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Logistics and IT are my industries. Travel, and Linguistics are my hobbies. Hats are my headgear. He/Him are my pronouns. Tweets are my views, not my companies’
Mar 13, 2020 14 tweets 7 min read
So, because I’m tired of Coronatweets, and I’m stuck on a 3 hour plane and don’t want to do real work, I thought I’d distract you with some general thoughts on this year’s Eurovision songs, in my first #ESC2020 thread of the year Not all the songs are out so far, but enough now to start forming opinions, and in general, this is going to be an awesomely amazing year. A much better showing all round than 2019, and possibly better than 2018 levels. Videos are here:…
Jan 31, 2020 19 tweets 4 min read
Today is the last day I am a fully fledged EU citizen, due to a decision that I voted against, and a process that was badly managed by the UK from its inception. Also due to vagaries of law in the 80s: my sister is a dual citizen, but I am not eligible. (Thread) Whilst I still hold out faint hope that *some* freedom of movement provisions may yet appear in a future deal, the personal upshot for me is that I will have to pick where to settle permanently: Spain, where I have lived most of my life, or the UK