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3 Apr 20
If banks deploying @SBAgov funds (ie @BankofAmerica) by prioritizing people who they already loan to, MAKE NO MISTAKE about who will be left out of this equation. If you don't already know facts on this, here's a primer:

#StimulusBill #CARESAct #COVID19…
"Black applicants were rejected at more than double the rate of non-Hispanic white applicants on all types of loans, including conventional mortgages"

Imagine that.

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The overall rate of denials of mortgage applications from blacks was 18.4%...with 13.5% for Hispanics and 10.6% for Asians. For non-Hispanic whites, it was 8.8%.

The federal govt (@SBAgov) cannot allow distribution of this aid to magnify and exacerbate the bias already present.
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24 May 19

I was asked today to share my thoughts on the potential effect of what appears to be a mass exodus of talented #women from the #corporate world.

I thought perhaps it was a good time for a history lesson.

We don't have to wonder about the potential, we've already seen it. The last US recession impacted a lot of people (maybe except the bankers who caused it), but it hit women of color hardest. #truth #WOC

It represented one of the greatest losses of wealth in recent history and the demographic that was hit hardest is now the single most entrepreneurial group in the nation, women of color. Coincidence? Nope.

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