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phd candidate | history | research: leftist+anti-racist organizing in cold war era brazil+lusophone africa | falo português | #LeftPOC+@LeftPOC creator
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24 Oct
leave it to jacobin to take an issue like the antivax movement to express sympathy for reactionary white ppl, many of them upper class, & fail to examine the very real reasons for skepticism around vaccines by poor poc here & abroad bc they were routinely experimented on.
some may say i am unnecessarily hard on jacobin, but i say, as a former fan of the publication, that things have gone down considerably. their pieces all seem to boil down to thinly-veiled white grievance politics w/a façade of social democracy by way of appeals for m4a.
the antivax mvmnt in the US is primarily a top-down effort led by wealthy white ppl who extend their hatred from govt (which comes from a hatred of taxation) but unique love for right-wing authoritarianism to the realm of science. some of their conspiracy theories reach the poor+
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16 Oct
i think about this a lot in terms of what it SHOULD have looked like had we done an ACTUAL lockdown. i have some ideas (next few tweets), but i'm curious about what people think
what i think the govt should have done:
1) immediately send everyone washable masks & a few N95s & issue a nationwide mask mandate (w/out police enforcement)
2) force corporations to mass manufacture & distribute ppe
3) redistribute food to reduce waste+
(that food shld be mass distributed via food staple boxes to limit ppl's need to go to the grocery store)
4) freeze all debt, incl mortgages, rent, utilities, & loans (incl credit cards) & allow for *incremental* repayment (not forced lump sum)+
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24 Sep
it's astounding that at a time like this,amid a pandemic that's killed over 200k in this cntry,as police brutalize w/impunity,as we languish under the greatest recession in our history,the lrgst socialist publication in the country is standing up for karens,incels,& anti-maskers
dems always neglect black voters,& we already know what republicans do. why copy them? if we're lucky enough to hv a socialist candidate for president in 2024,i don't want anyone scratching their heads abt why black ppl aren't flocking to vote for them. the answer writes itself.
there was so much commentary disparaging blm & related protesters. there was handwringing over antifa (yes, even among so-called "socialists"). and yet the ppl they defend are our literal class enemies. they want us dead, & that's whom they break their necks to stand up for.
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22 Sep
jacobin: "we're rooting for everybody white"
(or so the bulk of their content has indicated increasingly for the past few yrs. yes, support the working class, regardless of race, but you shld not project upon them an unrealistic idea of who they are as racist, sexist, etc, when you are actually just talking abt yourselves)
(and, worse still, is that if they met and worked with actual working class people on a regular basis, they would know this, but they don't. they only have their fellow upper/middle class friends as reference)
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19 Sep
i honestly wonder if the ppl saying this have a full understanding of the ways conservatives hv been dismantling abortion rights throughout the country for the past 20 yrs. ppl are already driving 100s of miles to even get contraception or prenatal care, god forbid an abortion.+
the country has a dearth of medical facilities, esp in rural areas. healthcare in this country is a luxury item, with exorbitant prices even for ppl WITH insurance. these are problems ppl like bernie & susan sarandon hv been trying to fix & that are thwarted by ppl like the op+
this is all tied in with abortion rights, as a program like m4a would treat them as medical procedures and cover them. your employer wouldn't be able to limit your freedom of choice (like they can under obamacare) bc they wld be entirely disconnected from the mgmt of healthcare
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15 Sep
the only point i would add to this is that the US has its own very dark history of medical violence, esp toward poc, some of which inspired the nazis, & we shld be careful abt using atrocities that happened elsewhere for comparison when they actually happen here all the time
while the holocaust was absolutely a horrifying genocide, the US state has a tendency of talking abt the holocaust as the ultimate evil less to recognize it as such & more to use it as a foil to downplay its own genocidal practices, past and present+
in elementary & high school history in the US, not only are the atrocities committed against indigenous & african ppl by colonists not framed as acts of genocide,the details thereof are barely mentioned. we know details abt the holocaust bc it was "another country's" act+
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12 Sep
since getting pregnant and having a baby, i end up watching a lot of mommy/parent youtube, and jfc some of the commentary from these people is SO triggering, esp rich moms. they babble on about the products they buy their children, their push presents, their nannies...it's a lot.
one has continued to have her nanny come throughout the pandemic and had the audacity to say her life was out of control. her nanny comes in the morning to take care of her two kids and leaves at 5:30 pm.
every day
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10 Sep
in light of the trump stuff, i keep finding myself wondering how much did the scientific community in the US know & did they say anything. covid-19 had already been in china for months by the time it hit hard in the US. was there no communication btwn the SC in china & the US?+
i remember michael osterholm as one of the ppl speaking out early on abt preparation. he did an interview on joe rogan's podcast that went viral (no pun intended). i'll never forget that when i was in the NICU w/my daughter, the nurses wld gather around a computer to watch it.+
but at that time, few people, even in the science community in the US, were expressive about what to prepare for/how to prepare. masks were being debated. the prospect of airborne spread had not been mentioned in public to the best of my recollection.+
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10 Sep
as someone currently on the academic job market, all these gloom & doom posts from professors who have tenure, while clearly realistic, are not all that helpful. add to that the fact that so much of my work is community-focused (which i love) & less publication oriented, and whew
getting all the way honest here, i have easily been able to teach and directly impact more people through alternative educational spaces (social media, helping students outside of class, the podcast, book lists, etc) than some professors with tenure+
i am not saying that to brag. i am saying it as an indictment on the methods that some professors employ that prioritize their own work over the educational experience for their students+
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5 Sep
remember what i said the other day? here it is spelled all the way out:
in most of latin america, race is primarily abt phenotype. you know generally who is black or not on the terms set by your society. in our daily interactions in the IS, we judge race by appearance too. but we differ when it comes down to what we put on the paperwork. +
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4 Sep
can we talk abt how postdoc job apps that only allow 1 yr or less between phd completion & the start date & are so unrealistic for so many amid the pandemic & in general re: ppl who hv changes in life cicumstances?!
it is ridiculous to me how higher ed at ALL levels are just pretending like there is no pandemic. capitalism is a trip.
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2 Sep
I'm going to post a fundraiser for kids in rio to get the tech necessary for online learning as the pandemic rages in brazil & the govt is doing nothing abt it (sound familiar?)
are there any similar fundraisers happening for public schools in the US? If so, pls post them below.
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27 Aug
democrats have some kind of nerve flooding youtube with campaign donation requests while they are leaving their constituents twisting in the wind with no healthcare, jobs, or food & housing security
let's be honest: there's only a handful of democrats actually fighting for us. the rest of sitting up collecting a check, all the while sh*tting on poor ppl who need assistance NOW (i'm looking at you, jim "we don't need a handout" clyburn)+
as i've mentioned before, he "represents" one of the poorest (maybe THE poorest?) districts, but knocks down every single progressive initiative that would help them disproportionately. these ppl are thieves and frauds. primary this wing of the party into oblivion.
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16 Aug
the more i learn abt kamala harris, her sister, their family, their upbringing, the more depressed i feel that they didn't use their experiences as the basis to be forces for good. the women they antagonize are very much like them. perhaps that proximity makes the cruelty easier.
kamala's sister maya had a child when she a teenager and has lupus. she could have been helped tremendously by something like free universal childcare and medicare for all.
kamala herself attended public school as a child and then howard university, an hbcu. young people who had expriences like hers could benefit greatly from the college for all program, which is also designed to help students at hbcus.
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13 Aug
i get a lot of gofundme boost requests, and some fall through the cracks bc they go to my spam folder or get drowned by other dms. SO please add them here & i will RT into the thread. Please serious requests only; priority for health & housing needs.Thanks!
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30 Jul
i was just abt to post smthg to this effect when it popped up on youtube. that bit abt white suffragettes catering to racists st the expense of their black peers in the movement feels awfully familiar.+
but sadly so does the part abt men ocershadowing & taking/beingn given credit for the work of black women in the civil rights movement (among many others). this still happens,& many of the same criticisms i level at white online leftists re: poc can be applied to men of color+
what women of color say is heard but dismissed, only to be recognized when it is said by a man. we are only listened to conveniently when we are confirming smthg a man agrees w/us abt (often an idea he got from us anyway). & those same men will skip over us to promote themselves.
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30 Jul
i wrote this in 2017 and ppl literally told me i was imagining things. now that anti-idpol and cancel culture handwringing are the central focus of a bit chunk of the online left, those ppl have probably gone even further right
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24 Jul
ummm i am totally ok with doing that. we do it all the time. the test is always whether or not there was dissent to these actions - like the slave trade - in real time, incl by the victims, and, yes, there absolutely was. Image
no ma'am
"Nigerian journalist and novelist Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani writes that one of her ancestors sold slaves, but argues that he should not be judged by today's standards or values."
full article here
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23 Jul
not really sure how anyone can say w/a straight face that poc & lgbtq issues aren't in line w/working class interests when poc/lgbtq ppl disproportionately occupy lower economic levels (aka make up a huge chunk of the working class). +
they want to place a limit on the scope of rights instead of expanding them, which is ultimately a conservative argument. we can hv greater workers' rights alongside legislation in favor of trans rights, affirmative action, & ending police brutality. they're not at odds.
just to add: the most tragic part of all of this, in the mismanagement of campaigns & the exclusionary rhetoric, is that when leftists lose, the very groups the aforementioned types antagonize suffer the most.+
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22 Jul
just fyi, k/n95 masks are available for purchase in bulk on ebay and amazon for decent prices. choose a US-based seller for quick delivery. as more and more comes out abt this, we need to protect ourselves fully.
note: i am not advising people to hoard, but to be prepared. if you know someone in need who cannot afford masks, please help them as well.
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21 Jul
after dilma was taken out via coup, her fascistic vp temer took over & defunded federal programs, pensions, education, & social safety nets workers relied on. he also sent the military to occupy rio de janeiro. moments like this remind me of what i saw happening in real time+
the left in brazil was fractured then as ours is now, but, unless i missed something, i didn't see people whining abt so-called "cancel culture" or black people speaking out against discrimination. leftist discourse in some alternative outlets here is so incredibly shallow. +
there is all this handwringing about "identity politics" as it supposedly overshadows class solidarity, but then little is said abt how to actually bring together the working class. show upon show is dedicated to so-called "cancel culture" and little else+
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