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12 Aug
““The United States government put a cyanide bomb 350ft from my house, and killed my dog and poisoned my child,” said Theresa Mansfield, Canyon’s mother.” gu.com/p/e6z8x/stw
If you haven’t heard of the US agency that placed the bomb, you’re not alone.

Its name is Wildlife Services, and for years it has operated in relative obscurity, with limited oversight from Congress or the American public.
In 2018, it exterminated nearly 1.5 million native animals, and a huge number of invasive animals as well.Sometimes its agents shoot wolves or coyotes from helicopters. Sometimes they employ leg traps and snares.
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10 Aug
The GOP and the republicans holding office are a clear danger to the health and prosperity of Americans. And they are a danger to both America and its ideals.
We should no longer suffer them in silence.
The GOP is basically an offshoot of the Confederacy; old, white, rich men who want to remain in power. It's always been that way it just took Donald Trump to become its poster boy to personify its values.
There are phrases that I have heard over and over again regarding the GOP's "values": 1. Fiscal conservatism: it's our money and we don't want to help anyone with it. Hence the "bootstrap" philosophy, see lower taxes;
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8 Aug
On a warm summer day in 2021, Attorney General Schiff (or K. Harris, Berman, or Warren) will announce the RICO indictments of Donnie, his grifter family, and grifter appointees within the cabinet and Federal agencies.
RICO is particularly appropriate, because it provides for serious asset seizure, in addition to lengthy imprisonment.
On my phone, I shall watch repeatedly videos of the perp walks of Donnie, Don, Jr., Ivankey and Jay-rod, Barr, etc, and have Warren Zevon and Mahler's 5th symphony (1st movement) on the earbuds.
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7 Aug
Russia is trying to ‘denigrate’ Biden while China prefers ‘unpredictable’ Trump not be reelected, senior U.S. intelligence official says washingtonpost.com/national-secur…
Here's the thing, China wants trump out (and who doesn't?) and Russia is ACTIVELY ILLEGALLY (according to international law) trying to effect our elections.
Russia is more dangerous but it’s stupid to compare Russia with china.

china wants economic growth, which country doesn’t?

Russia wants to take us down to their level.
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7 Aug
"If you care about the working poor, about racial justice, and about climate change, you have to stop eating animals. ...#COVID19
"We cannot protect our environment while continuing to eat meat regularly. ...
"We cannot claim to care about the humane treatment of
animals while continuing to eat meat regularly. ...
"We cannot protect against pandemics while continuing to eat meat regularly. ...
"Factory farming is to actual farming what CRIMINAL monopolies are to entrepreneurship.#COVID19
The End of Meat Is Here👊nytimes.com/2020/05/21/opi…
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6 Aug
Based on their experiences with H1N1 and ebola, the Obama administration developed a 69-page guide with step-by-step instructions on how to avoid the devastation of future diseases that could ravage America.

The guide is called the Pandemic Playbook.
"The Trump administration was briefed on the playbook’s existence in 2017."
The Playbook states: "The U.S. government will use all powers at its disposal to prevent, slow or mitigate the spread of an emerging infectious disease threat” ...The American public will look to the U.S. government for a unified message on the federal response action."
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6 Aug
Legal scholars dispute Trump’s claim to power ‘nobody thought the president had’ washingtonpost.com/politics/court…
John Yoo with all his legal training lacks a moral compass. He was the author of the memo rationalizing torture
and now he adds to his repertoire a rationalization of an authoritarian presidency. Has he never studied history?
Has he never heard of George Washington who to his credit declined to be a monarch. Yoo is Asian. Perhaps he should decamp and immigrate to China where Xi Jinping is now President for life.
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4 Aug
The best outcome of Mother Nature's attack on OUR greed and complacency will be for every person on the planet who has the right to vote to do so. If we have learned nothing else we must learn that the people we elect (hire) to manage OUR governments determine what kind of life
we will have. We are now living through the very worst of humanity getting control around the world and using their stolen/inherited wealth to try to destroy the lives of 90% of us and OUR planet.

The Con Don and his democracy-destroying brethren in OUR United States of America
is trying to squelch absentee voting because too many people might vote against him. He is threatening to hold funding for OUR U.S. postal service to prevent it. An absentee ballot doesn't have to be mailed. Voters can drop the completed ballot in a secure, drive in ballot
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2 Aug
Thousands in Berlin protest coronavirus restrictions in ‘Freedom Day’ march as cases continue to rise washingtonpost.com/world/2020/08/…
Let's hope Darwin's Law will prevail amongst this enlightened crowd.
And to think I was becoming convinced Europeans were smarter than we Americans are.

Operative word: "was."
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26 Jul
With only 100 days to go, we need to give Bunker Baby no excuse to declare a "national emergency."
The problem today is that we're well beyond peaceful protest in terms of making people aware of the need for change--everybody is aware now--but the current "administration" is never going to implement that change,
so protesting to this "administration" may be pointless, even harmful to the cause if it gives cover to provocateurs seeded into a peaceful protest.
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26 Jul
New York’s governor
, announced that Bill Gates would be responsible for “re-imagining” New York’s education system. Cuomo also asked former Google chief executive Eric Schmidt to lead a panel planning New York’s post-#Covid tech infrastructure.
As Naomi Klein writes, the appointments of Schmidt and Gates represent a “Pandemic Shock Doctrine … that is being rushed into being as the bodies still pile up [and] treats our past weeks of physical isolation not as a painful necessity to
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23 Jul
Charles Koch, Paul Singer, Stephen Schwarzman, Peter Thiel, et al, don't need handouts from Steve Mnuchin's Magic ATM (although, because the gods of irony and sheer malignant chaos like a good laugh now and again, some of the Republican Party's wealthiest donors
have enjoyed a hefty share of those $2 trillion plus in taxpayers' dollars).

The rich men who own the GOP are morally convinced that if a bunch of peasants are stupid enough to get themselves born without massive trust funds, or at the very least an instinct for larceny
and a few wholly-owned Republican members of Congress, then they deserve whatever happens to them.

Tens of millions of Americans, furloughed or jobless, are about to run out of benefits, even as eviction protections are lapsing. More than 70,000 small businesses
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22 Jul
I'll tell you what. Chicago ain't Portland. Let some of Trump's Gestapo try their act around North Cicero and West Division Street where they had 54 murders and 239 people wounded in a one and a half square mile area last year. Anywhere on the West Side for that matter.
What those black fellas in that neighborhood think about unloading their Mac-10's on a bunch of Trump's goons on their turf you could put in a thimble.
There are currently 13,500 police officers that patrol Chicago, but the city houses 3 million residents and 1 million of them are black. They'll be glad to show federal thugs, whoever they are, just how much black lives matter to them.
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21 Jul
Trump threatens to deploy federal agents to Chicago and other U.S. cities led by Democrats washingtonpost.com/national/defen…
Trumps Homeland Security and Border Patrol have turned into Trump and Stephen Millers Mafia. Trump and Miller allowed them to devastate migrants. Now they want them to attack Americans.
Protesters get smart. Just sit on the ground, do nothing. See if they are stupid enough to attack.
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20 Jul
Former CEO of troubled trucking company that got huge COVID loan is now on @USPS board Bill Zollars is former CEO of YRC Worldwide, which was accused of fraud and just got $700 million taxpayer bailout Roger Sollenberger July 1, 2020 11:19PM (UTC)🤔salon.com/2020/07/01/for…
In June, the Senate confirmed Bill Zollars, the former head of a trucking company called YRC Worldwide, to the board of the @USPS. Salon has learned that YRC is currently being sued by the federal government for allegedly defrauding the Pentagon while Zollars was CEO.
Furthermore, on Wednesday the government extended a $700 million taxpayer-backed loan to YRC Worldwide, which was valued at only $70 million in total the previous day, and had warned shareholders in May that it was in danger of going out of business.
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19 Jul
Barr, Ken Cootissmelly, and Erik Prince seem to think that they can break laws to win a culture war. Lock them all up. This should not be happening in america.
What an unbelievable time in our history
The right wing election frauds, voter suppression and Russian cyber terrorism gave trump the EC even though some of their voters wanted to jump to Hillary until trump's mafia mob threatened their careers and lives.
The people did NOT elect this fascist futhermucker.
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15 Jul
#MaryTrump Too Much and Never Enough review: Mary Trump thumps Donald.

If the soul is left in darkness, sins will be committed. The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but the one who causes the darkness.
—Victor Hugo, Les Misérables
His niece’s allegation that he paid someone else to take his college entrance exams resonates as true, because of his reported disdain for reading and capacity to inadvertently invent new words like “swiffian”.
Maryanne Trump Barry, Trump’s sister, appears to be the key source for this smorgasbord of dysfunction. She is a retired federal judge who left the bench with an ethics cloud over her head.
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15 Jul
A worse in the world response to the #covid19 ; worker and worker family without access to the health system because they are laid off; lack of adequate supply of needed safety equipment and inadequate emergency facilities
unwillingness to use proven virus testing systems to preserve to USA only developed testing (which is only 40% accurte0 and privatized test processors;
5+ day wait for test results when the most critical cycle of disease is 14 days and the there is no have an accurate nationwide medical data reporting system to help coordinate a national response.
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13 Jul
The Arctic is thawing, melting, collapsing and emitting CO2 like never before. Wildlife and indigenous peoples are experiencing only the beginning of what is to come in their fight for survival with these changes.@WeDontHaveTime #ClimateAction #ForNature @BarackObama @JohnKerry
But, yeah of course, Murkowski, armed with her powerful committee chair position along with her drugstore cowboy/power broker wannabe Zinke decided to phony up numbers for the 2017 budget so Trump would join the band wagon and open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling.
Not to stop there, she enlisted her latest cohort in crime, Manchin, to pontificate out of both sides of their respective their mouths to support drilling the Arctic while issuing dire warnings, yet promoting more of the same.@WeDontHaveTime #ClimateAction #ForNature @JohnKerry
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11 Jul
As #coronavirus ravages the globe, its wholly disproportionate impact on poor people and marginalized communities is inescapable.
Hundreds of millions of people are being pushed into poverty and unemployment, with woeful support in most places, alongside a huge expansion in hunger, homelessness, and dangerous work.
Over the past decade, world leaders, philanthropists and pundits have embraced a deceptively optimistic narrative about the world’s progress against poverty.😔worldbank.org/en/news/press-….
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6 Jul
If Donald Dump had been the Captain of the Titanic:

"There isn't any iceberg.”

“There is an iceberg, but it's in a totally different ocean.”

“The iceberg is in this ocean, but it will melt very soon.”

“There is an iceberg, but we didn't hit the iceberg.”
“We hit the iceberg, but the damage will be repaired very shortly.”

“The iceberg is a Chinese iceberg.”

“We are taking on water, but every passenger who wants a lifeboat can get a lifeboat, and they are beautiful lifeboats.”
“Look, passengers need to ask nicely for the lifeboats if they want them.”

“We don't have any lifeboats, we're not lifeboat distributors.”

“Passengers should have planned for icebergs and brought their own lifeboats.”

“I really don't think we need that many lifeboats.”
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