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May 18 20 tweets 13 min read
0/It's time for us to bring this topic up for discussion. 

This thread will help you understand the difference between USN/NEAR and UST/LUNA 
Both are algorithmic stablecoin, but what differentiate USN/NEAR, for them to prevent the same tragic crash that happened to UST and LUNA TLDR 😅

4 Main reasons why $USN is different from $UST

1/ Smart working mechanism of $USN

2/ $USN owns a more sustainable mechanism than $UST

3/ $USN is just getting started, hasn't fallen into the FOMO phase yet

4/ The stability of the @NEARProtocol ecosystem
May 18 5 tweets 26 min read
Checkout Dapps landscape on @NEARProtocol 🤑

Which project are you most interested in and would like to know more about it? 😍

Let us know by commenting on this thread 👍

#NEAR #AURORA @NEARProtocol Upcoming Dapps on $NEAR and $AURORA Ecosystems (1):

May 17 4 tweets 5 min read
Numbers never lie 😎

While the market fluctuated strongly with a series of incidents. 😭

$NEAR's TVL has quadrupled since 6 months ago. 🔥

#Solana #Avax #Polygon #BSC #ETH #Near #AURORA 1/ Check it out: 👈

TVL on blockchain ecosystems in 6 months
#NEAR +462%

#Solana -56,5%
#Avax -58.2%
#Trx -58.5%
#Polygon -42.5%
#BNBchain -48.0%
#ETH -51.%
May 12 7 tweets 7 min read
Witnessing the collapse of a financial giant @terra_money when hit by a death spinral caused $UST to lose its peg and $LUNA to drop 97% it value, making #Lunacrash the top 1 trending search

What will the $USN of @NEARProtocol do if the market loses confidence in the stable coin? Image @terra_money @NEARProtocol 1/ The article is referenced from: 👈

Here is the mechanism of $USN on #NEAR to avoid negative market impact 👇