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We are Jews, immigrants & allies taking action against ICE. We need to empty the detention centers before COVID turns them into death camps. Text NEVER to 83224
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9 Jul 20
Trump & ICE are moving closer and closer to their vision of white supremacy.

Here's some of what's going on JUST THIS WEEK:
1) ICE is planning on using a recent ruling to pull children away from their families. They can #FreeTheFamilies at any time, but instead, they choose this:

2) ICE is starting a "Citizen's Academy" in Chicago to train people on "firearms familiarization" and "targeted arrests".

They want to show civilians how to target, intimidate, and harm immigrants. This is, simply put, Nazi shit.

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4 Jun 20
Never Again means fighting for Black lives.

For everyone who follows us on Twitter but isn't on our mailing list, we want to share with you the email we sent out yesterday.

If you'd like to join the email list, you can do so here: neveragainaction.com/join-the-fight
This is an unprecedented multi-racial, inter-generational uprising for Black lives. We're all in.
Never Again was founded by Jews dedicated to sparing others the persecution, torture, & mass murder our people have suffered.

Black organizers are calling for us all to join the fight to end 400 years of their persecution, torture, & mass murder.

It is a call we must answer.
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15 May 20
Hey. I'm Ben, I write a lot of Never Again's tweets, and I never put my name on them.

Today is different. I'm crying, and as a human being I need everyone to know what ICE started doing yesterday, so we can stop them.

ICE calls it 'binary choice'. Really, it's Sophie's Choice.
There are still families in ICE camps. Mostly mothers locked up with their children.

It's crowded. It's dirty. It's dangerous.

These mothers are terrified they and their children are going to get sick and die.

ICE could just set them free. Here's what they're doing instead.
ICE is giving mothers this 'binary choice':

Option 1: You and your child stay locked in ICE detention indefinitely. Hope & pray that you both survive COVID.

Option 2: Save your child's life by giving them up. You stay locked up, but ICE send your kid to live with someone else.
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5 May 20
'1918 Pandemic Linked to Rise of Nazis, New York Fed Study Shows'

A thread, on how we prevent the men outside state capitols with masks & rifles from taking over the country:

The study's key takeaways:

🔴 More pandemic deaths = Nazi vote📈
🔴 More unemployment = Nazi vote📈
🔴 More historic anti-Semitism = Nazi vote📈
🟢 More govt. spending to help people = Nazi vote📉

Basically, we need to make sure ALL of us are healthy & fed, or we're doomed.
Never Again Action was created because we saw that Trump and ICE were dehumanizing and persecuting immigrants in ways that reminded us of the early days of Nazi Germany.
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1 May 20
Today is May 1st, #MayDay2020.

And tomorrow, May 2nd, is also an important day in labor history. Not in a good way.

On May 2nd, 1933, the Nazis stormed the offices of every German labor union in Germany, shut them down permanently, and put their leaders in concentration camps.
We didn't learn this in school, but German unions & the their members were the main source of resistance to Hitler.

They didn't vote for Nazis, they fought them in the streets.

That's why abolishing unions was basically the first thing Hitler did.

Hitler outlawed strikes and collective bargaining, and created a fake union called the German Labour Front.

When they showed up and tried to participate in the International Labor Conference, they were denied credentials & called out for anti-semitism.

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21 Apr 20
Trump just paraphrased the 1920 Nazi Platform:

"We demand that the state be charged 1st w/ providing the opportunity for a livelihood & way of life for citizens. If it is impossible to nourish the total population of the State, then non-citizens must be excluded from the Reich."
It is Yom HaShoah, the Jewish day of Holocaust remembrance.

Today belongs to the millions murdered; to victims, not perpetrators. The last thing we want to be doing is quoting Nazis.

But we need to remember this history, too. Because we are in grave danger of repeating it.
1920, the year the Nazi Party was founded, was a time of crisis. After World War I and the 1918 flu pandemic, the foundations of societies around the world began to crumble.

The 1920 W.B. Yeats poem 'Second Coming' captures the mood:
"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold."
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21 Apr 20
"We demand that the state be charged first with providing the opportunity for a livelihood & way of life for the citizens. If it is impossible to nourish the total population of the State, then non-citizens must be excluded from the Reich." - Nazi Party Program, 1920.
It is Yom HaShoah, the Jewish day of Holocaust remembrance.

Today belongs to the millions murdered; to victims, not perpetrators. The last thing we want to be doing is quoting Nazis.

But we need to remember this history, too. Because we are in grave danger of repeating it.
1920, the year the Nazi Party was founded, was a time of crisis. After World War I and the 1918 flu pandemic, the foundations of societies around the world began to crumble.

The 1920 W.B. Yeats poem 'Second Coming' captures the mood:
"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold."
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22 Mar 20
BREAKING: Almost 100 cars here on multiple blocks, surrounding the Hudson County Detention Center in New Jersey!

The detention centers must be emptied before they turn into death camps. ICE won’t do it; only Governors have the emergency powers to save these lives. ACT @GovMurphy
@GovMurphy Inside this detention center, immigrants are on hunger strike because it’s the only tool they have to push for release, before it’s too late.

We’re outside making as much noise as we can. We want the people inside to know they’re not alone, & we need @GovMurphy to hear us!
@GovMurphy To stop detention centers from turning into death camps, we need actions like these to happen ASAP all over the country.

ATTEND: neveragainaction.com/pledge

ORGANIZE: If you think you can turn out 10 cars of people to a detention center or state capitol near you, DM us!
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17 Mar 20
For real, the fact that there's a government agency whose priority right now is GOING AROUND IN MASKS TO ROUND UP OUR NEIGHBORS is completely fucked. We can all see that, right?
Seriously, can you imagine waking up this morning and reading the news and then being like "bye honey, gotta go break up a family and put someone's mom in a detention center where she'll probably get sick and die."

ICE is a plague.
We have a list of 20 people in ICE detention ready to be released, if we can just raise the money to get them out on bond.

But we’re almost out of time. ICE facilities in NY are about to go on lockdown.

Help us get 20 people out of detention TODAY:

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23 Dec 19
We are 24 hours into Hanukkah, celebrating flames that burned brighter and hotter than anyone could have imagined.

Tonight we take to the streets in 4 cities, to shine light and heat on ICE and their enablers. Doing our part, with your help, to melt ICE.

Watch this thread.
We’re marching right now in Chicago:

Learn more and sign up to get involved: NeverAgainAction.com
This summer we occupied GEO Group for hours, shutting down their whole office complex. Apparently it made an impression...

Because just the *threat* of us coming today made GEO Group close their office, and the landlord fenced off the entire complex 👀

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10 Dec 19
We are marching with these doctors RIGHT NOW, because Border Patrol is locking people up, denying them flu vaccines, and then watching them die.

We won’t let it continue.
BREAKING: Doctors, Jews & allies are risking arrest, blocking Border Patrol HQ in San Diego.

We’re here to demand that CBP allow doctors in to give FREE flu vaccines to immigrants who are getting sick and DYING in their custody.

Donate to the bail fund: NeverAgainAction.com/bail
Today 1,000 people shut down:

🔥 Border Patrol HQ in San Diego
🔥 Wyatt ICE Detention Center in Rhode Island
🔥 @UMBBank, which supports ICE, in Missouri

Imagine what 100,000 of us could do together.

Take the pledge not to be a bystander in this fight: NeverAgainAction.com/pledge
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10 Dec 19
KANSAS CITY, MO: #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants, and allies are headed toward @UMBBank headquarters to hold them accountable for profiting off of ICE detention centers.

Follow along here: neveragainaction.com/live

#JewsAgainstICE are organizing from coast to coast because we know ICE and its collaborators are spread across the country.

While our allies in Rhode Island pressure the Wyatt Detention Center to end its contract with ICE, @UMBBank sued the city to keep its contract. People over profits
"Dollars should never be made off the misery of people." - @MaiteSalazar4MO

We will not stand idly by while companies like @UMBBank cage our neighbors for profit.

We know what happens next. #NeverAgainIsNow
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24 Nov 19
BREAKING: 300+ #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants, and allies are assembling in North Carolina to demand thay Almanece County cancel its 2.3 million dollar contract with ICE.

#NeverAgainAlmanece Large crowd of people standing outside facing a state, two large blue butterfly signs held above them
Today many of us has come here as Jews linked with our immigrant brethren. This is not an abstract sentiment. As we know too well the forces white supremacy are against them and against us.

The butterfly is a powerful symbol of immigrants.

It also calls to mind Pavel Friedmann's poem:

"Only I never saw another butterfly.
That butterfly was the last one.
Butterflies don't live in here, in the ghetto."

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13 Nov 19
ANNOUNCEMENT: This December we’re coming for ICE with everything we’ve got, bigger & bolder than this summer. We are going to rise up and throw our bodies into the gears of the system in memory of every ancestor missing from our family tree because bystanders failed to act.

This summer, a small group of Jews channeled our fury at ICE into an action at a detention center in NJ. We accidentally set off the largest-ever wave of direct action by Jews & allies against ICE. The only thing missing was a blueprint for the future... That’s about to change.
What's next? A huge wave of actions in December. We’re going to start with mass coordinated mobilizations in strategic cities, and then kick off distributed local actions nationwide, taking the fight to ICE & their enablers on the level that's needed to *actually* shut them down.
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17 Oct 19
HAPPENING NOW: #JewsAgainstICE protesting Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health in Rosemont, PA, to demand in solidarity with @Vamos_Juntos_ that Devereux cancel its $14 million plans to open an ORR detention center for 42 immigrant children in Devon, PA.

We are protesting child detention camps opening in our own backyards in PA. We are protesting corporations and organizations profiting from collaborating and working with DHS and ICE. We are saying #NeverAgainParaNadie.
BREAKING: #JewsAgainstICE are blocking the entrance to Devereux Behavioral Health. We are demanding, as Jews who have heard the message of #NeverAgain our whole lives, that Devereux end its plan to build a $14 million child detention center.
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17 Oct 19
LIVE: We are occupying the Rhode Island Statehouse, until state leaders commit to closing the Wyatt ICE Detention Center, banning private prisons, and cutting off the supply of information from state agencies to ICE. We're here and we're not leaving.

This Sukkot, we're at the Rhode Island Statehouse building a Sukkah as a place of refuge, a space to demand free and dignity for all in Rhode Island. #NeverAgainIsNow
We are here as #JewsAgainstICE, standing with our allies in @amornetwork as we demand that the state of Rhode Island ban private prisons and close the Wyatt ICE Detention Center.
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15 Oct 19
BREAKING: we have blocked the street outside of T Don Hutto Detention camp in TX. “The 500 women jailed here for seeking asylum are welcome with us.”
We are here with @Grassroots_News, a group that has been organizing to #shutdownhutto for OVER A DECADE. Please consider donating to support the women currently trapped in T Don Hutto Detention Center: secure.everyaction.com/yNj_-EqSbUC-lV…
We are singing and drumming as loud as we can, so the women trapped in the detention center can hear us over the thunderstorm and know they are not alone. #shutdownhutto #neveragainparanadie #NeverAgainIsNow
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15 Oct 19
The atrocities happening at T Don Hutto detention center in TX—and across the country—mirror those that have happened to many of our Jewish ancestors. When we say Never Again, we mean Never Again for ANYONE. Here, we explain the pictures of ancestors affixed to the sukkah:
We are now carrying our sukkah towards the detention center. The 50 of us are here as thunderstorm clouds gather, on this holiday of shelter, to demand shelter for all people.
ICE officers are reaching out about quitting their jobs.

ICE contracts are being cancelled.

From Atlanta to Austin to Boston & across the country, we're taking on the deportation machine, and we’re just getting started. Support us so we can keep going:

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7 Oct 19
HAPPENING NOW: At the Rhode Island Statehouse, Jews immigrants, and allies from Never Again Action and AMOR are calling on @GovRaimondo and state legislators to join the call for immigrant rights.

We have three demands... In front of the State House sign reads Hundreds gather in front of the RI State House, sign reads #ShutDownIce
@GovRaimondo JOIN US by asking @GovRaimondo and others to:

1. #ShutDownWyatt and ban private prisons.
2. Do everything in their power to release people detained by ICE
3. Ban all local and state level collaboration with ICE

Call Raimondo at 401-222-2080.
@GovRaimondo “I light this candle to light a fire in our hearts — so that when we say never again, we mean it for our siblings in detention." Lighting candles in front of Candles standing in front of the Small candles on the ground
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3 Oct 19
On Beacon Hill, inside and outside the Massachusetts statehouse, we stand with @CosechaMovement:

- THREE HOURS+ sitting in @SpeakerDeLeo's office, demanding licenses for undocumented folks.
- HUNDREDS gather on the statehouse steps in protest.

@CosechaMovement @SpeakerDeLeo Follow the livestreams:

- OUTSIDE, in the waning sunlight: facebook.com/movimientocose…

- INSIDE, with our sleeping bags: facebook.com/cosechaenmassa…
@CosechaMovement @SpeakerDeLeo We are together in this struggle.

14 states in the country have laws allowing all residents to apply for a driver's license regardless of immigration status.

Let’s make Massachusetts next.

Sign our petition. Tell @SpeakerDeLeo we need to act: actionnetwork.org/petitions/supp…
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3 Oct 19
We’re here outside the Massachusetts State House in Boston in support of @MovimientoCosecha, with immigrants and allies. We demand that legislators follow through on their promises to protect immigrants in the state of Massachusetts. THREAD:
The undocumented community has been fighting for driver’s licenses for 15 years, and still lawmakers have not delivered on promises to grant access to licenses regardless of immigration status.
Last month, @MovimientoCosecha held a quinceanera to “celebrate” 15 years of fighting for this right. They've been delivering cake to lawmakers in the weeks since, one piece for every year the immigrant community has waited for licenses. Today they'll deliver the 15th piece.
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