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25 Nov
I was feeling oddly nostalgic for the totally bizarre regional sub-diet of the Cincinnati Germans, so I made a deviled ham salad sandwich the same way my grandmother used to make them for us when we were little — with 2 generous layers of cool ranch Doritos (“the new flavor”)
My grandmother, of course, would never deign eat a flavored corn chip. But she was stuck with us for a few weeks. She asked the deli guy where she was buying the ham salad salad if kids liked it.

Not really, he said. Maybe bribe them with chips.

He recommended “the new flavor”
The “new flavor” was cool ranch — the first non-original flavored Doritos.

I would not say I like this flavor. It’s so weird.

But it was a big gesture from my grandmother to get them. They weren’t good alone. Neither was the deviled ham salad. But mashed together — genius.
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25 Nov
My amazing niece & nephew helped me make a paper chain to count down the days until the inauguration.

Each day, I will tear one off and post a message about the damage Trump has done to the nation & the presidency — acts I hope we never see again from a POTUS /1 Image
Bonus post from yesterday (waiting for the glitter glue to dry):

With 57 days until the inauguration, I hope we never again have a president who belittles the service and sacrifice of our intelligence officers. /2
Today, with 56 days until the inauguration, a word about how conservatism used to embrace conservation of the natural splendor of America, and how I hope our future presidents remember we are shaped by our wilderness, not merely the conquest of it /3
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23 Nov
LTG became Ambassador in Liberia when I was working there. Pretty much the 1st thing she did was walk outside the gates of the (spectacular) embassy compound — startling the Marine guards to no end — and start picking up the trash that lined the road. She viewed it as her job /1
She approached everything from a practical perspective — always an American thrilled and honored to be on this adventure, always aware of what she represented and what she carried with her. She was in the community as much as possible. She broke down many barriers. /2
She always understood the importance of getting outside the walls, of doing the hard and unglamorous work. Always with a smile and a story. She was a remarkable diplomat in a tough environment during a critical transition period. It’s hard to overstate how essential this was /3
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17 Nov
Jack Dorsey at ridiculous Senate hearing Lindsey Graham is running like a 4th grade reading class:

So the thing is, the issue is really the algorithms.

Zuckerberg: Ummmmmm I dunno that I would say the algorithms are the most important thing 🙄...
Zuck: “...we don’t design the product to be addictive... our goal is to help people connect.”

Sigh. Just sigh.
Whoa. Graham is arguing that social media should be regulated based on *health concerns* and their impact on health.

That’s ... interesting...
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13 Nov
My new essay on the tidal movements of disinformation, how it shape the decision-making of POTUS, and how it all reminds me of the Insane Clown Posse telling everyone not to be crazy.

In the downward media spiral of Trumpworld, who is wagging who?

Lies and disinformation have tidal effects, and we need to understand that the president is being led by disinformation as much as he is driving it. /2
Manipulative information environments don’t just move in one direction. It’s more like a river with strong tidal influence, carrying narrative out to sea and back up the river where their impact on behavior and communities is more apparent and measurable /3
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11 Nov
My dad is cooking dinner for a lady friend tonight (I know — ooooooooooooo)

My mother was a self-taught chef. So this whole “cooking” thing is new to him. But I introduced him to the simple-yet-fancy, easy-to-follow recipes of @inagarten, and he’s giving it a go.

So far...
...He’s learned to make a beet & orange salad, like a champ! He asks hilarious questions. Thank god for FaceTime. Explaining zesting is hard.

Btw he has ordered like all 12 Ina Garten cookbooks, because dad

Today he’s trying to do her famous filet Mignon with mushrooms/mustard
Today’s FaceTime questions so far:

- Which skillet to use? Skillet runway show, hilarious
- is this the right mushroom?
- which pan goes in the oven?
- how do I turn the oven on?
- are you sure it’s on?
- how do I turn it off?
- do the shallots have to go in the fridge?
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11 Nov
POTUS has nothing else on sched today but is nonetheless late to Arlington National Cemetery to honor veterans on Veterans Day, keeping decorated veterans, their families, and others waiting in the rain, not understanding the significance of the day, hour, minute of commemoration Image
Stayed for a total of 6 minutes.
And yes this was the split screen.

Guess which ceremony commenced on time? Image
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10 Nov
The party that Newt built has no leadership. It is captive to the whims of whichever mob is loudest — an energy cultivated and stoked by right wing media and ideologue billionaires. No one has been in charge for years.

This is why they almost all play along with this madness.
Perhaps the defining moment of the end of the Republican caucus was when Boehner was like “screw this, I’m outta here, y’all have fun with these Freedom caucus yay-hoos, I’m gonna go swill wine and invest in cannabis” and no one — literally no one — wanted his job. No one.
It’s like being the bus driver of a school bus with no steering wheel or brakes: you’re responsible for the safety of the people in the bus, but you’re not in control of it at all, you can just beg them to sit down and tell them to stop throwing boogers at you & each other
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9 Nov
The Hallmark Channel has already started nonstop cheesy Christmas romance movies. Just saying.

And yes, I have it on, because my dad watches them, and calls to ask if I am watching. He loves them.
Guys, the small-town bakery convinced the ivy-league consulting-world corporate suit not to automate the factory, love ensued

Next: single teacher mom battling insurance co/crushing medical debt from death of beloved father, finds love

The Hallmark channel is the Marvel we need
The vulture medical debt industry was vanquished by scrappy upstarts and love and Christmas!

Next up: something with a veterinarian. There will be many cute animals, no doubt.
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7 Nov
WARNING: Trumpworld — incl
stars Bannon, Flynn’s lawyer, Papadapoulos, Bin Laden’s daughter — are alleging a secret NSA program designed by Obama has been used to “switch 3% of votes”

None of this is real, nor does it make sense. They want Barr/“military intel” to investigate
Of course they are connecting it to the “Russia hoax” and the “Biden laptop from hell” because these f***ing people are the absolute g*****n worst

There is no coup. There is no electronic coup. These people will push an unstable POTUS to do something dangerous in coming weeks.
And hey, let’s make sure we understand this is an attack on the whole system, as they allege Democrats, Republican state legislatures, the intelligence community are all in on the plot/turning a blind eye to the “coup”

No. No no no.

Republicans need to call this sh*t out now.
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3 Nov
Don Jr thinks the Black Sea is a country 👍 and also that foreign countries vote in American elections — which explains a lot
He also thinks the Caspian is a country and Armenia is water

Sorry, Armenian voters. You sank.
I guess this piece of Ukraine seceded?
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29 Oct
Russian hackers have laid the groundwork for significant disruptions after the US election, including targeting US hospitals and healthcare systems.

“We expect panic,” they say.

Are we better prepared than 2016? Maybe.

Via @RenewGreatPower…
Be sure to read this post, too, which has more details on the types of attacks Kremlin hackers can conduct:…
Subscribe now to with this special rate!
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29 Oct
Hi America — 2 things you should do this weekend after you be sure you voted:

1- if you have an emergency stockpile, this is a good time to go thru it, donate everything that will expire before the end of the year

2- you need to talk to your family and cancel thanksgiving

On your stockpiles & emergency rations: if you laid in some goods at the beginning of covid, go thru, check expiration dates, consider what you have, stockpile better. Shift to more dry goods — beans lentils peas rice grains etc — which store better, longer, take up less space /2
Donate canned goods and other items to your nearest food bank in time to help families in need before thanksgiving. It’s going to be a rough holiday for a lot of people. Donate food or $$ if you can. Do it early so food banks can gear up before T-day /3
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22 Oct
Today, more detail was revealed by CISA about extensive Russian cyber intrusions in US election/critical systems

The indictment of GRU hackers released Monday is a roadmap to understanding what Russian can do on Election Day

New on @RenewGreatPower /1…
On Monday, DoJ unsealed the indictment of 6 hackers from Russia’s GRU for “worldwide deployment of destructive malware and other disruptive actions in cyberspace.” /2…
It connected the dots between a wide array of cyberattacks over the past 5 years, which happened in France, Ukraine, Georgia, South Korea, the US, and the UK.

The indictment made clear that a multi-nation intelligence effort helped attribute these attacks to the GRU /3
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21 Oct
On @NewDay, widow of police officer who died of COVID, on POTUS recovering from COVID:

“...and I thought then, wow, he could really show a human side. Well, I didn’t really think that. I would be silly to think that... He’s really spitting on all these loved ones graves... /1
...He had a choice to be more human and to show empathy. But it’s not possible for him to show empathy. I don’t think he can feel that emotion. He only thinks of one person, and that’s himself... He hasn’t called me to wish me his sympathies... /2
... I’ve heard from the governor of New Jersey. I’ve heard from Joe Biden. They showing empathy and caring and kindness, and that’s really lacking in the president.” /3
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19 Oct
Every 2020 disinfo thing you were warned about is happening

But @JoeBiden isn’t doomscrolling America, and neither should you

Biden understands the corrosive effect that Trump’s presidency has had on all of us—and a way out, maybe

My latest for @SURfdn…
Pretty much EVERYTHING that every disinformation watcher warned you was going to happen is happening (except deepfakes):

1-malign foreign interference continues
2-POTUS drumming up rumors of election fraud and rigged results
3-“poll-watching” will add to the mess+intimidation /2
4-fears of inevitable violence and unrest are amplified from all directions
5-spurious Biden health rumors
6-Russia, others amplifying our attacks on each other instead of making their own
7-POTUS wackadoo conspiracies-of-the-day are getting way more extreme, pro QAnon /3
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18 Oct
Strong intv today w/ @ABlinken on the foreign policy of a Biden presidency:

“America & liberal democracy remain the system of choice for people who can choose. And I think if anything what the last 4 years have shown is not their failure, but rather how important they are.../1
... to the strength of our democracy, and the vitality of our leadership is to our own country and the world.” /2
On engaging China from a position of strength:

“How do we put ourselves in a position of strength from which to engage China so the relationship moves forward more on our terms than it does theirs. And here’s the problem... /3
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16 Oct
It’s truly hilarious watching conservatives lose their minds about the “repression of conservative speech on Facebook and Twitter” because they seem to have forgotten that Donald Trump is only president because of Facebook and Twitter.
Oh, are they finally ready to stop clowning in hearings and wasting time asking about bullshit conspiracies and Alex Jones and whatever, and actually show up to real hearings about how to regulate this nightmare? Cool. They weren’t before when social was the lifeblood of Trump.
Yes, let’s have an adult conversation about the nightmarish power of these platforms, which we in part have come to understand because they helped make Trump president and act as his conduit for comms every day. Let’s talk about social control and behavioral influence.
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16 Oct
Some updates from the covid townhall in my dad’s county in Idaho (which is like the one blue-ish county). I wonder how representative this is of other places that are less transparent and responsibly-led.

Current number of cases higher than in early months of serious spike
This is a resort area, so there’s great sensitivity to the “keep the economy open” idea, bc otherwise the whole area is toast

Emergency room lead says it’s bad enough to “only do essential errands, & if someone walks into where you are without a mask, leave. Leave immediately.”
The only hospital in the county is full. So are the neighboring ones. They don’t have options on airlifting people out because to where? No one knows.

Lots of questions on testing. There’s only one lab doing the processing in Idaho so it’s slow.
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16 Oct
Watching both townhalls

-refused to denounce QAnon
-says his RT of bin Laden conspiracy is 👍
-refuses to say he won’t claim elex rigged, spreads disinfo
-references Russian campaign agst Biden as important
-claims Obama spied on him despite failure to find any evidence
That’s minute 20

It’s a firehose of angry falsehoods, and I’m not going to post more

He’s angry and combative

Biden is engaging and gracious and informed
Ok sigh

POTUS says his $421mil foreign debt doesn’t matter. Like a mortgage, no biggie 🙄
Pivots to usual nonsense about IRS demons and his actual massive wealth that no one has ever seen

Honestly who believes any of this
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11 Oct
I love this story, @MrJonCryer!

Here’s my mom’s:

She had a beautiful but modest diamond wedding ring (the diamond was a gorgeous cut) because she & dad got married when they were grad students.

Dad always wanted to get her a new one later on, but she loved it, said no /1
35 yrs later, it was an awful winter in Ohio, feet of snow, ice everywhere, everything covered in road salt in that unnecessary Ohio way

She stopped to get gas in the blowing snow, looks down, realizes the diamond has just fallen out of its setting—onto the salt-strewn ground /2
It’s dark and wet, those terrible salmon-ish “low light pollution” light-post bulbs at the gas station, making everything on the ground look like dirty road salt.

She despairs, thinks she will never find the diamond. She looks around, nothing. Some other ladies help. Nothing. /3
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