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27 Sep
57÷3=19. Familiar number this year with covid 19? Also, 91=phoenix.
57×3=171 =return of the goldstandard
At the top 745=74+5=79=atomic number of gold.
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26 Sep
91 days left in the year. 91= phoenix.
40th Thursday. I always keep my eye on Thursdays in general because of bg123.
The 40th Thursday is always significant. 11:11 is 4 added for example. 275th in the year. Added is 77. 10th day of fall, a transition number and 81 days left till
Winter. 81=gold.
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25 Sep
David has been big about following the white rabbit in his messages with gematria and giving out 11s as well as his famous 113 113 posts. The green vertical bar is quite apparent with the basketball score. I wonder what the chances are? Time in vertical piece is 1:30pm=13 as well ImageImageImageImage
with the date of April 15th (important numbers). The date in the basket ball game of goldenstate warriors is January 17th or 117 which 117 ties back to gold. He does it at 1:10am = 11. November? Let's keep going. The green vertical bar no doubt represents Xrp. Flip the switch
moment. Not saying exactly in November, but he is showing the immediate future with Xrp here and gold. Now remember when David was in Japan and was eating "Japanese Pizza"? Check the date on the green vertical bar pic. April 15th right? Put April fifteenth in gematria. It lines ImageImageImageImage
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23 Sep
This life flashes by like a vapor in the wind. Your entire life is a moral test. Yes, you only live once. Use that for good rather than getting "wild and out". You can live like a king or queen without having to sell your soul. Loving other people genuinely is mentally healthy.
You're investing in yourself. Detach away from your past and pain caused by others. Its momentary. The outcome that matters is your progress. Being emotional is great and powerful, but do not let emotions wreck you like a lost sailor into rocks. I do not believe in Christ
consciousness. I believe in him living in my heart after acceptance. To put on his persona which transforms me and gives me that way of thinking when reading the word. Thats how you hear his voice and am able to do. The word made flesh. He allows you talk walk in true power
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22 Sep
What if the reason we see so much 911/119 symbology this year is because the year of transition is "in the numbers". So much destruction this year and it started in January with Australia's fires. Remember I said the numbers 10, 20, 30, and 40 were numbers of transition while
11, 21, 31, and 41 were those of rebirth? Well let's talk the numbers 9, 11, 20. So with 9/11 when added, its 20. The year 2020 is one of parallels and duality like the number 11. 2020=22. 11. Parallel numbers you see? 9 (the end) + 11(rebirth) = 20 (number of transition).
20 also is 2 in gematria. 9 + 2=11. 11 also consists of two 1s. 1 and 1. Also is 2 again. Like how I did "CKJ". C = 3
K= 11 (2) J=10(1). 3, 11, 10= 321.
Also, 11-9=2 like with 20. Basic math, but in a symboloic way with meaning.
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22 Sep

Remember Christmas in July? Donald Trump's "regulatory freedom" video? He had the number 44 behind him. Bretton woods 44 nations in the year 1944. 44 also = Xrp in gematria. Ty @PRX16925328 !
Let's get deeper. "6" locations with Trump "2020". Remember how i use math to do the dates? Well do 6 ×22(2020 in 6 locations)=132=123=321=33 when you add 2 and 1.
123,321,33 the result. Its time. Bg123 Christmas 🎄
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21 Sep
I have to be straight with you. I'm new to a lot of things on Twitter. Even "Cue" things I am new to. I understand by now what has happened and what things represent. In July I had no idea what was. Clean slate in this regards. I only knew what is and what was which is why
I do what I do. I never ripoff anyone and I am honest about who I am. I never lied about going back in time and crazy nonsense like being a insider. I just have things that help give me an edge into the future. Was only wrong about 2 things. The CCP bombing the dam at a specific
time, and the moment Xrp takes off. Numerology is tricky and I had to take a dose of my own medication to learn that its not dates but pathways. The CCP did bomb the dam though in different segments i was informed. But the decoding helped me solve that. I was one of the first
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21 Sep
I want to finish of the rest of the month with this. I hope you find it amusing. I want to multiply the month with the day and year combined.
9/20/2020 for example will be 9×202020 or 9×222. So on so forth.
9×222=1998. 1+8=9, 999
9×2122=19,098. 1+8=9, 999.
9×2222=19,998. Again, 9999
9×2322=20,898. Split 2 into 1 and 1. Add them to the 8s separately. 999.
9×2422=21,798. Add 2 to 7 and 1 to 8.
9×2522=22,698. Add first 2 to 6. 2-898.
Split 2 again into the 8s. 999.
9×2622=23,598. Add 3 to 5. 2-898. Split the 2, 999.
9×2722=24,498. Add 4 and 4. 2-898. 999 when 2 is split.
9×2822=25,398. Add 5 to 3 for 898. Split the first 2. 999
9×2922=26,298. Add 6 and second 2.
9×322=2,898 :)
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20 Sep
From @zizi472471470. The cube has what looks like a "Y" on with how it is shaped. Also a "Y" on the side. Y=25 numerically. Added is 7 from the Y on the cube and 7 from the side. 77 like Ds gif here and his Christmas with ethan beard. Gold theme. Doing things Image
in 3s, 25 ×3= 75. Reversed is 57.
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20 Sep
Breaking! Narrative! 101 time= 11. Bring in Xrp for transparency!
Xrp and gold from the 2 green numbers you see. 2×657=1,314. Pair the 1s, to make 11 and add 3 and 4. 7. 117=gold.
2×121=242. Add the twos =44=Xrp in gematria. Image
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20 Sep
Connecting the numbers to gold. Xrp people just happen to be there :)
Regulations and the golden apple by David
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20 Sep
Prepping. This article was from the 4th of September.…
Posted pic for clarification. Goodnight guys
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19 Sep
With Trump throwing that phrase out today. The White house on the 26th of August being lit up in purple, white, and gold. The 1st lady doing this symbology. The white house photos symbology with the sun. Uphold's shenanigans with Xrp and gold.

I have to ask, is the gold standard already here behind the scenes and they are trying to tell us?
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18 Sep
The sustainability of money eh? Because it's dying? Done at 501 time. 51÷3=17. Green like the picture here. Alchemical destruction to bring gold. Thats what green gold represents. Wiki this in relation to alchemy. 51×3=153=9 when added. 9/17 = green 17 51k Xrp glitch too
Their time difference is 201 instead =21=7+7+7.
Bottom of simpsons pic is 1331=level playing field Image
501 time 51k xrp glitch. Contained 589
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18 Sep
Uphold allowing you to use gold from their debit card! Got this 8 hrs ago. ImageImageImage
3rd pic 11/22= 33 in the upper right hand corner. 11:12=113. 1+2=3.
27 currencies. 27×3=81=gold in gematria.
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17 Sep
If decoders that were here way before my time start switching their game up and start using numerology, I'd think it was suspect. Why weren't they using it before to solve things? Just becareful of people who act like they know what is going but haven't the slightest clue.
I'm actually genuinely here to guide and help people through this storm. As long as possible. You don't really see anyone else telling you to PREPARE.
Thank you guys! 💪
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17 Sep
@JMarTV Thank you! I was right on the money! 10/10 with the "cue" post!!
Watch hands line up with mickey. This is about the market crash and gold! Lol wow…
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17 Sep
Just my take. 10 is the right hand of mickey. 2 his left. Also next to the left of 2 is "8" red lines. So you have 10-8-2 in numbers. Looks like a date almost near the great reset. Also 8+2=10 as well. 10-10 like on the phoenix coin here Ten10=1010=10/10=11. Also 10/1 is big. Image
Numerically powerful days. Just my opinion.
8 lines being over 1 makes it 18/81= gold in gematria. The background of Mickey is the sun=gold. New dawn
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17 Sep
8:36 is the time. 8+3+6=17. Tomorrow's date. Could be interesting.
Also, WSJ did the article at 7:22 lol. 2+2=4. 74. Things happen in 3s. 74×3=222. Ill post a link about 222 and where it pops up. Twenty to two.
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