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17 Oct
@Rlkaminski @icecube @realDonaldTrump One, he disavowed white supremacy multiple, MULTIPLE times.
Two, black unemployment was at an all-time low in February 2020.
Three, 9,000 Opportunity Zones were created in all states and 5 territories to create jobs in disadvantaged communities.
@Rlkaminski @icecube @realDonaldTrump Four, he signed the FIRST STEP Act into law, which is working toward improving the prison system and gives inmates better preparation for life outside.
Five, he launched a "Ready To Work Initiative" which works toward helping former prisoners find jobs.
@Rlkaminski @icecube @realDonaldTrump Six, he has supported Historically Black Colleges and Unis, and made them a top priority. Something Obama didn't do. He signs an Executive Order for them to establish an Interagency Working Group that will advance work regarding these schools.
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