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Physician, National Centre for Respiratory Medicine, IGMH. Vice President of @mma_mv -2020. Health awareness figure.
5 May
Covid symptoms monitor at home.

Common symptoms of COVID19 & when should you seek urgent medical help

1. Fever-monitor body temperature and if persistently high despite treatment (>39C )

Treatment: Adults without any underlying kidney or liver disease panadol 1g 6hrly 1/
If fever and kidney or liver disease panadol 500mg tds or uphamol 650mg tds (call 1676 if any yellowish discoloration of eyes/nausea/vomiting/lower limb swelling) 2/
Cough: Mostly warm water gurgling, honey, ginger. T. Fexofenadine 180mg once daily or T. Cetirizine 10mg once daily +\- Syp. Bromhexine 10ml 3 times per day. (these are for adults only) 3/
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4 May
I am an Asthmatic, i use inhalers, inhalers are not addictive. They cause your airways to open up. Duration of its action differs, inhalers with salmeterol or formoterol works for 12 hours. The steroid in the inhalers act to reduce inflammation inside airways and 1/
try to maintain an open airway.Some asthmatics recover fully, some don’t.Asthma can present as fatigue on exertion,shortness of breath,or just chronic cough. Asthma gets better when you exercise and lose weight, as 🫁 compliance increase and fat surrounding airways also reduce 2/
Asthma can be from mild to life threatening-leading to intubation as well. Shortness of breath is frightening and cause anxiety. When anxiety is more, it triggers asthma & is a vicious cycle.Lung function test can be normal in asthmatics 3/
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