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16 May 20
I just become the 7th pioneer of @keep_project's tBTC. 15/05 is a historic gay for both #Ethereum and #Bitcoin.

Now, bitcoiners can use Ethereum as a layer 2 platform to use DeFi in a trustless manner, which weren't previously possible with tokens like WBTC. 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🎉🌈


@Tronfoundation's @justinsuntron need to be prepared and ready to clone tBTC for Tron (before the day he will clone itself).

(sorry for a mistype in the root tweet, replacing "day" for "gay", but I thought too much in the kiss of those long hard rivals. Please note I'm not drunk)

With the launch of ETH2, @ethereum will compete with @lightning as a layer 2 protocol for #Bitcoin. But do LP have DeFi?
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1 May 20
@cryptovoxels lands are expensive.

This could not be a problem by using a idea from @PoolTogether_ which are pods/guilds.

There could be theGuildDAO using @AragonProject and Agent for signing actions in @cryptovoxels.
Members could join "theGuildDAO" and pool only a few of the money, and purchase a land which pertains to all inside this DAO.

Every guild DAO with their own purpose and building similar things. For example, a shared DAO for painters, for musicians, for video streammers.
It avoids a single user owning a whole expensive land, and enables like-minded users to have their own ownership in a land without affording to buy it alone, spending less than $50 or even less than $15 to purchase a @cryptovoxels parcel.

Does CryptoVoxels supports @frame_eth?
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30 Apr 20
@jbrukh @AragonProject @meTokens @VitalikButerin @MakerDAO @coinfund_io People just need decentralized bounty campaigns with social oracles (CC @ethBounties), decentralized ICOs (already covered by @AragonProject) and non-collateral loans (already started by @unionprotocol). Also, #playtoearn like @AxieInfinity.

This is the begin for the true #DeFi.
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30 Apr 20
@jbrukh Prediction: The ICO already was back at 2019.

In the form of Decentralized Autonomous Initial Coin Offering (DAICOs) powered by @AragonProject's Fundraising app.

It's already here also with @meTokens.
@jbrukh @AragonProject @meTokens Did you forgot @VitalikButerin wrote about DAICOs?

And in one of my hated opinions, any kind of initial offerings in EXCHANGES (IEOs, Initial Dex Offerings, Initial UniSwap Offerings) aren't democratic and are unfair to new users.
@jbrukh @AragonProject @meTokens @VitalikButerin ICOs are good but using KYC.
IEOs are bad plus using KYC.

"Initial Dex Offerings" are also IEOs, but in a KYC-less decentralized version.

The thing isn't about KYC.
Exchange offerings are bad in both forms.

ICOs are good even with KYC.

It's buyers' fault to invest in scams.
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29 Apr 20
I have a idea based on @Marble_cards.

Stable NFTs. Remembers stablecoins, but it haves its own properties.

Somewhat like @meTokens, every NFT should be backed by collateral, but always having a fixed intrinsic value + market value.


Not only collateral, but all stableNFTs should be backed by a physical counterpart! 🙅

Intrinsic value + market value. 🤯

The intrinsic value is made by the costs of producing the physical counterpart. All physical NFTs haves a QR code and contract address. 🏀🏷

The intrinsic value of a stableNFT doesn't changes (like DAI) and always is collateralized. 🦄

If the physical counterpart is changed/upgraded (eg. printing new owner address or having a healthier copy), the intrinsic value is increased also including these costs. 📈
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