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phd candidate | history | research: multiracial leftist organizing in cold war era brazil+lusophone africa | falo português | #LeftPOC+@LeftPOC creator | she
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some americans are going through hardships now, however minor, for the first time in their lives, and this *temporary* degree of food insecurity - at least in terms of access to their normal goods - is STILL not enough to turn things around. gotta wonder what it will take. like...we literally are having trouble stocking food and supplies again, much like at the start of the pandemic, and no one seems to just stop and think, "hey, maybe the unmitigated spread of a deadly disease is making the workers we rely on rly sick to the point of death"
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i have worn n95 masks since as early as i could get them in 2020. i have taught in them. i have traveled by train in them. i have been on public transportation in them. and i can offer some tips on how to wear, care, & store them. here you go: 1. FIT: proper fit is VERY important for it to work 95% (or more!) filtration.
-SLOWLY put on ur mask (u don't want to snap the bands or hit yourself in the face)
-mold the nose area w/BOTH hands
-crisscross the straps of the mask at the back of ur head if u need a tighter fit
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[thread/share widely]
I'm still taking N95 requests.
DM me if you're:
-an outward-facing worker
-in *financial need*
& i'll send you a packet of certified NIOSH 3M N95 masks for free

pls see next tweet to donate or see financial info Image u can send donations to support my efforts via:
paypal: paypal.me/wendimuse
venmo: account.venmo.com/u/WendiMuse
cashapp: $WendiMuse
(pls spell my name correctly so it goes to the right place)

here's the financial info:

pls see next tweet for mask sources
Jan 12 4 tweets 1 min read
sending out shipment #2 (ppl who made requests on monday) today/tomorrow. also set to receive another shipment today and will be making more orders! if you are in financial need & want N95s (or to donate to my efforts), please see:
Jan 8 12 tweets 4 min read
this is a running list of where i have found certified N95 masks at decent prices (under $1.50 each, often much less).

1) 3M's page directly then visiting supplier pages 2) stauffer glove and safety (@StaufferGlove)

Jan 8 5 tweets 1 min read
my toddler's school had 3 snow days this wk. we kept to our plan to keep her home bc of omicron regardless of what they did. kids enter only their classroom & dont mix w/ other groups. they have hepa filters in every room & the hallway. but i'm agonizing abt what to do next wk. the teachers wear masks, as do all parents at pickup and drop off. but many of our children are too young for vaccines. some, like my daughter, are too young to even max. i'm still so angry i have to even consider this decision.
Jan 6 5 tweets 1 min read
rapid tests are back in stock at sam's club
samsclub.com/p/on-go-covid1… also back at walmart: walmart.com/ip/InteliSwab-…
Jan 6 4 tweets 1 min read
the teachers striking arent just doing so for their own safety (although that wld be justified too),but they are doing so w/their students in mind. they know in-person learning is better. they wouldnt hv become teachers otherwise. they want to keep kids safe even when govts dont. i have friends who teach at many different academic levels and every single one of them, some of whom are parents themselves, see in-person classes right now as an unnecessary risk. temporary virtual/alternative approaches will save lives.
Jan 5 4 tweets 1 min read
just RTing this for folks looking for n95 masks in increments of 50 or more at a discount and with free shipping ULINE has masks for sale (limit 1 carton of 20 per customer)
Dec 26, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
for the 9 billionth time: the use of "x" & "e" in the place of otherwise gendered suffixes in spanish & portuguese was not an invention of western elites & the more y'all say that sh*t the more u are erasing the work of marginalized groups in latin america u pretend to care abt. i first saw it used in blogs run by black women in brazil in around 2008/2009 (the "x" had been floating around in feminist spaces for a while anyway).+