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21 Sep
BLM protests Carmine’s restaurant in Manhattan after three black women assaulted an Asian hostess & were arrested. The restaurant says they asked for vaccine verification per city law but the women say they were racially profiled.
“Carmines are racist! Carmines are fascist!” BLM protesters demonstrate at @CarminesNYC after they say three black Texas women were racially profiled over vaccination verification. It led to the hostess being assaulted. Video by @LeeroyPress:
BLM protesters gather at @CarminesNYC & accuse it of racially profiling black women over Covid vaccine verification. A woman is confronted and called a “Karen.” Video by @LeeroyPress:
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19 Sep
A huge group of antifa marched in Leipzig, Germany on Saturday & rioted. They smashed up businesses & cars along the way, & started fires in the streets.
Antifa from all over Germany descended on Leipzig yesterday to riot & intimidate the public in regards to a trial where one of their comrades is accused of violent crimes & assault. They created a short-lived autonomous zone to block police during riot.
Scenes of violence as antifa rioted in Leipzig, Germany on Saturday in support of a comrade on trial for masterminding & carrying out assault with deadly weapons on several victims at a restaurant.
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9 Sep
An antifa extremist has been trying to intimidate me into silence for reporting out he was forced to turn in his firearm because of a restraining order. To retaliate, he's spreading defamatory lies (& quickly deleting the tweets but I have receipts). @surfshark fell for the hoax.
Chad Loder is an L.A.-based antifa extremist who incites violence. He played a role in the violence outside Wi Spa this year. He recently started calling himself a journalist despite previously admitting he wasn't one. (He deleted that tweet.) Receipt:
This is my reporting that led to Loder retaliating with baseless conspiracy theories & tagging businesses that do advertising with @TPostMillennial. Loder is accused of serially threatening a victim & was forced to turn in his firearm to the state.
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6 Sep
Eric "Nina" Cohen, a transsexual antifa member, was arrested & charged w/attempted murder in connection w/the stabbing of a Latino man during a riot. Her sister Rebecca Marie Cohen & mother are speaking out in support of her & says Cohen was misgendered & should be kept w/women.
Eric "Nina" Cohen is accused of stabbing a Hispanic man in the upper chest & lacerating his heart & puncturing his lung. The victim nearly died. Cohen was arrested previously at an antifa riot outside the Wi Spa. After the stabbing, she dyed her hair from blonde to dark purple.
Steven Estrada, a Communist running for city council in Long Beach, calls attempted murder suspect Eric “Nina” Cohen a friend. Antifa groups are fundraising to get the antifa member out of jail. They call for murder & support those who kill or try to kill.
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4 Sep
Breaking: A shooting occurred in Olympia, Wash. where antifa came to confront anti-vaccine mandate protesters. Antifa accounts are saying it was one of their comrades who fired.
Antifa are celebrating the shooting of Samoan right-wing activist Tusitala "Tiny" Toese with this meme. A similar meme mocking the death of Ashli Babbitt was made.
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4 Sep
Antifa in the London area are having an open borders direct action today near the visa office in Croydon.
Antifa are stopped by police before they can get to a Home Office building in Croydon (south London). They rallied their comrades to call for open borders.
Antifa in south London scream & shout about nazis at the open borders direct action outside a Home Office building. Police have physically blocked them from proceeding further.
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2 Sep
BREAKING: The #antifa member who stabbed a Latino man near his heart on 14 Aug. at a riot in Los Angeles has been arrested. Eric Cohen, 30, of Long Beach, Calif., has been charged with attempted murder & is being held on a $1 m bail. LAPD asking for other victims to come forward. ImageImageImageImage
Antifa member & attempted murder suspect Eric Cohen (DOB 05-05-91) changed his hair color after the stabbing attack in Los Angeles last month. The stabbing victim, a Latino man, was hospitalized for a lacerated heart & punctured lung. ImageImage
Breaking: Antifa member Eric Cohen, who was arrested this week by LAPD over the attempted murder of a Hispanic man during riot, was previously arrested at another antifa riot outside Wi Spa on 17 July. Antifa are often repeat offenders & serial arrestees. Vid by @PoAmBrotherhood.
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2 Sep
In June a woman alleged a person exposed their penis to women & girls at Wi Spa. Liberal press declared it a transphobic hoax. Story was supposed to go away but I investigated & found charges were discreetly filed. The suspect is a registered sex offender.…
Never allow the self-credentialed “fact checkers” tell you what is determined & settled. These writers were tasked with investigating & not only did they fail, they told the rest of us to not dig further.… ImageImageImageImage
The people who objected to the Wi Spa incident were labeled transphobic extremists & hoaxers to legitimize violence against them. Antifa showed up to riot at two protests. They were filmed assaulting women. Police made 40 arrests & confiscated weapons.… ImageImageImageImage
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2 Sep
Parents are packed at the door of the school board meeting for @NatomasUSD in Sacramento. Many could not get inside. Main issue everyone is discussing is Gabriel Gipes, the antifa extremist who was busted admitting to indoctrinating students & sending them to direct actions.
A Muslim parent just said that there should be a criminal investigation into Gabriel Gipe.
A man cussed out the school board asking them how they couldn't have known about Gabriel Gipe's extremism given that he plastered his classroom walls with his views (e.g., Mao portrait, North Korean propaganda, antifa flag, etc.).
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1 Sep
BREAKING: @NatomasUSD, the district that employs #antifa member Gabriel Gipe, has announced he has been placed on paid leave & that they'll take steps to fire him. Gipe was recorded in undercover video admitting he indoctrinates students using fear & sends them to direct actions.
Following their investigation into Gabriel Gipe, the @NatomasUSD found numerous other violations of district policy. They uncovered he was using rubber stamps featuring positive depictions of Stalin, Castro, Kim Jung Un & others to mark student work as complete.
Some of the far-left direct actions he gave students classroom credit for attending involved activities that became unsafe. Background: Gabriel Gipe & his wife were at the Sacramento capitol antifa riot in 2016 in which multiple people were stabbed.
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31 Aug
“I have an antifa flag on my [classroom] wall"

"I have 180 days to turn them into revolutionaries”

Gabriel Gipe, an #antifa member & teacher at @NatomasUSD, was secretly recorded admitting to indoctrinating students to want to overthrow the government.
The undercover video of the @NatomasUSD teacher shows what I’ve found in my research on #antifa. They exploit & indoctrinate the vulnerable (eg children), push out relentless propaganda, support taking up arms & terrorism, overthrowing state, are close w/communist legal group NLG ImageImageImage
Video at Inderkum High shows @NatomasUSD teacher Gabriel Gipe displaying portrait of Mao, who killed tens of millions. He has a graph where students place themselves politically. He boasts about indoctrinating them to the far-left by giving them credit for going to direct actions ImageImage
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30 Aug
Portland councilwoman @JoAnnPDX has taken off entire month of August for a "vacation." She oversees the fire department. People have been dying because of the heat. I received a tip she went into rehab but inquiries to her comms team (@mattmcnallypdx) have been repeatedly ignored
Portland councilwoman @JoAnnPDX makes it no secret she likes to gamble & drink at casinos. She infamously called police on her rideshare driver over an open window after returning from gambling. The incident highlighted her hypocrisy over statements she said about fearing police.
.@JoAnnPDX has made such conspiratorial claims that I wonder if she was under the influence at the time. Last year, she blamed BLM-Antifa looting/rioting after Floyd died on white nationalists. She then accused Portland Police of starting fires to frame left-wing protesters.
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29 Aug
Today is the one-year anniversary of when Aaron "Jay" Danielson was shot dead in downtown Portland after being stalked by "100% antifa" Michael Reinoehl. The shooter fled & was killed by a federal task force in a shootout. He was arrested previously at antifa riot but was let go.
After Danielson was killed by antifa, @bellingcat reporter Robert Evans said it was a black male who was shot. When it was revealed that a Trump supporter was killed, BLM-Antifa announced it on a bullhorn & celebrated by cheering & dancing.
The media's reporting on Danielson's murder by antifa was cruel. Local journalist & antifa supporter @alex_zee tried breaking the report on the murdered victim's ID, but she wrongly identified him & falsely linked him to white supremacist terrorism.…
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28 Aug
Kadeem Yarde, 23, of Bideford, Devon, was charged w/riot in connection w/the violent far-left/antifa riot in Bristol, England in March. Rioters started fires & tried to break inside the police station. Yarde, who pleaded not guilty, is a BLM activist & aspiring social media star.
Video from March this year when far-left & antifa rioters tried to break inside the police station in Bristol, England.
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23 Aug
Antifa marked their messaging in graffiti around downtown Portland at yesterday's armed occupation near the Salmon Street Fountain. They patrolled the area w/guns & looked for people to assault (a split-off group went to fight the right-wing rally 10 miles away).
Photos of the extremist antifa graffiti left in downtown Portland, Ore. yesterday.
Here is a collage of all the times antifa sprayed "kill" or "die" in the area around their short-lived autonomous zone in downtown Portland on Sunday.
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22 Aug
#Antifa in Portland have prepared for weeks for their planned violence against a patriotic-themed rally today ahead of the anniversary of when their member murdered Aaron Danielson. The antifa are openly discussing on Twitter the proper uniforms to wear to evade being identified.
Flyers for the Portland antifa riot and the patriot-themed rally, respectively. Following threats of violence by antifa & their supporters, the right wing rally has been moved to a new location yet to be announced.
Breaking: The patriot-themed "love" rally originally organized for downtown Portland has moved to the parking lot of the former KMart in northeast Portland following threats of violence by antifa. Antifa have announced plans to gather for a violent showdown of the year.
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20 Aug
“If black lives matter, you better back up!”

Breaking: A black woman crashed the Portland press conference by far-left group Don't Shoot PDX ahead of antifa’s announced direct action. She says her children were hit with pepper spray & fireworks by antifa.
The black woman calls out Portland antifa member Brandon Dustin Ferreira. She says antifa have been trying to get her husband fired, which would make 10 black members of her family destitute. She also calls out the leftist white woman who sneered at her.
The black woman crashed the press conference in Portland today by far-left group @dontshootpdx, an organization that supports violence. Last year, the group’s president stood in front of the besieged courthouse & shouted, “F— peaceful protests!”
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9 Aug
Antifa using Twitter & Telegram are organizing another violent attack on a "Let Us Worship" Christian event in Portland on Sunday evening. The day prior, antifa violently assaulted attendees of a family prayer event at a park in downtown.
A large crowd has gathered for the "Let Us Worship" Evangelical Christian event in downtown Portland in response to antifa assaulting attendees of Saturday's family prayer event. There are many men volunteering as security this time around. Livestream:
Antifa are outnumbered currently at the Sunday evening Christian worship event in downtown Portland. They have not shut down the event so far because they don't have enough comrades. The previous day, dozens of them assaulted attendees of a family prayer event.
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8 Aug
Shocking video recorded in Portland show a large group of antifa carrying shields & weapons move in to attack & shut down a family Christian prayer & worship event on the waterfront. Police did not intervene.
A woman attendee of the family Christian prayer event at the waterfront in downtown Portland describes what happened when antifa attacked them.
According to one of the militant antifa members who witnessed the violent direct action, antifa threw the Christian group's sound equipment into the Willamette River. The attendees, which included children, were hit with projectiles & pepper spray.
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31 Jul
Trans BLM band Y.G.S.L.R.H. S.T.F.U.T. is performing live today outside the Wi Spa in Los Angeles. The spa has been the staging ground for violent antifa clashes against those who oppose the spa for allegedly allowing a person with a penis to be nude around women & girls.
Video of the trans BLM band performing today outside the Wi Spa in Los Angeles. The group is performing to “support and protect” trans people after the spa was recently protested over an alleged penis exposure incident in the women’s area.
The trans BLM band continues their live performance outside Wi Spa in Los Angeles.
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