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20 Nov 20
Here's a Politico article from 2008 about Obama's post-election transition team fundraising that just completely casually lists off the post-election transition team fundraising of every president going back to 1992.

There are people across Twitter right now who are PAID to write about this shit who are outraged and shocked that Joe Biden is doing exactly what every president-elect has done for at least the past thirty years.  In the first 11 days following the Nov. 4 election, Obama b
You can criticize the practice itself (there's someone in the article that does exactly that) but treating this as something new, unusual, or uniquely shameful on Biden's part is just ignorant.
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20 Nov 20
Today in Murc's Law the entire performative left is having a meltdown because the Biden campaign has decided to start fundraising for its own transition.
From what I can tell the approach they'd prefer is frowning harder at the partisan Trump agent who refuses to release the actual funding until she caves.
It's hard to tell because a lot of the responses are variations on "healthcare pls" and weird conflations of every other imagined democrat slight of the past four years.
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18 Nov 20
I'm going to be up all night now thinking of other incredible TERF interpretations of completely normal words that coincidentally include the "trans-" prefix.
Trans fats. Trans-Atlantic flight.

Ooh "transparent" there's a good one.
Getting a credit check from TransUnion and just flipping right out. "Oh now they get to decide if I can have a loan?"
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