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Here To bear witness & record this dark time in US history. #PerSisterhood #resist #TheResistance #VictoryWaffles #RebelScum fan account USNVet
8 Apr
Calling vaccines “Satan Juice” - wow- so basically science has captured Satan- kept him in a lab and created a vaccine from his demonic ichor? Jesus H Christ do these people even hear how crazy balls they sound?
What exactly do they think happens in a medical laboratory? Is this where we keep the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe? All the magical creatures we keep in the labs to create vaccines to undermine their god’s plan to wipe us out with corona virus ?
And they are willing to kill over this. That’s some rubber room level crazy if you ask me
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8 Apr
I remember when this included letting girls wear pants, play sports, be in college for anything much less stem subjects or join the military.
Y’all think this is about transgender kids and if you aren’t trans it won’t affect you. I have bad news for you Sunshine. This will be about biblical gender norms (Bronze Age) and gender roles (Bronze Age) - mission creep is the goal and its to divide & conquer & intensify
Nothing wrong with being trans or gay but 30 40 years ago- boys that liked to sew & girls who liked the outdoors were often called gay, sissies dykes trans etc & punished ridiculed beaten even raped for not conforming to expected gender roles in appearance and comportment.
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