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I like fishing with patterns. Evil exists. We live in Biblical times. Christian. Patriot. Neuro-. 🇬🇭-blood. Ephesians 6:12 (KJV) rt, l & f ≠ endorsement
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6 Aug
Boom. Tag = instant connection to main frame and automatic update.

No tag is low tweets and sometimes late or maybe no update.
Here you see I wait a whole minute and nothing happens for a whole minute. The moment I press 'like' and/or 'RT' the number gets updated. This happens with small accounts too.
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1 Aug
1/ Demons. What are they? To understand demons, you have to have notion of biopsychology, at least. Bruce Lipton has shared that thoughts epigenetically translate codons (3 genes = amino acid = building block) too. Activated tentacles that wrap your DNA!

2/ When your histones get acetyl-, methylated to wrap or unwind your DNA for DNA polymerase to copy into mRNA to assembly right enzymes based on three genes (codons) with tRNA's, your cells make different proteins and enzymes to deal with its local and paracrine environment.
3/ For example, when thinking about Death, you automatically respond in manifesting cellular changes that overall sum up to your state. Your body's hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal gland axis shifts into a sympathetic state, which is an 'action' state. Fight, flight, or freeze.
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16 May
1/ Deep State infil. Algeria back 1991?
2/ [Assad tries to make peace deal in 2008]

Claims International Atomic Energy Agency will misuse narrative

Sarkozy determins Bouteflikka 'Over'

Bouteflikka pays $422,000 to Clinton Foundation

Clinton's ignore PLEA [2010]

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20 Mar

1/ Full resolution of symptoms after viral infection subsided (> day 7).

"The emergence and rapid increase in activated CD38+HLA-DR+ T cells, especially CD8+ T cells, at days 7–9 preceded the resolution of symptoms. "
2/ However, suppressed antibody-secreting cells were observed in #COVID19 patients.

According to this article about half of the patients experience digestive symptoms.

3/ "Patients with digestive symptoms had a significantly
longer time from onset to admission than patients without digestive symptoms (9.0 days vs.
7.3 days). Overall, people without digestive symptoms appeared to be more likely to ...
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9 Mar
1. Somehow the focus is now #vitaminD, which is false, high levels of vitamin D do not correlate with #Mortality mortality in Acute Respiratory Distress Symptoms (cytokine storm), but...

2. ... Vitamin C does, however, clinical protocols for hospitalized septic patients fail to normalize ascorbic acid levels. Vitamin C exerts potent “pleotropic effects” when used as described in report (->). Septic patients receiving high dose intravenous vitamin C exhibit ...
3. ....significant reduction in multiple organ injury and reduced inflammatory biomarker levels. Subnormal plasma ascorbic acid concentrations in septic patients correlate inversely with the incidence of multiple organ failure and directly with ...

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