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22 Dec 20
10 years ago I came to Miami and invested in over a billion dollars in real estate. I told people I came here to create a global tech hub, and they laughed.

Now that it is becoming reality, I want to share my story and why I saw a bright future for Miami…
I came to this country from Israel in the 80s with nothing.

In my opinion, the US is built by hard-working immigrants. Miami is a city where nearly everyone is from somewhere else, and I've never seen so much built-in diversity in any city. That, by itself, was exciting. Image
I worked hard in the 90s to revitalize the Meatpacking district in New York City. I learned the power of creative, intelligent people to fix anything if they cooperate.

I saw the same potential and the same type of people in Miami. I knew right then it would be special.
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