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7 Jul 20
THREAD: On @CNNTonight, Terry Crews explained to host @donlemon why he was rightly critical of the Black Lives Matter organization. "It was almost a supremist move where they viewed that their black lives mattered a lot more than mine." But lemon got combative real quick
Lemon followed up by trying to lecture Crew on the Civil Rights movement, but that didn't go too well for him.
After Crews argued that the BLM organization wasn't taking a stand against black-on-black crime, Lemon claimed that denouncing that crime and police brutality was "apples and oranges," and not in line with the mission of BLM (more on his point coming up).
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21 May 20
Instead of asking his brother, @NYGovCuomo why he decided to pack COVID patients into nursing homes, killing untold amounts of people, @ChrisCuomo pulled out oversized, prop cotton swabs to mock how big his brother's nose was. This is the state of "journalism" on @CNN. Pathetic!
Here's my piece on it:…
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8 Dec 19
Liberal hackery. Here's VIDEO of @NBCNews political director @chucktodd teeing up House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) to question the validity of the 2020 election, if Trump is not removed from office by the Senate.
@NBCNews @chucktodd Let's also not forget that Chuck Todd supports the leftist, political violence of Antifa!
@NBCNews @chucktodd If you like this reporting, here's my author page on @newsbusters.…
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30 Jun 19
FLASHBACK: This is going to be a thread about how major liberal news outlets have promoted, rationalized, and glorified the violence Antifa, a left-wing domestic terrorist organization.
Let's start with @NBCNews political director @chucktodd. He first gave Antifa a platform on his weekday show #MTPDaily. He allowed Antifa propagandist and lecturer Mark Bray to lie about the organization's roots and romanticize their violence
Three days later (August 20, 2017), @chucktodd invited Bray onto the set of @MeetThePress to debate the merits of politically motivated violence against anyone the group claimed was a "Nazi".
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