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Sep 18 24 tweets 5 min read
Good morning from a classically rainy Den Haag where Ukraine and Russia will face off yet again before UN's highest court*.

(*not the ICC) This time, it's the Uno Reverse Genocide Case (tm).

Russia used genocide as a pretext for the invasion. Ukraine says it wasn't doing any genocide and the false accusation violates the Genocide Convention.
Jun 14 50 tweets 5 min read
We are back for the final round of Ukraine v Russia - this time for Russia's final remarks.

We all remember how this went for Russia's opening remarks right?… Oh god off the rails already. Here we go.
Jun 12 32 tweets 4 min read
My hitteplan. Image I live-tweeted Russia's opening statement last week, which was a wild ride.
Feb 24 22 tweets 7 min read
I wrote 2800 words about Ukraine's lawfare and it may have put me into an early grave.… (Ok I have the flu but I feel like I am dying.)
Feb 8 34 tweets 5 min read
Hope all the weirdo Twitter trolls had some time to rest up because it seems likely the JIT will announce new suspects in the downing of MH17. Well, I wasn't going to live tweet this press conference because, ya know, you can watch it yourself.

But then I was reliably informed that some of my *commentary* has made an impression on *certain* individuals and now I feel obligated.