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Eu faço código gambiarra, odeio presidentes e sou Member of Osint Brazuca Project.
19 Nov
2021. Bypass de reconhecimento facial usando maquiagem. é basicamente usar maquiagem com tom da pele ( natural ) & aplicado nos pontos que o modelo de reconhecimento facial ArcFace atua.
1 - Sem maquiagem, 2 - Com maquiagem. [ mais... ]
Deep learning face recognition models are used by state-ofthe-art surveillance systems to identify individuals passing through public areas. Previous studies have demonstrated the use of adversarial machine learning (AML) atks to successfully evade identification by such systems.
Neste estudo, foi apresentado um novo ataque AML de black-box que cuidadosamente constrói uma maquiagem natural, que, quando aplicada em um participante humano, evita que o participante seja identificado por modelos de reconhecimento facial ArcFace.
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16 Nov
Hoax Email Blast Abused Poor Coding in FBI Website
The FBI confirmed today that its domain name and Internet address were used to blast out thousands of fake emails about a cybercrime investigation
>… by @briankrebs #hacking #infosec Image
According to an interview with the person who claimed responsibility for the hoax, the spam messages were sent by abusing insecure code in an FBI online portal designed to share information with state and local law enforcement authorities. Image
Late in the evening on Nov. 12 ET, tens of thousands of emails began flooding out from the FBI address, warning about fake cyberattacks. Around that time, KrebsOnSecurity received a message from the same email address.
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