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Candidate for LA District Attorney 2024. Running to restore public safety and justice for all. Father. Husband. Community Leader. Frm. Ast. US AG.
May 15 24 tweets 6 min read
George Gascon’s recent removal of the prosecutors in the Rebecca Grossman case illustrates how unqualified he is to lead the country’s largest local prosecuting agency. A thread: 2) The Los Angeles criminal justice community was stunned this week to learn that Gascon had removed the prosecutors who won murder convictions against Grossman, citing a conflict of interest created by criminal charges being filed against his No. 3 in command.
Apr 25 13 tweets 2 min read
The shocking news that AG Bonta filed 11 felonies yesterday against Gascon’s top executive Diana Teran has significant implications for him, the County and the people of LA. Here are some questions the media should be asking (a thread): 1/ Why did Gascon hire Teran in 2021 when he knew she had been investigated in 2019 for allegedly illegally downloading sheriff’s deputies personnel records?…