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21 Aug 19
As Abu Dhabi owned club finds itself promoting Pride in Manchester, worth re-reading @Brian_Whit article from 2016 on what it means to be gay in Muslim countries…
@Brian_Whit And a fantastic piece by an anonymous Qatari… "I don’t want to raise the rainbow flag from the roof. But we need to find our own way. I want people to accept us. Live and let live – you don’t have to like me but you don’t have to persecute me."
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7 Nov 17
1. A thread about cronyism in #Manchester
2. In 2014 Sir Howard Bernstein was chief exec of Manchester City Council which did large commercial property deal with Abu Dhabi govt
3. Manchester City Council wrote an internal report which set out “the detailed commercial arrangements” of the deal with Abu Dhabi
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