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15 Oct
The #AnimalCrossingDirect begins in less than 20 minutes (duration: 20 minutes)

Focus will be new content coming to the game in November


New Animal Crossing free update coming November 5 #AnimalCrossingDirect
Free update for Animal Crossing

- The Roost will be added (with Brewster); invite AC characters via amiibo
- Kapp'n Boat Tours (takes you to new islands with different weather/time/season)
- Harv's Island (donate bells to create new shops etc.)

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9 Sep
One hour until the #PlayStationShowcase event begins (duration: ~40 minutes)

Expect 'updates from PlayStation Studios & some of the industry's most imaginative developers, for games releasing this holiday & beyond'


Starting with an intro video #PlayStationShowcase
Queen detected #PlayStationShowcase
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27 Aug
New ELDEN RING previews/screenshots are dropping
ELDEN RING previews (based on a 15 minutes gameplay demo)


Game Informer


New ELDEN RING details

- fast travel from anywhere
- many optional encounters
- multiple paths and endings
- plenty of lore, though
- archers and magicians can fight from the horseback too
- Legacy Dungeons that are separate from the overworld…
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25 Aug
Gamescom #OpeningNightLive begins in ~50 minutes (duration: 2 hours)



Pre-show begins in ~20 minutes and will have announcements as well (8 world premieres)
Pre-show has a countdown 😭 #OpeningNightLive
King Of Fighters XV to launch February 17, 2022 #OpeningNightLive
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24 Aug
~20 minutes until the #XboxGC livestream begins (duration: 90 minutes)

Expect in-depth updates on announced Xbox Game Studios titles alongside other titles, Game Pass announcements and more


New look at Dying Light 2, launching December 7 #XboxGC

4K trailer
Germany, Austria and Switzerland coming to Flight Simulator #XboxGC
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14 Jun
Interview with FROM Software's Hidetaka Miyazaki

- six major areas that function as distinct dungeons, ruled by demigod characters (you don't have to follow an order)
- hub confirmed
- catacombs, castles, fortresses, mini dungeons etc.…
From the Famitsu interview with Miyazaki

- confident that Elden Ring will arrive on its release date
- character creator
- multiple endings
- much higher degree of freedom than before
- optional bosses
- Battle arts from DS3 return but are not fixed to a weapon (~100 techniques)
More from Miyazaki on Elden Ring

- Spirits can be collected and equipped apparently (summons)
- different types of spirits (use them for assaults, as decoy, for defense etc)
- Spirits can be improved apparently
- There are also rather useless spirits with other traits
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13 Jun
#SquareEnixPresents starts in ~30 minutes (duration: ~40 minutes)


I wonder what that world premiere announcement will be #SquareEnixPresents
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13 Jun
~30 minutes until the big #XboxBethesda showcase begins (duration: ~90 minutes)


Twitch Image
It's time #XboxBethesda
Todd Howard is here #XboxBethesda Image
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12 Jun
#UbisoftForward starting in ~20 minutes


Twitch Image
Rainbow Six: Extraction launches September 16 #UbisoftForward Image
Rainbow Six: Extraction gameplay #UbisoftForward

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25 Feb
Just announced: two new mobile games set in the FFVII universe
Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is a battle-royale game for mobile devices, dropping this year

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is the 2nd mobile game announcement

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25 Feb
30 minutes until #StateOfPlay begins (duration: ~30 minutes)

Focus will be on updates and deep dives for 10 games (PS4/PS5, including indies and third-parties); new game announcements are coming as well


Starting with Crash Bandicoot 4 on PS5 #StateOfPlay
Crash 4 on PS5

4K 60 FPS
Faster loading times
Save transfer
3D Audio support
DualSense features

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13 Jan
Ubisoft Massive teams up with Lucasfilm Games to work on a new Star Wars project…
Lucasfilm Games has not answered whether the EA exclusivity deal still stands
Yves Guillemot and Kathleen Kennedy on the Star Wars collaboration

This is huge, especially considering EA was said to keep the license exclusively until 2023
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10 Dec 20
#TheGameAwards pre-show starts in ~10 minutes


Best Score/Music goes to Final Fantasy VII Remake #TheGameAwards
This about to be classy #TheGameAwards
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10 Dec 20
Disney plans to release 10 Marvel series, 10 Star Wars series and a bunch more Disney live-action, Disney animation and Pixar content over the next few years #DisneyInvestorDay
Alien TV show announced by FX, headlined by Noah Hawley (Fargo) #DisneyInvestorDay
Two new Star Wars spin-off shows announced by Favreau and Filoni

Rangers of the new Republic & Ahsoka #DisneyInvestorDay
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9 Dec 20
Control has sold over 2m copies to date according to Remedy Image
Some details about the Epic x Remedy project

- fully funded by Epic
- coming to consoles and PC
- "significant marketing investment"
- Remedy owns the IP Image
As some of you might rememeber. one of the next projects by Remedy is Vanguard; some details from their webcast:

- service-based F2P multiplayer game
- Remedy's world-building/narrative strengths will be part of it
- very early in development but first tests are promising Image
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28 Sep 20
Loading times comparison between Series X and One X via GameSpot/CNET
Interesting bit on Xbox Series X's storage by IGN: there is 802 GB of usable space available, rest is OS and system files
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27 Sep 20
Resident Evil Village #TGS2020 presentation starting in a few minutes


Same trailer, same presentation, pack it up folks #TGS2020
Well, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness has been officially revealed at least (new CG movie coming to Netflix in 2021) #TGS2020
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26 Sep 20
The Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity presentation starts in ~5 minutes #TGS2020


Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity gameplay being shown right now as well #TGS2020
Young Impa? #TGS2020
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26 Sep 20
Monster Hunter Rise and Stories 2 presentation starting right now #TGS2020


Monster Hunter Rise gameplay demo has begun #TGS2020 ImageImage
Inside the tent #TGS2020
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25 Sep 20
Capcom #TGS2020 stream starting in a few minutes

New look at Ethan Winters #TGS2020 Image
Village has more freedom than RE7 and allows the players to experiment #TGS2020 ImageImage
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24 Sep 20
Combat in NieR Replicant #TGS2020
More combat in NieR Replicant #TGS2020
NieR Replicant sword combat #TGS2020
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