…
Just as the troubling Delta variant was spreading through the US, Charis Hill got a worrying call from their doctor.

The medications Hill takes to treat their spondylitis affect their immune system, and they knew the Covid-19 vaccine
might not work as well for them as it does for others. So weeks after their second shot, they got a test.
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1 Jul
We know that Exxon Mobil has been conducting climate modeling research since the late 1970s. It knew fossil fuels caused global warming in 1977, and it was documented this could lead to irreversible disasters in 1982. However, they hid this information from the public.
There are considerable studies that these companies try to influence politicians and the media and create public opinion through think tanks that lobby for fossil fuels in the USA and Europe.
For example, some of these studies examined the climate science denier coalitions of 2000 companies in the USA between 1989 and 2015. They found that 33 percent of the 179 companies were in the coal and oil industry,
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25 Jun
We stand in the middle of a global-scale pandemic, witnessing various ecological disasters taking place around us. We are at a historical breaking point, where social inequality becomes visible, and out-of-control crises come one after another.

We must obviously make a choice.
Can't we be a prosperous, democratic, peaceful civilization where there are zero greenhouse gas emissions, the principles of equality and justice are not compromised, and all fundamental rights are guaranteed?#Climateaction #ForNature @WeDontHaveTime @JohnKerry
Do we really have a chance to advance to such a future under capitalism, which is literally a fossil fuel system that glorifies capital rather than life?
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24 Jun
The US economy is becoming increasingly harmed by ever less competition, with fewer and fewer companies dominating sector after sector – from airlines to mobile phones. Market power is the most important concept in economics
When firms dominate a sector, they invest and innovate less, they peg or raise prices, and they make super-normal profits by just existing (what economists call “economic rent”).
So it is that mobile phone bills in the US are on average $100 a month, twice that of France and Germany, with the same story in broadband. Profits per passenger airline mile in the US are twice those in Europe.
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23 Jun
I have neighbors who's grass was knee high, until it got cut Sunday
Today I have found a paper on my door the code enforcement office said they had a complaint that my back yard needed to be cut that and my car was not licensed or inoperable

Anyone had any experiences like this?
I was going to put up a fence and forget that back 60% of my back yard.
It's totally fenced in and the growth can not, and does not, bother anyone, except those who desire to be a butt and complain.

I paid the car tax, forgot to put the no drive sticker on my license plate. I always go to doctor appointments in the car provided by my health insurance. Why should anyone worry if my car has a tax sticker on the license plate on my driveway?
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23 Jun
The White House plans to replace the regulator who oversees mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, following a Supreme Court ruling that paved the path for President Biden to put his own regulator at the top of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.
The Biden administration will move Mark Calabria, a Trump appointee and libertarian economist, out of the job, a White House official said.
Calabria took office in 2019 and sought to end government control over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which guarantee roughly half of the $11 trillion U.S. mortgage market.
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23 Jun
Merrick Garland is the wrong man for the job
Opinion by Jennifer Rubin👇washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/…
Attorney General Merrick Garland on Tuesday made clear that he has decided to let bygones be bygones. I can only imagine the reaction from the scores of former Justice Department lawyers who spent four years writing pleas to their ex-colleagues to eschew partisan corruption,
who demanded accountability for attorneys failing to live up to their oaths and who decried the damage to the department’s stature.
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23 Jun
Viruses are always mutating and taking on new forms. The coronavirus has thousands of variants that have been identified.
But several, including variants first found in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil, are highly transmissible and have sparked concerns that vaccines may be less effective against them.
The same protective measures that have warded off the virus throughout the pandemic — maintaining social distance, wearing masks and washing our hands — are even more critical in the face of more transmissible variants.
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23 Jun
AN AVOIDABLE tragedy is looming in Afghanistan for the interpreters, translators and others who served shoulder-to-shoulder with U.S. and NATO forces. President Biden has very little time remaining to avert it. @POTUS @VP @SecBlinken @SecDef
The United States should immediately begin preparations for an orderly evacuation of the Afghan allies so they can’t be hunted down by the Taliban. To leave them behind would be a sorry betrayal.@POTUS @VP @SecBlinken @SecDef
@POTUS @VP @SecBlinken @SecDef Time is running out. Dozens of districts have fallen to the Taliban in recent weeks. Previously, our hope for these Afghan allies was a congressionally approved visa path to enter the United States.
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22 Jun
It has become clear that the primary goal of Republicans is to block everything in what they consider the "progressive agenda." Voting rights, LGBTQ protections, tax reform, improv health care, minimum wages - ething. They are not interested in compromise, they want it stopped.
Because of this, contrary to Sen. Manchin's (and others') claims, the filibuster is not a tool to promote bipartisanship. It is the primary reason that there is no bipartisanship in the senate.

If legislation other than that for which the constitution specifically requires
super-majority of 2/3 for passage was allowed to pass with simple majorities, the Republicans would have to "cross the aisle" or "come to the table" to have influence on the final bills. But because of the filibuster, they have no need to do so. because they can just block
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2 Jun
As the Biden administration increasingly resists pressure to release various documents that would shed light on the depths of Donald Trump’s corruption, you’ll be hearing a key excuse a lot: We need to restore normalcy.

It’s a terrible excuse. And we shouldn’t stand for it.
In an important piece, CNN reports that congressional Democrats are increasingly pessimistic that the Biden administration will release some highly sought documents that would help settle some big unanswered questions involving the former president.cnn.com/2021/06/01/pol…
CNN has new details on the thinking of administration officials here: They say release will hamper the restoration of normalcy by re-litigating past battles.

This won’t do. Helping conceal Trump’s misdeeds from public view will not restore normalcy.
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2 Jun
Biden ‘finishing the job’ my administration started, Obama says

President says of Biden’s tenure: ‘It’ll be an interesting test’
‘Trump benefited from the economic stability we initiated’
“Ninety per cent of the folks who were there in my administration, they are continuing and building on the policies we talked about, whether it’s the Affordable Care Act or our climate change agenda and the Paris [climate deal]
“… Let’s say a Democrat, a Joe Biden, or Hillary Clinton had immediately succeeded me, and the economy suddenly has 3% unemployment, I think we would have consolidated the sense that, ‘Oh, actually these policies that Obama put in place worked.’
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30 May
Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil, two enormous oil companies, each lost a high-profile fight against climate activists. The consequence is that two boardrooms may be forced to overturn their business strategies in favor of greener investments over the next decade.
Under the court’s order, Shell must ditch its strategy to cut its carbon intensity, which would not necessarily reduce the raw amount of emissions it releases into the atmosphere, and devise a way to nearly halve the emissions for which it is responsible by 2030.Hear @POTUS
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28 May
#sedatpeker8 Muğla’da korkunç bir doğa ve kıyı talanı sürüyor. Ne döndüğünü merak edenler; mimarlar, sivil tolum kuruluşları, hukukçular, aktivistler ve yöre halkının beraberce kurduğu Muğla Çevre Platformu’nun (MUÇEP) internet sitesine bakabilir: (Link: mucep.org)
Geçen yıl tartışma yaratan olay ise Marmaris “yat yanaşma yeri” ile Fethiye “tekne bağlama iskelesi” kurması için “ÇED gerekli değildir” raporu almasıydı. Detayları şuradaki haberde var: #süslü #sedatpeker7 #Sedat #MehmetAğar #UgurMumcu #sedatpeker8 birgun.net/haber/mucev-e-…)
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27 May
Biden officials condemned for backing Trump-era Alaska drilling project theguardian.com/us-news/2021/m…
This stance means the Biden administration is contesting a lawsuit brought by environmental groups aimed at halting the drilling due to concerns over the impact upon wildlife and planet-heating emissions.
The US president has paused all new drilling leases on public land but is allowing this Alaska lease, approved under Trump, to go ahead. Hey @potus Keep your PROMiSES
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26 May
While Karl Marx was working for the Rheinische Zeitung newspaper as a liberal democrat, under the influence of Hegel, he used to believe in the idea that the state was supra-class.
He thought that a democratic state with universal suffrage, together with economic progress, would provide the humanity with prosperity.

However, an incident he witnessed was going to change his whole life and even the destiny of the whole world.
A timber law was passed in Germany. The landowners who owned the forests ensured that peasants collecting wood from their forests for heating and cooking would be punished.
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26 May
JP Morgan CEO, Sen. Warren clash over overdraft fees collected during the pandemic🤔washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/…
JPMorgan Chase reportedly made more in overdraft fees than Bank of America, Wells Fargo or any other bank.

“You and your colleagues come in today to talk about how you stepped up and took care of customers during the pandemic, and it’s a bunch of baloney,” Warren said.
“In fact, it’s about $4 billion worth of baloney.” The $4 billion refers to the amount that the senator said banks collectively took in overdraft fees last year.
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25 May
Sedat Peker’s online confessions are shaking Erdogan’s government. Turkey is riveted.#süslü #sedatpeker7 #Sedat #MehmetAğar #UgurMumcu #sedatpeker8 washingtonpost.com/world/sedat-pe…
The videos are set in a tidy hotel room, with props such as prayer beads and books arranged just so. Host Sedat Peker is garrulous, menacing and more than a little grandiose. #süslü #sedatpeker7 #Sedat #MehmetAğar #UgurMumcu #sedatpeker8
His stories — about the nexus of organized crime and politics in Turkey — are earthquakes, rumbling dangerously close these days to the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.#süslü #sedatpeker7 #Sedat #MehmetAğar #UgurMumcu #sedatpeker8
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