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Eternally optimistic Literary Agent at @Bookendslit Genderqueer 🏳️‍🌈 ND; I laugh & love relentlessly. Repped by the phenomenal @4triciaskinner
Oct 24, 2022 14 tweets 3 min read
I'm sitting down to read 50 queries + Tweet some of the positive thoughts I have while reading. #amquerying is TOUGH, and I want you to know what things hit in a good way whether it leads to a request or rep or not. #querytip
🧵 Comp titles used well! "The *atmosphere descriptors* and *character stakes* of X Title meets the *writing quality* of Z Author."
Nicely done.
Sep 6, 2022 9 tweets 2 min read
I know it's a neurodivergent thing, but I do *way* too much anxious overthinking about the ❤️ button on this here app. If I ❤️, does it imply agreement? Celebration? What I'd I just think it's a good comment but don't agree? What if it's a sad thing that shouldn't be celebrated? What if I ❤️ without commenting&gets taken out of context? What if I comment without ❤️-ing and that reads passive-aggressive? What if I ❤️ but the thread gets expanded in a way I didn't intend to show support for? What if I ❤️ bc I love a sentiment but don't know the backstory?
Jun 7, 2022 28 tweets 6 min read
While we are talking about query trench frustration: I've been mulling over some thoughts about form v. personal response, how much feedback to give in a pass, and my own personal conflict with the idea of giving a lot of "helpful" feedback in a pass. 🧵
#amquerying #querytip A disclaimer: just speaking my thoughts here, which do not reflect a challenge to any other conversation on the topic. I don't scroll here a lot lately because my own mental health has been a significant challenge since my Jan surgery. I'm not trying to speak with authority.
Jan 30, 2022 32 tweets 8 min read
I am so, so thankful for the queries I have been reading while recovering from surgery. And the full manuscripts. I've noticed some trends for what catches my eye in a positive way in a query, so, a thread! As always: just my opinion. There are many right ways to do things.
🧵1/ Brief intro: "Dear Naomi, I'm pleased to send you my GENRE novel, TITLE. Packed with THEME/MOOD/GENRE-EXPECTATIONS, this ADJECTIVE story will appeal to fans of COMP TITLE and COMP TITLE." And from here, immediately into the blurb about the book.