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‼️‼️‼️Excerpts from an article by Medusa about Ukrainian children in Russia.

This article explains the institutionalized brainwashing Ukrainian children are subjected to and it uncovers Russia’s future plan - to make an industry importing Ukrainian children into Russia.

It also gives a clue as to why the Russian State Duma wants to lower the age of kids going to jail for sabotage from 16 to 14.

“The exact number of Ukrainian children forcibly taken to Russia during the war is unknown - according to Kyiv, we are talking about almost 20,000.

Russian officials are persuading Ukrainian children to forget about their homeland - and convince them that their parents will never come to take them home.

The authorities are confident that they will be able to "re-educate" the stolen children.

To find out how this system works, the special correspondent of "Medusa" Lilia Yapparova studied thousands of documents and talked to employees of the Russian Ministry of Education, the main department responsible for the "indoctrination" of Ukrainian children.

"Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! - nationalist greeting."

"Katsaps, vatniki is a derogatory nickname of representatives of Russian nationality."

"Rashism is the unofficial name of the political ideology and social practice of the ruling regime of Russia at the beginning of the 21st century <...> The term was invented by Russophobes."

"The Marauder Federation - [so] Russophobes and extremists call the Russian Federation."

"Orcs - used by Russophobes and extremists for the offensive name of Russian servicemen"

These are quotes from a dictionary compiled in 2022 by the Ministry of Education of Russia. It is addressed to school teachers - so that they know what "signs of extremism on a nationalist basis" words and expressions Ukrainian children might use.”

Now Russian teachers face the task of "reorienting and establishing the Russian identity of the younger generation of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions," the documents say.

Examples of such "reorientation" are also given in them. For example, they are told about a schoolgirl from Zaporizhzhia, who published on social networks "a video of the burning of the Russian flag with anti-Russian comments" - and immediately became a defendant in a criminal case.

It is possible to prevent such "destructive manifestations" in Ukrainian children at the earliest stages, according to the department. Above all, immediately after they are taken out of Ukraine.

As stated in the specially developed manual "Accompanying teenagers who arrived from combat zones", such children can show "protest", "capriciousness", "distrust of adults", behave aggressively, express "ideas of personal superiority" - as well as in general "experience difficulties in looking at situations through the eyes of a neutral observer".

Teachers should help such a child who, according to the department, is already defitient when it comes to "knowledge" and "social skills", that are "present by default in Russian children."

The training manual says:

If you know that the child's family members died or went missing during the hostilities, [in your communication with the child] focus not on people, but on events...

Don't say "it's nothing terrible," "don't worry, they're in a better place," "they're looking at you from heaven"... Honestly tell the child that his loved ones have died or his house is destroyed... Say directly that they're dead.

Give the child the opportunity to go through the emotions. For example, if he's angry, let him tear paper.

As a result, the schoolchild should feel "a sense of pride in his country, patriotism, a sense of belonging to the country."”

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#Ukraine #Russia #RussiaIsANaziState #RussialsATerroristState #RissiaUkraineWarImage “The recommendations do not specify which country to be proud of. And since the war is the only reason why children found themselves in Russia - the manual of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation describes it as follows: "the complication of the geopolitical situation <...> prompting families <...> to forced resettlement."”

"Re-education" of Ukrainian children "on the basis of spiritual and moral values, historical and national-cultural traditions of the Russian Federation" has to last until graduation. As a result, teenagers should "form a Russian identity."

The source of "Medusa" in the Ministry of Education, who is well acquainted with the text of these manuals, calls them "intense b*llshit":

"Say they're dead," it's f*cked up. If a child does not know about the fate of his relatives, a simple "they died" is almost the worst thing to say. You need to find out first what the child knows about their fate, how he assesses their chances for the future, whether it makes sense to keep hope...

Nowhere is it argued why integration was chosen from the strategies [of working with Ukrainian children]. If we try to integrate children into our culture, it means no intention to return them to their native culture is even implied.

Moreover, [in theory] integration takes place in the environment of multiculturalism - where cultural diversity and respect for the culture of the non-dominant group are allowed. And now try to show respect for the Ukrainian language, anthem, coat of arms and you’d go to jail! Therefore, the integration of these children is impossible. Rather, it's about assimilation or marginalization.

The source in the department notes that the Ministry is concerned about the "integration" of Ukrainian children not only because it is instructed to do so.

The Ministry of Education is really afraid of them: "In our conversations Ukrainian children are potential terrorists. We are not morons - and we understand that Russia did not come to Ukraine "with peace and kindness." And that children who were taken from there to a hostile environment may begin to resist.
Maybe with the support from their Ukrainian relatives...

Behind the scenes, we argue this way, even at the level of leadership. But at the round tables, of course, they say that "Ukrainian children are the most wonderful."

The source adds that at the end of 2022, employees of the Ministry of Education began to prepare for potential terrorist attacks and sabotage directed specifically against their department.

The documents studied by Medusa include "armed attack" (including "using flammable liquids"), "hostage-taking", "explosive devices", "arson", "unmanned aircraft attack" among the threats.

The head of the federal charitable foundation, which also helps orphans, also heard about such fears (he talked to "Medusa" on condition of anonymity):

"The office understands that the integration of Ukrainian teenagers is an explosive situation, and they try to instruct both teachers and everyone else," he says. “Our schoolchildren are also pumped up with ideas about "fascists are in Ukraine" - and then suddenly a real "ukrofascist" is brought to their classroom”.

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