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23 Mar
Different types of Company shares: Ordinary Shares versus Preference Shares

The Companies Act 71 of 2008 (“the Act”) provides for the authorisation and issue of various classes of shares by a company. Although shares can hold many different descriptions, shares can be basically divided into two categories, namely ordinary shares and preference shares.
Various different rights and obligations are attached to these categories of shares,from voting rights,preferential status related to payment of dividends and return of capital as well as obligation to comply with the provisions of a company’s memorandum of incorporation or “MOI”
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19 Mar
17 Best Small Business Opportunities in South Africa
South Africa is the second-largest economy in Africa and is ranked as an upper-middle-income economy by the World Bank. Growing and sizeable African middle class, establishing political environment, a good number of expatriates, and abundance of
natural resources altogether make South Africa one of the best countries in Africa for small business startup.

There are numerous small business opportunities in South Africa that can be started on either a low budget and even with no cost at all.
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18 Mar
List of 13 Funders/Investors on Start-ups and established Businesses

As the amount of money investors are channeling into Africa grows, consider approaching both local and international investors for your company than looking into Government Agencies and Banks only

Before you approach
Before approaching investors educate yourself in, at least, investment basics. Understand that they want to see how your business is going to make them money, especially if you want to exchange investment for debt rather than equity.
Goodwell Investments @GoodwellInvest
An Amsterdam based investment fund that offers microfinance and startup funding for African SMMEs. It also offers entrepreneurs’ assistance strategy, planning, fundraising, governance and reporting.
Link: goodwell.nl
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17 Mar
21 Ways of saving money in 2021

Money, moola, cash, dough, bucks … call it what you want, we could all use a little more of it around this time of year. But how? One way to stretch your rands is to spend less of them. Start thinking like a saver today. Here are 21 ways to save money to get you started.
1. Eat in
Keep a healthy snack with you, skip takeaways and swap restaurants for small, home-based dinners with friends and family and try to support local where possible.

2. Don’t skip breakfast
A healthy breakfast fills you up with energy for the day. This will stop you from
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17 Mar
Key Differences Between Funeral Cover And Life (Cover) Insurance

For so many people, things can get a little bit confusing when it comes to knowing the differences between Life Insurance and Funeral Cover. Where does the one begin and the other end? Here's everything you'll ever need to know.
Here's the simple explanation:

Funeral Insurance will cover many, if not all of the costs leading up to, and including, a funeral and the burial or cremation. Life Insurance, on the other hand, takes care of the people you leave behind after passing away.
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4 Mar
Step by Step Guide how to Buy shares on the JSE ( Johannesburg Stock Exchange )
Step 1: Finding the right share to buy
Buying shares isn’t simply a random process. You’ll have to do some solid research to determine which are the best JSE shares to buy at the specific time you’re looking to enter into the stock market.
Take note that you can’t independently buy shares – you have to find a registered stockbroker who will purchase them on your behalf. But before you get to that stage, it’s essential to gain an understanding of the workings of stock market and the process of buying shares on JSE.
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3 Mar
How Mentees Can Get The Most Out Of Their Mentorship
To aid your self-assessment of your performance as a mentee, consider:

1. Why do mentors mentor?
2. What do you as a mentee expect to get out of a mentorship?
3. What does your mentor expect from you as a mentee?
4. What attitude should you hold as a mentee?
1. Why do mentors mentor? What can a mentor gain from mentoring?
Mentors can gain power and identity, as well as grow their business. The most powerful individuals have many people who help them and whom they help. Your mentor may need you to be successful.
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2 Mar
15 Ways to Make Your Perfume Last Longer
[Thread] ImageImageImage
To make perfume last longer you will want to ensure the perfume is able to connect with your skin and stay put all day. To do this, you will want to follow as many of the below perfume rules as you are able to. It also covers how to make your perfume last longer in the bottle!
1. Apply right after your shower.
Starting with proper application helps ensure your fragrance lasts all day. For best results, apply your perfume right after you shower and dry off.
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1 Mar
Personal Branding Matters!
1 103 600 000, that is how many seconds you will have lived at the age of 35, technically you are Seconds billionaire. One way or the other you will have exchanged $1 Billion for monetary value and how much you got in return depends on the value you placed on
yourself or what others determined for you, taking into consideration the currency of your country. Reflecting on this makes one realise the importance of time and the importance of understanding oneself. How you behave and run your life determines the worth of the brand YOU.
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22 Feb
7. Excellent Ways to Get New Customers for your Business

1. Identify Your Ideal Client
It’s easier to look for customers if you know the type of consumers you seek. Without a composite of your ideal customer, you probably wouldn’t know where to start looking.
"Have a crystal clear picture of exactly who you're targeting,” says former OPEN Forum community member Nicole Beckett. “Think about what makes those types of people happy, sad, scared, relieved, and then think about how you can make their lives a little easier.”
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