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'Behind that loud-mouthed journalist (@MrTopple) is an even louder-mouthed woman!' Mum, Activist, Chronic illness warrior! Standing up to #Classism!
15 Feb
What everyone with & who supports people with #EDS should be doing, not only in support of .@jameelajamil & her partner against a vile attention seeking bullying attack, but also in support of the estimated 1in4 who potentially are already living with a form or subtype of #EDS &
Will spend their entire life fighting this sort of medical misogyny & abuse not only from uninformed ignorant ex Mirror-editing fake tanned grown arsed men that should blatantly know better but need the attention/controversy to continue their 80s/90s heyday buzz, but the cruel..
And real world implications this has on people living with this disability, how it effects them, others opinions regarding what rights & support these people should then have, medical opinions including funding & research forcing scientific evidence proving the existence of..
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12 Oct 19

There seems to be a GLOBAL EPIDEMIC of #ChronicIgnoranceSyndrome that is effecting the medical establishment & resulting in constant misinformation & treatments for #ChronicPain #CFS #pwME #Fibromyalgia #hEDS #EDS #Lyme #FND, the list is...1/2
shocking & endless. So during #InvisibleDisabilitiesWeek we ALL have an opportunity to highlight this spread of #ChronicIgnoranceSyndrome, the effect this has had on our #MentalHealth & what we are collectively doing daily to fight this medical ignorance & abuse! 🦓✊ #MAIMES
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