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Jan 14 • 5 tweets • 2 min read
Proof that dope0613 behaved like a whole anti atp and everything they do is not for 875 but for their own clout and ego. Now they're calling their foolish minions to harassh Armys who disagreed with them and trashing the whole fandom calling us names. First ss translation: "Go swear at this btch in Vietnamese everyone. The btch has been swore at since our first project btch so bitter."

Idc what ur view abt their streaming method. I just know I won't tolerate such bullying and harassing behavior. Not in this fandom.
Jan 13 • 4 tweets • 1 min read
Y'all writing thread abt merch now saying this and that. I can see y'all same bunch would've choked on ur own breath and di*d when seeing the price of SKA special edition by resellers before BHM decided to re-print it on Oct 2020. And it's music not god damn merch. Surfing through eBay or Amazon u'd see the prize range from 300$ to 500$ each album before its re-release. Was it the company's intention to release limited edition in the first place so re-seller can blow up the price? Bullsht.