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13 Jan
Armstrong Economics: "Facebook Bans Ron Paul"…

After criticizing Facebook for censorship, they banned Ron Paul, who must in Zuckerberg’s mind be a Domestic Terrorist because he does not support his anti-Constitution movement.
Facebook, Twitter & Google are running the risk that 50% of the population will seek alternatives & refuse to invest in any fund that invests in any of these three. I am getting a lot of emails with people calling in a boycott of all three.
They are now in control of the Democrats and will support the suppression of all resistance.

There is now no hope of ever getting a real investigation in their corruption.
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13 Jan
Scrambling to deal with a sudden competitive threat to its messaging platform WhatsApp, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has released a statement clarifying the upcoming changes to its terms of service.
The privacy concerns have already triggered users to turn to rivals in droves, according to data from Sensor Tower.

Signal was downloaded 8.8M times worldwide in the week after the changes were first announced on Jan. 4 vs. 246K times the week prior. Better service no tracking
Telegram, 2nd best, reached 11.9M downloads (vs. 6.5M), while WhatsApp recorded 9.7M downloads following the announcement, a decrease of 14% from the week before.
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12 Jan
Hostile journalists & lawmakers have suggested Mr. Trump incitedthe riot when he told a rally that Republicans need to “fight much harder.”

Mr. Trump suggested the crowd walk to the Capitol: “We’re
going to cheer on brave senators & congressmen &women, and women.
We’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them.Because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength and you have to be strong.”

In District of Columbia, it’s a crime to “intentionally or recklessly act in such a manner to cause
another person to be in reasonable fear”
and to “incite or provoke violence where there is a likelihood that such violence will ensue.”

This language is based on Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969), in which the Supreme Court set the standard for speech that
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12 Jan
Trump: Impeachment push over Capitol riot is causing 'tremendous anger'… via @nypost
Trump spoke to reporters again on the tarmac of Joint Base Andrews in Maryland and said he didn’t incite the riot. “They’ve analyzed my speech and my words and my final paragraph, my final sentence. And everybody to the tee thought it was totally appropriate,” Trump said.
Trump also lashed out also at Big Tech companies that have censored him following the riot and purged many accounts of alleged conspiracy theorists. Trump was permanently banned by Twitter and banned from using Facebook or Instagram until at least after Biden’s inauguration.
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12 Jan
Tom Mitchell,Yuan Yang, Ryan McMorrow 6 HOURS AGO
"Jack Ma vs Xi Jinping: the future of private business in China"

The crackdown on Alibaba and Ant Group amounts to an unprecedented squeeze on a ubiquitous ecommerce empire… via @financialtimes
"24/12/2020, China’s market regulator began an antitrust probe into Alibaba & sent investigators to its headquarters
of Hangzhou.

Announcement came after the party’s politburo targeted monopoly businesses to prevent “disorderly expansion of capital”.
The move on Alibaba also came two months after financial regulators dramatically cancelled Ant’s planned $37bn initial public offering, which would have been the world’s largest.

The measures amount to unprecedented squeeze on a business whose ubiquitous services are central to
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12 Jan
Opinion FT Alphaville Guest post 6 HOURS AGO
"A strong recovery could be bad for asset prices"

Global liquidity will continue to pour into the world economy. But how will that impact asset prices and the recovery?… via @financialtimes
Michael J. Howell founded CrossBorder Capital, a London-based advisory investment management company in 1996. He published a book "Capital Wars" on the turbulent rise of global liquidity. In this post, he argues that despite the pool
of cash and credit available to investors breaking fresh records in 2021, global liquidity may prove to be more positive for economies than for asset markets.
When liquidity concentrates in asset markets, measures of so-called monetary velocity — calculated using the ratio of
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12 Jan
Congress has co-opted Silicon Valley to do through the back door what government cannot directly accomplish under the Constitution, write @VivekGRamaswamy and Jed Rubenfeld… via @WSJ
Facebook and Twitter banned President Trump and numerous supporters after last week’s disgraceful Capitol riot, and Google, Apple and Amazon blocked Twitter alternative Parler—all based on claims of “incitement to violence” and “hate speech.”
Silicon Valley titans cite their ever-changing “terms of service,” but their selective enforcement suggests political motives.

Conventional wisdom holds that technology companies are free to regulate content because they are private, and the
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12 Jan
Joe Biden can establish his leadership by calling off the House impeachers in service of his vow that this is a “time to heal.”… via @WSJ
"One worry about the President-elect is whether he is strong enough to lead his party or will instead be led by the progressives on Capitol Hill. His statement last week that he is deferring to Congress on impeachment reinforced that
concern, and he added Monday that he thinks the Senate can hold a trial and pass his agenda at the same time.

Perhaps, but a Trump impeachment and trial aren’t in Mr. Biden’s political interest. They would do nothing to calm
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12 Jan
"Trump suggested the crowd walk to the Capitol:
“We’re going to cheer on brave senators & congressmen & -women. We’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them. You’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength. You have to be strong.”
"In the District of Columbia, it’s a crime to “intentionally or recklessly act in such a manner to cause another person to be in reasonable fear” & to “incite or provoke violence where there is a likelihood that such violence will ensue.”
That language is based on Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969), in which the Supreme Court set the standard for speech that could be prosecuted without violating the First Amendment.

Justices held a Ku Klux Klan leader’s calls for violence against blacks & Jews were protected speech.
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11 Jan
Amy Boone's Blog, "The Slog" and "BRACE FOR IMPACT"…
MS. Boone concludes the days of Left-Right duopoly have passed. If we want to survive in (& work against) the New Model State, we have to understand its assumptions, strengths & weaknesses.
She proposes three palms to lash ourselves to in the light of the coming tsunami.
"Notice that today’s ruling-class Blob is a canny reconstitution of elements from the Left-Right wreckage.
The Blob has digested the ruthlessness & cynicism towards adversaries that characterised the Marxist Left, but has spat out the Left’s egalitarianism.
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11 Jan
Christiana Sciaudone: "Twitter's Shunning of Trump Weighs on Shares" - -- It appears Twitter is only relevant with Donald Trump on the app. Shares tumbled 7.5% after the Twitter banned the outgoing President of the USA.
"On Friday, Twitter permanently banned Trump from its service “due to the risk of further incitement of violence.”

Twitter said in a blog post that Mr. Trump’s personal @realDonaldTrump account, with more than 88 million followers, would be shut down immediately.
"Trump has a very high & loyal following. A lot of those eyeballs will go away if Trump is permanently restricted from posting," said Andrea Cicione, head of strategy at brokerage TS Lombard, according to Reuters.
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11 Jan
Melania Trump says she is “disappointed and disheartened” by the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol last week and calls for healing…
First lady Melania Trump said she was “disappointed & disheartened” by the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol last week & called for healing.

“Make no mistake about it, I absolutely condemn the violence that has occurred on our Nation’s Capitol.
Violence is never acceptable,” she said in a statement released by the White House.

Trump called on all “citizens” to “take a moment, pause, and look at things from all perspectives.”
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11 Jan
Social media fallout spread. Twitter plunged premarket after it permanently suspended Trump's account. Parler taken offline after Amazon, Google, Apple revoked their services, leaving it bereft of suppliers.
But is available and people pouring in.
The PGA of America terminated an agreement to host next year's championship at a golf course owned by Trump in New Jersey. Trump is ignoring the backlash and planning a defiant final week.

U.S. futures fell with shares in Europe as USD & Treasuries gained.
Oil slipped and gold fluctuated.

A steep selloff in Bitcoin fueled concern that the cryptocurrency bubble may be about to burst.
U.S. approval of a Bitcoin ETF would weigh on the price in the short term, JPMorgan said.
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11 Jan
Simeon Kerr in Dubai JANUARY 8 2021
"Party city Dubai becomes escape hatch as Europe locks down"

Footballers, actors and influencers head to UAE as tourist hotspot opens its doors to world… via @FinancialTimes…"Sunbathers at the Jumeirah Beach Residence. The UAE is now 2nd only to Israel in the global vaccination race
Dubai, harder hit than the UAE’s richer capital Abu Dhabi, has adopted easier entry requirements to boost tourism.
Dubai requires some visitors to present negative Covid-19 tests at check-in and to take another on arrival, though Britons and Germans, like other Gulf nationals, only need to take a PCR test at Dubai airport.
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11 Jan
US risks enraging China by easing limits on Taiwan relations… via @FinancialTimes
"Mike Pompeo, US secretary of state, has lifted longstanding restrictions that limit US diplomatic relations with Taiwan, in a move that is likely to incense China days before the Biden administration takes power.
Washington cut ties with Taiwan in 1979 in favour of those with China, which sees the self-governing and democratic country as its own territory.

While successive US administrations have loosened diplomatic restrictions & sold weapons to Taiwan, Mr Pompeo’s action goes further.
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11 Jan
China hits out at US move to elevate relations with Taiwan… via @FinancialTimes
"China condemned the US decision to ease restrictions on diplomatic relations with Taiwan saying the island was “the most important” part of its relations with Washington.

“Any move that harms China’s core interests will be met with
China’s resolute counter-strike,” said Zhao Lijian, foreign ministry spokesperson, on Monday, although he did not specify any concrete measures.

Mike Pompeo, US secretary of state, said on Saturday that the Trump administration would lift “self-imposed
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11 Jan
The Progressive Purge Begins… via @WSJ
Can right-wing populist sentiment be banished from American life by the brute force of social-media censorship? We’re about to find out. Companies say they want to marginalize the violent fringe, but their censorship will grow it instead.
An exception who deserves to be listened to is Alexei Navalny, the Russian democracy advocate and scourge of Vladimir Putin who was poisoned last year.

He pointed out that, unlike the open election process that ousted Mr. Trump, social-media decisions to de-platform
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11 Jan
Trump’s personal Twitter account had 88 million followers. It has been silenced, and social-media platforms’ influence on online discourse is clear.… via @WSJ
In a span of a couple of days, Twitter and Facebook, President Trump’s main social-media megaphones—took action to silence the president’s personal accounts or online communities devoted to him, citing rules prohibiting content that incites violence.
They were joined by companies such as Snap Inc. SNAP 0.55% and Reddit Inc.

Apple Inc., Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s GOOG 1.12% Google also took steps to boot Parler, a social-media app and website that has grown in popularity among conservatives
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10 Jan
Ryan McMaken@Mises. org:
"The Capitol Riot Wasn’t a Coup. It Wasn't Even Close"…
On Wednesday, a mob apparently composed of Trump supporters forced its way past US Capitol security guards
and briefly moved unrestrained through much of the Capitol building.

They displayed virtually no organization and no clear goals.
The only deaths were on the side of the mob, with one woman—unarmed—shot dead by panicky & trigger-happy Capitol police, with three others suffering nonspecific “medical emergencies.”
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10 Jan
Kiran Stacey in Washington 53 MINUTES AGO

"US senators balk at impeaching Trump over Capitol siege"

More Republicans decline to back Democratic efforts to impeach him… via @FinancialTimes
"Democrats push in Congress to impeach
President Trump for a 2nd time is running into resistance in the US Senate.

Senior lawmakers on both sides of the aisle voicing their opposition to the move.
The siege has caused a split in the GOP between Trump loyalists and establishment Republicans who want a post-defeat break from the president’s brand of politics.
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