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Editorial Cartoonist, Louisville Courier-Journal. Trial lawyer. 2020 AAEC Babin Memorial Award Finalist/Excellence In Local Cartooning
24 Nov 20
1/ Should Trump be prosecuted for crimes he committed in office? Should those who abetted him? Absolutely. There’s a legion of followers and nearly the entire elected @GOP who supported his acts who are watching, and need to know, for the sake of the country,
2/ that all is *not* forgiven, and that the Rule of Law indeed survived their reign of immoral selfishness and stupidity. Only the Trump family’s vacuousness and rank ignorance saved the Republic from ruin this time. Waiting in the ranks are
3/ many with the same allegiance to White Supremacy, self-dealing and dangerous faux-populism but with the sophistication and training to pull it off, tapping into the same rancid sewer of Americans who supported Trump. Only, more effectively.
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