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13 Jan
🧵 Yesterday #SCOTUS sided with Trump to reinstate the requirement that people have to receive medication abortion in person. It’s the first abortion case with Amy Coney Barrett on the bench—and it’s bad news for reproductive freedom. But what does it all mean? We'll explain.
During the pandemic, a federal judge blocked the requirement that people get one of the pills for medication abortion, mifepristone, in person. Medication abortion is incredibly safe and effective, so the in person requirement is completely medically unnecessary.
And during a pandemic, it’s actually harmful to make people travel to a doctor, clinic, or hospital to get medication abortion. It exposes them to unnecessary #COVID19 risk at a time when healthcare should be more accessible, not less.
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15 Sep 20
🧵 It took about a day, but here we are. The anti-choice movement is bending over backwards to justify its continued support of Trump and his administration after a whistleblower revealed the reproductive coercion and oppression at an ICE detention center.
Instead of calling out Trump and ICE for these horrific human rights abuses and the reproductive coercion they have subjected immigrant women to, they’re spreading disinformation about abortion and Planned Parenthood—and attacking Democratic lawmakers. Sounds about right.
They used the same deflection tactics back in 2018, when “the most pro-life administration ever” separated thousands of children from their families. What was the response from SBA List, an anti-choice advocacy group? “We refrain from public comment on immigration.”
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11 Sep 20
🧵 THREAD: Trump just released an updated #SCOTUS shortlist filled with anti-choice extremists. Why now? The timing of this release is *very* intentional. It's all part of Trump's tried and true strategy to attack reproductive freedom whenever he's feeling threatened.
Trump released another shortlist in September 2016, right before the Access Hollywood tapes revealed the true depths of his misogyny. While fellow Republicans called on him to drop out, he spread disinformation about abortion on the debate stage.
Fast forward to February 2019, when Trump tried to distract people from his plummeting approval ratings after the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. What did he do? Spread disinformation about abortion later in pregnancy during his #SOTU speech.
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13 Feb 19
Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and anti-choice activists are stacking the courts with far right-wing judges that will strip away our rights. @SenateDems should be doing EVERYTHING they can to stop it—but instead, @SenatorSinema is trying to elevate an anti-choice extremist judge.
.@SenatorSinema was elected last year in large part due to a wave powered by women voters who wanted to put a check on this anti-choice administration. You can’t claim you are an advocate of women while elevating right-wing judges who will inflict long-term damage to our cause.
Michael Liburdi, the anti-choice extremist supported by @SenatorSinema, has an EXTENSIVE record of opposing #ReproFreedom. He acted as chairman of the AZ "Right to Life" PAC for 5 yrs & helped AZ Gov Ducey pass a law requiring women to justify their reason for having an abortion.
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5 Apr 18
BREAKING: Kevin Williamson, who called for women who’ve had an abortion to be hanged, was just 𝗳𝗶𝗿𝗲𝗱 from @TheAtlantic in the face of mounting pressure from pro-choice activists, NARAL, @UltraViolet & the media. #FireKevin
Extremists like Kevin Williamson deserve condemnation—NOT a byline to espouse racist, misogynist, right-wing extremism. Normalizing violence against women who are making these important decisions about their own bodies & lives is unacceptable. #FireKevin
Calling for the death and punishment of 25% of American women is unconscionable. Yet men like Kevin Williamson are given the benefit of the doubt, second chances, and national platforms time and time again.
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25 Sep 17
THREAD: #GrahamCassidy isn’t just bad for women's health - it’s catastrophic. Here are FIVE things you need to know:
1. #GrahamCassidy wld block care at @PPFA, leaving many w/ nowhere to turn for basic care like cancer screenings & birth control. #DoNoHarm
1 in 5 women rely on @PPFA. Over half of PPFA patients rely on Medicaid. 56% of PP clinics are in underserved areas. #DoNoHarm #SaveMedicaid
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