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12 Jan
What fucking pansies; all this garbage that if we don’t back off, it will inflame the terrorists- I MEAN WHAT COUNTRY ARE YOU FROM?

Are you fucking kidding me? We don’t want upset the terrorists?!?!?

I was told a long time ago that facts can give a fuck about my feelings.
I am told we are the greatest nation in history and 3,000 toothless illiterate jackasses show up with zip ties and we surrender?!

My father, god rest his soul, would strap up right now age 77, climb into his tank and take his division right thru MAGA.

The nerve. Fuckouttahere
Weren’t The Republicans the party of the Military?! What the fuck happened to that?

I have never seen a bigger bunch of - excuse me for the word - pussies in my life.

Lindsey Graham on TV today asking for unity after the first plane hits the tower.

Are you fucking kidding me?
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9 Jan
Donald Trump just joined Morse Code.
Update: Donald Trump is now banned from Morse Code.
Donald Trump has invested in carrier pigeons.
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10 Nov 20
Someone needs to go on air, with authority, tell the Fox News bubble: The Network, Donald Trump and most importantly The Republican Party is lying to them. Not in a fake-news kind of way. That’s not what this is.

What Mitch and Barr did today was straight-up textbook Fascism.
@MittRomney needs to go down to Mitch’s office and tell him this bullshit continues one more day, he is leaving The Republican Party.

Someone has to be brave enough to stop this nonsense.
He won’t. No one will. They will use the excuse they can’t do that to their constituents blah blah blah.

At the very best; it’s one last con to milk money out of the cult.

The other scenarios are frightening.
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10 Nov 20
No one:

History: Election under the worst circumstances (pandemic), under the worst leadership (Trump) while having the highest vote total in US History no matter what the fascist say; it’s a clean vote because

<Checks notes>

The Founding Fathers created a federal mail system.
It worked.
All of a sudden these Constitutional Originalist seem to neglect that part.
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7 Nov 20
@AOC already causing trouble. I heard The President-Democrat -Elect told us to calm the waters. Start finding common causes to unite behind. The leader of The Party and the man who has the most votes EVER - cause we’re looking for leadership - and she goes pissing in the wind.
The most pathetic part, and sorry but I know some of those guys and they did it for country.

But here is the most pathetic part and why it’s so insulting.

When asked on 60 Minutes would they have done this for Bernie Sanders and without hesitation they all said

Lastly and I’m this to rest not that anyone cares.

She is missing the point. They represent The Reagan Democrats, The McCain Republicans. These right of center people are homeless.

I know I’m one of them.
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19 Oct 20
I just saw Hunter Biden’s Laptop without a mask.
I just saw Hunter Biden’s Laptop throw down a reverse windmill 360 dunk in Venice.
I just had a bite of Hunter Biden’s Laptop Creme Brûlée and it’s to die for.
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4 Oct 20
Jamie Harrison to Lindsey Graham:

“You remind me of playing Monopoly with my son. The rules change every game.”

Drag him Jamie. Drag him to hell and leave him there.
Jamie Harrison is destroying Lindsey Graham. I mean absolutely destroying him.

South Carolina, this is such an easy choice.
The debate between Jamie Harrison and Lindsey Graham might be the first debate that will get called due to a mercy rule.

It’s that bad for Lindsey.
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2 Oct 20
Ummmm this just aired on CNN.

“What about the children that are separated?”

Melania Trump: “give me a fucking break”

Yes. Seriously.
I don’t have video grabbed screen grab in thread here h/t @SierraTangoNYC Image
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28 Sep 20
Yeah. No.

None of them get a pass.

You support putting little children in cages, separate them from their mommies and daddies, I feel nothing for you.

Absolutely nothing.

My message to Brad Parscale in his ordeal with whatever he is going thru; is this...

It is what it is.
Don’t @ me.

1. No, I’m not better than that.

2. My name is not Michelle Obama.

I’ll go low with you every single day and twice on Sunday.

And today is Sunday.
I’ll do you one better.

I don’t buy it.

Until I see him drooling with his hospital gown on backwards and talking in tongues; I don’t believe anything these guys say or do.
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27 Sep 20
1/ My 7 year old daughter was having a sleep over and her friend got scared and typical wanting to call mommy, etc.

My daughter said to her friend “I have a secret to make you feel better.”

So they walk away into the other room.
2/ They come back 2 minutes later and whatever my daughter told her friend; worked and she was ok now.

Very proud of her.

We sit, have dinner and her brothers, - 2x 11 years - egg them on to tell them what the secret was to make everything better.

She won’t say.
3/ My wife got a mani-pedi set and they had spa night with the girls, while the boys and I watched the Lakers game.

My wife and while doing her nails tried as well to find out what was said to make everything ok.

Still they won’t say a word.
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25 Sep 20
“Why did we receive 1,000 F Trump stickers in the mail today?”

3 kids sitting quietly - guilty look.

“Want to answer me or your mother? I would pick me.”

7 year old girl:

“But Daddy, she told us to! She said when see a car with Trump flags we put this on their windshield.” Image
I am literally married to the coolest woman ever.
2x 11 year old boys.

1x 7 year old girl.

One boy is really into politics and asks a lot of questions about America and is very inquisitive.

The other boy is the class clown, loves the TikTok Pranks and is always the one stealing my phone.

The 7 year old girl is the boss.
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25 Sep 20
Bryant Johnson, a man Ruth called “the most important person” in her life (after her family, of course), was RBG’s trainer and if you know their story; this is a heartbreaking.❤️ 🙏

Good work Bryant and thank you for trying to keep her healthy to the end.
In the RBG Doc; there's a storyline between Bryant and Ruth which shows the great responsibility Bryant knew he had.

A wonderful, beautiful storyline in her life, and when they make the movie on her I hope they include Bryant as a significant character in her life, cause he was.
And darn it, I told y'all, no cutting onions while on this machine. I'm not crying, you're crying.
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22 Sep 20
Dems, what are you prepared to do?
Seriously; all these half-measures...such a weak party.

Feinstein backing down.
Kaine backing down.

Talking about filibusters and all. Get the fuck out of here. Fight. Play poker. Tell them if you win House, Sen and WH, all this shit will be reversed.

Time to chuck Schumer.
They are talking like, ‘oh we shouldn’t break norms and tradition.’

Meanwhile GOP is running circles around you. They are cheats and a liars, and when not kissing babies they are stealing their lollipops.

Arrest the subpoena folks. Start articles of impeachment for Barr, Etc.
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20 Sep 20
Watching our kids surfing from the beach, my wife lifts up her head from her book, turns to me...

“I hate Mitch McConnell so much I would unplug his ventilator to charge my phone.”

Then went back to her book.
The venom and motivation these fools just did with white suburban women is not really being fully realized.
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19 Sep 20
Does anyone have international followers and friends?

Tonight, universally they are coming into our timelines and genuinely express deep concern for us. People are legitimately worried for us.

Anyone else getting these messages in their TL?
Bottom line.

We’re stuck here.

There is no threat of ‘if-he-wins-I’m-outta-here’.

Because currently we Americans are prohibited to stand on 90% of the land on planet earth.

This is it folks. Stay and fight. Cause you have no choice.
Remember; we’re not stuck in here with them. They are stuck in here with us.
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18 Sep 20
Biden’s strategy of acting like a human is a bold move here.

Why isn’t he attacking and cuttting off people when they ask questions?
I can’t believe he hasn’t gone down a tangent yet...it’s like he isn’t even trying to embarrass himself, what the hell is going on here.
In the next hour: if he doesn’t claim that Lighthouses cause cancer or something; he’s going to lose my vote.
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16 Sep 20
If you take out The Red States, we would have better:

Lower Crime
Divorce rate
Lower Poverty
Lower Taxes

Every single measure of success would go up.

So what’s your point?
Should we report our national statistics by red state or blue state.

Sure, let’s do it.

United States Educational System is ranked #27 in the world. Take out Red States we become #7 (Source: US News and World Report)
Currently America is a 50% Divorce rate.

If you only do divorce rates in Blue States vs Red States it’s a

39% Blue States
61% Red States
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16 Sep 20
Let’s all vote with a herd mentality to vote for Joe on November 3rd.
You know what’s even crazier; ‘herd mentality’ was like the listed at number 100 of the weirdest things he said tonight.
But does anyone know what Herd Immunity is and what the min. % threshold is for Herd Immunity?


328 million people in the US

328.2 x 60% = 197 Million ppl

COVID US death % is about 2.9%.

So that's 5.9 Million deaths for herd immunity.

Just 5.7 Million to go.

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15 Sep 20
My wife, used to work as a model taught me The "you-know-what-I-mean" line is the most condescending line you can say to a woman who is of higher stature than you and flat out disrespectful to any woman which is used as cover to demean.

But Jim picked the wrong woman this time.
"You-Know-what-I-Mean" is used by photographers who think they are working with amateur models to marketing VP's for designer labels to get the woman to do another inch off the shoulder, push the boobs together, etc. I saw it with my own eyes and then noticed it in my workplace.
Men should take that line "you-know-what-i-mean" and remove it from their vernacular; it creates such tension on so many multiple levels and it creeps me out hearing that line cause its the gateway-drug to further debasement of women in other areas.

Cut this shit out guys.
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11 Sep 20
Bitch, please. The Blue States has been bailing Red State broken illiterate asses since 1865.

Red states take in 2x as much $ from the feds than they put in.

Blue States get half.

Sit the fuck down
One more thing, to you red state MAGAts bitching about socialism, I agree with you.

This blue state capitalist is sick and tired of funding your states.

Without us, your trailer park wouldn’t even have electricity and you’d have to kiss your sister in the dark.
Buy your own damn traffic light. We pay your way, so as I said to Donnie Donuts - sit all the way the fuck down.

You want to get rid of Socialism? I think I can speak for all Blue State Capitalist when I say, we’ll be more than happy to turn off the valve.
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