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Jul 4 9 tweets 7 min read
Alleging that the lease period has expired, Farooqia Girls' High School in #Mysore has been suddenly #locked by the authorities. As a result, more than 450 children & teachers have been thrown into the streets. there has been widespread outrage over the action of the Edu dept. 1/ "Education is our Right we can not wait for our future"
a student of Farooqia girls High school speaking in protest today in Mysore. Several org/parties and lawyers standing with students protest. 2/
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#Shimoga: A protest organised by #Bajrangdal in Bhadravti against #Udaipurincident turned violent as the protesters barged into a #Muslim textile shop & destroyed belongings in front of police. 2 of his labourers were beaten by police for doing no crime as alleged by owner. + Muslim shop owner Saddam Shafi alleged that Police did nothing to stop #BajrangdalDal goons from destroying my shop. Everything is been recorded in my CCTV footage and 307 case should be booked on them, He said. + ImageImageImage
Jul 1 6 tweets 6 min read
📌Hate Speeches across the state against Muslims & Islam

"Not only Muslim orgs but the entire #Islam is hazardous to the whole world. All the Killings which happened earlier are made by Communal Islam & Muslim. Islam is very very dangerous": @hjvkar leader SriKrishna Upadhyaya + "Media should put the same in their reports, I will start by saying directly that as long as Islam is there in this country, this kind of brutality will not end here, only when Islam will be removed from this country, then Peace can be established here": @hjvkar Narasimha Maani +
May 27 19 tweets 15 min read
Thread 🧵

In the prospectus of University college #Mangalore it is clearly mentioned that "Students who wish to wear #Hijab with uniform are allowed to wear, as matching to colour of uniform". Which is followed by students from several decades. 1/n ImageImage On March 15, Karnataka High Court ordered to follow uniformity as per govt orders and CDC rules. #Hijab wearing Students of University College Mangalore were allowed to write their degree semester exams till May 7, as they were allowed earlier. 2/n