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23 Feb
In light of today's vote, I found myself reading through pages of Hansard from the Mackenzie King Government (Thank you @jec79 😁) and came across this statement from Pierre Gauthier, the Liberal MP for Portneuf at the time, during a sitting on January 24, 1939
Two months earlier, Kristallnacht happened, and 6 months later, the King Government would famously turn away the MS St. Louis saying about accepting Jewish refugees "None is too many.".

A year and a half later, Auschwitz-Birkenau would be in full operation.
In January 1939, the Liberal Party of Canada declared that, *in spite of* the "persecution" of Jews in Europe, Canada shouldn't be "moved to pity" about their plight, because "Both wisdom and charity require the government to look after the well-being of our Canadian population."
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