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29 May 20
/// THREAD on Chancellor @RishiSunak's announcement tonight on the future of the income support schemes. 1/
After considerable media speculation, the Chancellor has finally pronounced on the economic future of millions, by detailing the changes to be made to the #JobRetentionScheme (JRS) and the #SelfEmployedIncomeSupportScheme (SEISS). theguardian.com/politics/2020/… 2/
These have been the two most important income support measures in what is likely to be the biggest economic recession in modern history. Both had serious shortcomings from the get-go. 3/
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12 May 20
THREAD on @BorisJohnson's #returntowork announcements & the implications for worker health and safety. /1
To much anticipated fanfare, on Sunday night @10DowningStreet announced the begginning of the easing of the lockdown, including the new policy of encouraging some people to go back to work. The shift is in emphasis; the law hasn't changed. But the shift is not insignificant. /2
In his speech the PM acknowledged it was not safe to take public transport & go into work, but nevertheless encouraged those who had no alternative to do so. /3
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