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Oct 7, 2022 27 tweets 17 min read
Y’all like #AvatarTheLastAirbender? Keep an eye on this space for highlights from the #NYCC panel!

(THREAD) Let’s begin! #NYCC #AvatarTheLastAirbender
Oct 6, 2022 25 tweets 6 min read
We’re seated for the #MidnightClub screening and panel! #NYCC It might as well be midnight, Hunter is OUT
Oct 6, 2022 25 tweets 14 min read
#Velma panel is about to get underway, and I am now fully in character. #NYCC

(Thread) Image A collection of Velma cosplayers taking the stage! #Velma #NYCC Image
Oct 6, 2022 7 tweets 7 min read
A whole bunch of wonderful creatives from the @DCComics Exploring the DC Multiverse Panel! Image @Ben_Abernathy has donned a Grifter mask while we talk about @AshcanPress ‘Wildcats’ Image
Oct 6, 2022 19 tweets 9 min read
AT THE #VELMA PRESS CONFERENCE W/ @mindykaling (thread) - Mindy Kaling says she relates to Velma, calls Fred “the whitest character in the history of television” 😂😂
Oct 6, 2022 35 tweets 14 min read
The @mcfarlanetoys panel is about to begin at #NYCC everyone in attendance is leave with a Flashpoint Page Puncher!

Follow thread for updates. @Todd_McFarlane opens up the panel!
Jul 22, 2022 57 tweets 17 min read
Hello Everyone! This is @TorbjornFrazier reporting in again from #SDCC ! I will be live tweeting #MarvelStudios animation panel coming up in the next 20 minutes! Keep tabs on this thread as I update you on all the happenings coming from Marvel Studios upcoming animation slate! We are live!!! We open with Jeffrey Wright narration! #SDCC
Jul 21, 2022 18 tweets 9 min read
@TorbjornFrazier reporting in again; we will be continue rolling on with the #sdcc2022 coverage with the highly anticipated #NationalTreasure series coming to #DisneyPlus in 5 minutes! Follow along this thread for new updates about the series! We open the National Treasure: Edge of History panel with a quick sizzle reel and Jenny Lorenzo introducing the panel! #SDCC
Jul 21, 2022 27 tweets 8 min read
Hello everyone, this is @TorbjornFrazier with MM reporting in from San Diego Comic Con! Coming up in the next 10 minutes is the panel of the CBS series ‘Ghosts’ and I will be live-tweeting all the happenings! Keep tabs on this thread to keep up to date! Aaaand we are live with the Ghosts panel! Opening with a sizzle reel previewing the second season! #SDCC