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19 Sep 20
Let's take this world-wide time-out, for forward-thinking opportunities as opposed to the literal impossibility of going back-to-before or 'backward.' Familiar is 'easy' but it's in the past.

Consider our present social, economic, and environmental situation...
Not just 'what is this doing to or for 'ME.'

When we cut through the 'coercion' of what others want us to believe, think, or follow, we will find that our options are truly unlimited!
We will NEVER, yes never, live without these kinds of challenge(s) as our future unfolds...
Coronaviruses, climate changes, untold natural occurrences we are ill-prepared for, etc will always exist, as will many yet unknown and ever-evolving demands on our existence.
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7 Sep 20
It's only due to personal ignorance & susceptibility to marketing manipulations (including 'taste chemistry') that so many buy into the 'fast food' concept...smh
I too have bought into the fast-food manipulations & misinformation, but not so fortunately after having radiation treatments (2 separate periods, 27 days each) for throat & sinus cancer & losing the ability to eat (swallow) 'regular' foodstuffs that I've been able to completely
...reject processed food items, 75% of my daily nourishment. Fortunately, I researched & discovered an incredible fresh-packed product that has more than fulfilled my needs!
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5 Sep 20
Today I went to @cvspharmacy to pick up prescriptions & take a scheduled #COVIDー19 Test. I arrived 10 mins. early.
Then I sat in the drive-thru line (we're not allowed to come into the store for testing) for 35 mins. They have two lanes, one for testing & script pick ups...
...& one for just prescription pick up.
after 10 mins. of waiting I called the pharmacy I'm, in my car, just outside of. I was then on-hold for 20 mins.
I finally arrived at the window for testing only to be told their 'system' for approving 'insurance' was DOWN.
...the SAME insurance that my prescriptions were being approved through.
Guess What? If I was paying 4-5% of my income to have #MedicareForAll Single-payer the 'insurance' hold up would never have happened & I would not be paying a co-pay...
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31 Aug 20
Formula: Gross Income - $29,000 X 4% or 5% = Annual Contribution / 12 = monthly contribution.
$0 - $29,000 = $ 0 annual contribution
$30,000 = $ 40 - 50 annual contribution
$35,000 = $ 240 - $300 annual, $12 - $25 monthly
$40,000 = $ 440 - $550 annual, $37 - $46 monthly
$45,000 = $ 640 - $800 annual, $53 - $67 monthly
$50,000 = $ 840 - $1050 annual, $70 - $87.50 month
$60,000 = $1240 -$1550 annual, $103 -$129 month
$75,000 = $1840 -$2300 annual, $153 - $192 month
Compare to the current cost of: #Premium + #Deductible + #CoPays; #MedicareForAll = 1/2 - 2/3 less of average-patient-cost for #Healthcare in the #UnitedStates.

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30 Aug 20
@SenSanders is the ONLY candidate that will assure NO Future President can get away with what @realDonaldTrump has! Including himself!
"DO YOU WANT A REVOLUTION" No DO YOU/I/WE NEED A REVOLUTION "YES" WHY? FASCISM is prevalent in the United States & around the world! Solution: End FASCISM at the root, i.e., 'Political Parties/Classes' representing 'Special and/or Foreign Interests' over our general populace! Image
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21 Aug 20
@HawleyMO #TrumpDepression #KAG #COVIDIOTS & #MAGA = Ignorance & Lacking Compassion On Purpose & When Convenient! #IMPOTUS supporters don't think for themselves while regurgitating rhetoric their conservative masters bottle-feed them. @PressSec @POTUS
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16 Aug 20
Let's talk about #RobertTrump, #ItIsWhatItIs, and #FDR.... via @YouTube
Fear-of-something is based in one's ignorance of that 'something' & is an emotional reaction strengthened by said ignorance. Truth Reminder: When 'emotion' increases (goes up); 'intelligence' is stifled (goes down).
America, in 2020, is experiencing far too much ignorance by the choice of individuals which is 'stifling' the progression of change and betterment of our Democratic Republic as intended by many of our Founding Generation!
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14 Aug 20
Election Protection Coalition is mobilizing volunteers to help voters navigate the voting process & cast their votes without obstruction, confusion, or intimidation. Will you sign up to be one of them?
Volunteer Opportunities with Election Protection – Educate. Empower. Protect.
Be an Election Worker! Election workers are essential to ensuring that elections are a success. With each election, millions of Americans dedicate themselves to sustaining the backbone of democracy - our election process.…
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13 Aug 20
@USPS The Post Office Is Deactivating & Removing Mail Sorting Machines from Your Local Post Offices, Ahead of the Election!… via @VICE
The @USPS is shutting down mail-sorting machines crucial for processing absentee ballots as the 2020 election looms!…
The United States Postal Service (USPS; also known as the Post Office, U.S. Mail, or Postal Service) is an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government responsible for providing postal service in the United States,...
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2 Aug 20
#2020Election #2020electionsandbeyond
#WeThePeople have an important opportunity to deliver the message to any & all #politicalparties by re-registering as #Nonpartisan, post your primary, for this upcoming #November2020 Election!
There remains NO sound rationalization nor justification to remain coerced into being #partisan, as #corporate #capitalist #party #lobbyist overreach & influence are verified #unconstitutional! Even the tertiary #politicalparties are vulnerable to the same coercion! Image
Nothing politically significant will ever change until the general populace understands the fact that political parties are NOT necessary & completely disavow their assumed control of elections & legislation that is NOT intended nor sanctioned by the U.S. Constitution.
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1 Aug 20
"Lord and God" Fear based in ignorance... Image
...none of these things exists outside the stories that people invent and tell one another. There are no gods, no nations, no money, and no human rights, except in our collective imagination.…
...whether a modern state, a medieval church, an ancient city, or an archaic tribe—is rooted in common myths that exist only in people’s collective imagination.
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15 Jul 20
#DDoSecrets ddosecrets dot com/about/
We are a small group, but our reach expands far beyond just our members. Our founders had informally worked together for many years and developed deep connections in the field of data gathering, research, journalism, activism, and technology.
In 2018, The Architect, Emma Best, and others decided to pool together our expertise and time to create a unified project representing our shared goals, and provide a platform for others to know and trust. Since then, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds.
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25 Jun 20
John Bolton: I Entered The Trump Administration Aware Of The Problems via @YouTube
Nothing politically significant will ever change until the general populace understands the fact that political parties are NOT necessary & completely disavow their assumed control of elections & legislation that is NOT intended nor sanctioned by the U.S. Constitution. Image
As too many continue to rationalize the supposed 'inevitability' of 'political parties/classes' the least #WeThePeople must do is relegate these organizations to being only & nothing more than 'support resources' & counter their 'assumed' control over Elections & Legislation! Image
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