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2 May 19
(1/14) A lot went into animating these shots of the #SpiderVerse crew hiding from Miles's roommate, Ganke. It was a collaborative process, went through a lot of iteration, & it was also quite a technical challenge.

Here's a thread about how the animation came together! 🕷️
(2/14) First I need to thank my Lead, Julie Bernier-Gosselin, & Supervisor, Josh Beveridge, for trusting me with these shots. It was through them that I was able to work on such a visible part of the movie. They guided & collaborated w/ me throughout the whole process. 🙇‍♂️
(3/14) To start, I reviewed the "Launch", a recorded discussion between the directors and the animators where the dir's go over the storyboards, explain their intentions, and tell us what they're looking for in each shot.

Below: Boards by John Puglisi
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